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october 13, 2005 Mandriva releases 2006 convergence products, extends innovation
september 18, 2005 Mandriva announces the availability of a Dell Laptop pre-loaded With Mandriva Linux for students in France.
august 25, 2005 New HP laptops pre-loaded with Mandriva Linux!
june 29, 2005 Mandriva to support top European insurance company MACIF
june 21, 2005 New Mandriva MNF2 offers enterprise-class all-in-one security and infrastructure solution
june 15, 2005 Mandriva announces acquisition of main Lycoris assets, new move on the desktop
june 08, 2005 Mandriva's Academia programme eases site-wide Linux deployment for educational institutions
april 13, 2005 Mandriva's Limited Edition 2005 brings the ultimate to Linux enthusiasts
april 07, 2005 Mandrakesoft Announces Name Change!
march 30, 2005 Mandrakesoft introduces new Mandrakelinux Clustering HPC Linux solution
march 22, 2005 Two new books empower United States users to go further with Mandrakelinux
march 21, 2005 New Mandrakelinux Roadmap for 2005, new version naming scheme
march 02, 2005 Mandrakesoft signs a distribution agreement with the French Ministry of Education and Research
march 01, 2005 LPI and Mandrakesoft Partner to Promote Linux Training Standards
february 24, 2005 Linux companies Mandrakesoft and Conectiva Announce Definitive Merger Agreement
february 11, 2005 LynuxTraining: New LPI certified training partner
february 07, 2005 Mandrakelinux Corporate Server 3.0 receives LSB 2.0 certification
february 02, 2005 Mandrakesoft and BRGM to participate in IGGI supercomputer project
january 18, 2005 New partner program for IT service companies in the US
january 04, 2005 Mandrakesoft to liven up the corporate Linux world
december 21, 2004 Mandrakesoft to lead new research project in software development
november 10, 2004 Mandrakelinux 10.1 for x86-64: advanced software, to match advanced hardware
november 03, 2004 GITAN : Ucopia and Mandrakesoft to extend the boundaries of mobility
october 27, 2004 Mandrakesoft releases Mandrakelinux 10.1 Official
october 19, 2004 Mandrakelinux PCs meet success in Planet Saturn stores
october 12, 2004 French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mandrakesoft launch “Open Source” solution for Internet in Africa
october 06, 2004 Mandrakesoft releases Move - Linux has never been more ready for the desktop
september 23, 2004 Mandrakesoft to Participate in Development of Highly Secure Open Operating System Solution
september 16, 2004 Mandrakesoft releases version 10.1 of the Mandrakelinux OS
september 13, 2004 Mandrakesoft Pledges Support to Linux Standard Base 2.0
august 26, 2004 Mandrakesoft and LaCie introduce GlobeTrotter: a 40GB mobile desktop
july 15, 2004 New Mandrakeonline easily updates Mandrakelinux systems
july 12, 2004 HP launches a 4 in 1 computer solution with Mandrakelinux
july 09, 2004 French Ministry of Equipment chooses Mandrakesoft to migrate 1,500 office and infrastructure Windows NT servers to Linux
july 05, 2004 NeoDoc and Mandrakesoft Partner for Better Mandrakelinux Documentation
july 01, 2004 Mandrakesoft reaches definitive agreement to acquire Edge-IT
june 24, 2004 Groupe Silicomp joins effort with Mandrakesoft to target the embedded OpenSource market
june 21, 2004 Mandrakelinux 10 Official to integrate NoMachine NX Client
june 15, 2004 Nexedi and Mandrakesoft announce a revolution in Linux Desktop: rentalinux Desktop Linux Server
june 10, 2004 Codehost and Mandrakesoft Partner to Support Enterprise Printing on Linux
june 09, 2004 O'Reilly and Mandrakesoft Enter Strategic Reselling Agreement
may 25, 2004 Flash: Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official ISO images are available!
may 19, 2004 Flash: Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official packs are available!
may 18, 2004 The 4th Edition of the Definitive Guide is now available!
may 17, 2004 Software patents - fresh news and call for action
may 15, 2004 Important statement about Mandrakestore payments (updated May, 17th)
may 13, 2004 Flash: EU Software Patent Legislation: a real threat for Linux and Open Source
may 13, 2004 Mandrakesoft introduces Personalized Solutions and Maintenance Program (PSMP)
may 11, 2004 NeTraverse and Mandrakesoft announce strategic partnership
may 06, 2004 Mandrakesoft announces improved ISV partnerships
may 04, 2004 Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official for AMD64 is available!
