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Mandriva launches Corporate Server 4.0 in beta test

Thursday May 18 2006

Paris, May 18thMandriva has initiated a beta test program that will allow its clients and partners to actively contribute to the elaboration of the Corporate Server 4.0 in order to adapt the product to their needs and wills. This program will not only lengthen the quality testing process but will also permit the integration of participants' comments and questions.

This testing program will improve the quality of the product. The collaborative development model of Mandriva products has proved its efficiency in terms of security improvement, reliability and better fit with clients' needs.

As an open source product, this server-oriented distribution will bring strength and stability to enterprises, along with the renowned Mandriva user friendliness. 5-year product support and the use of open standards guarantee enterprises an adaptable and evolving infrastructure.

Not only will participants acquire all information available about Corporate Server 4.0, access to the forum, and the ability to contact the Corporate Team via a simple form, they will also benefit from a privileged access to the product content and code. Participants will be asked to answer a few simple questions related to their use of the product.

Discounts on Mandriva Corporate products (Corporate Club, Pulse...) and/or free licenses of the official version of the Corporate Server 4.0 (depending on the size of the enterprise) are provided.

More information about the program:

Corporate Server 4 on the Corporate Club.