april 14, 2004 Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official is available
march 30, 2004 Mandrakesoft Exits Bankruptcy
march 04, 2004 Mandrakesoft Unveils 'Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community'
february 25, 2004 A Call for Partnership from MandrakeSoft
february 13, 2004 TechWorx & MandrakeSoft Announce Linux Distribution & Solutions Partnership for Asia-Pacific
february 02, 2004 Significant change in Mandrake Linux Development Process
january 21, 2004 MandrakeSoft and G.T.Enterprises to distribute Linux PCs in India and Asia
january 21, 2004 ObjectWeb consortium welcomes MandrakeSoft as a new member
december 19, 2003 MandrakeSoft's product-lifetime & Open Source policies: 8 Golden Rules
december 18, 2003 MandrakeMove LiveCD+USB Key is now available!
october 14, 2003 Mandrake Linux 9.2 celebrates 5 years of Innovation
september 22, 2003 Shuttle, MandrakeSoft announce XPC, Linux bundle partnership
may 26, 2003 Electronic Reference Library now available through Mandrakesoft
may 06, 2003 Mandrake Linux 9.1 packs have arrived
april 22, 2003 Mandrake Linux Corporate Server 2.1 for the AMD OpteronTM processor is now available
april 11, 2003 Mandrake Linux 9.1 for PPC is available
march 25, 2003 Mandrake Linux 9.1 is available: Try it, you'll stick with it.
february 06, 2003 MandrakeSoft extends its enterprise offerings with the release of Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1
december 12, 2002 Multi Network Firewall provides comprehensive user-friendly solution for advanced VPN networks
november 25, 2002 François Bancilhon joins MandrakeSoft as new CEO.
november 07, 2002 Mandrake Linux 9.0 Packs Now Available
october 30, 2002 MandrakeSoft & partners launch "CLIC" Clustering Linux Distribution
september 25, 2002 Mandrake Linux 9.0 (Dolphin) is available
september 18, 2002 MandrakeSoft Announces the Availability of its Linux-Campus Courseware at 30 Training Sites Across the Americas
september 17, 2002 Storever and MandrakeSoft Announce World Densest 1U Rack Server
september 04, 2002 MandrakeSoft starts to ship Hancom Office through its online Marketplace
august 08, 2002 MandrakeSoft announces IBM to show DB2 running on Mandrake Linux at LinuxWorld Expo
july 15, 2002 MandrakeSoft Inc. and Microtel Computer Systems to offer PCs pre-loaded with Mandrake Linux® at®
june 27, 2002 MandrakeSoft cooperates with AMD to support x86-64 architecture
june 20, 2002 MandrakeSoft to provide Linux server software to all levels of French government
june 17, 2002 Mandrake Linux Servers Invade Internet
june 04, 2002 Xerox chooses Mandrake Linux/Caldera Graphics to optimize enterprise production
april 22, 2002 MandrakeSoft Announces the Immediate Availability of Mandrake Linux 8.2 Retail Packs
march 28, 2002 Sun's StarOffice 6.0 for Linux immediately available to MandrakeClub Members
march 18, 2002 Mandrake Linux 8.2: Solid server, Friendly desktop
december 21, 2001 MandrakeSoft Ships Linux for IBM eServer xSeries
december 21, 2001 Mandrake Linux Greatly Expands Linux Market Share
december 05, 2001 MandrakeSoft announces new website dedicated to Linux security
december 03, 2001 Mandrake Linux 8.1 for IA64 is available
october 22, 2001 MandrakeSoft & TransGaming Bring Top-Selling PC Game, Electronic Arts' The Sims, to Linux
october 22, 2001 Mandrake Linux 8.1 Packs Now Available
september 27, 2001 Immediately available for download, Mandrake Linux 8.1 broadens the MandrakeSoft services offering
september 06, 2001 New MandrakeExpert V2 Support Center for Linux has been released
august 27, 2001 Mandrake Linux PPC 8.0 Final Release Available
july 31, 2001 MandrakeSoft announces the success of its entry on the Stock Exchange
june 25, 2001 MandrakeSoft and Ayrtek team up to offer powerful and comprehensive Linux Business solutions to enterprise users
june 12, 2001 MandrakeSoft announces the Beta 1 version of Mandrake Linux for Mac : Mandrake Linux PPC 8.0
may 31, 2001 MandrakeSoft unfolds Linux security strategy and announces availability of the Single Network Firewall
may 29, 2001 MandrakeSoft announces availability of a version of the Linux-Mandrake operating system running on Bull's Escala IL servers based on Intel Itanium Architecture
may 22, 2001 Mandrakesoft denies rumours and explains management changes
may 16, 2001 Linux -Mandrake 8.0 Available in Retail Stores
may 14, 2001 MandrakeSoft expands to China and announces business partnership with Shenri Technology
may 10, 2001 MandrakeSoft and LOGIX team up to offer Linux solutions to French and Belgian SMEs on IBM's eServer platform
april 19, 2001 Linux-Mandrake 8.0 now available for download
march 21, 2001 MandrakeSoft launches MandrakeFreq, its innovative "frequent release" of the Linux-Mandrake distribution
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