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Mandrakesoft Exits Bankruptcy (Corporate)

Tuesday March 30 2004:

Altadena, CA; Paris, France; March 30th, 2004 - The Commerce Court today accepted Mandrakesoft's exit plan from 'redressement judiciaire' (Chapter 11 like protection). The plan was approved as proposed by the company and its court appointed administrator.

Flash: EU Software Patent Legislation: a real threat for Linux and Open Source (Corporate)

Thursday May 13 2004:

Mandrakesoft would like to alert all users and the software community at large about a recent clandestine attack by proprietary interest through covert adoption of EU Software Patent Legislation.

In direct contravention of the recent vote by the European Parliament to curtail Software Patents, the Irish Presidency of the European Union has surreptitiously reinstated unlimited software patent language into the text of a statement to be adopted by the European Council of Ministers on Monday May, 17th, without further debate!

GITAN : Ucopia and Mandrakesoft to extend the boundaries of mobility (Corporate)

Wednesday November 03 2004:

Moreno Valley, CA; Paris, France; November 3 2004. Ucopia, Mandrakesoft and the University of Paris' LIP6 research laboratory have just been granted a ¤1 million research grant to collaborate in advanced mobility research. The project, led by WiFi specialist Ucopia, aims at finding new ways of enabling and managing mobility in IT.

Mandrakesoft to lead new research project in software development (Corporate)

Tuesday December 21 2004:

Paris, France; December 21, 2004.

Major European research institutions and Open Source software companies today announced the launch of EDOS, a project dealing with complexity management in the field of Open Source software. The participants will collaborate in the development of theoretical and technical solutions to the management of large-scale, modular software projects. EDOS will receive EUR 2.2 million in European Union funding, in a total budget of EUR 3.4 million.

Software projects have grown to unforeseen levels of complexity. For example, most recent Linux operating systems are comprised of thousands of individual packages. This makes putting together such a system a difficult task; and the short release cycles traditionally practiced in Open Source software mean that this task has to be constantly repeated. This is the case, not only for Linux, but for any large, modular software project.

Mandrakesoft Pledges Support to Linux Standard Base 2.0 (Corporate)

Monday September 13 2004:

The New Linux Standard will deliver compatibility for Mandrakesofts customers

Moreno Valley, CA; Paris, France September 13, 2004 Mandrakesoft today announced a pledge of support for the newly announced Linux Standards Base (LSB) 2.0. By supporting the LSB, Mandrakesoft announces the intent to certify to the standard, thereby delivering interoperability between its value-added version of Linux and application software written to the standard. Most importantly, it ensures Linux will not fragment and will continue to be the fastest growing operating system in the industry.

Mandrakesoft to Participate in Development of Highly Secure Open Operating System Solution (Corporate)

Thursday September 23 2004:

Funded by French Ministry of Defense, to be CC-EAL5 Certified

Paris, France September 23rd, 2004 An industrial consortium consisting of Bertin Technologies, Surlog, Jaluna, Mandrakesoft, and Oppida, all major European players in security, operating system, and certification technologies, has been awarded a 7 million euro, 3 year contract by the French Ministry of Defense. Under the contract, the consortium will develop a Linux based multi-level security operating system solution meeting Evaluation Assurance Level 5 of the Common Criteria (CC-EAL5). CC-EAL5 guarantees an outstanding security level for an operating system, and satisfies major security requirements in both commercial as well as defense and government applications.

Software patents - fresh news and call for action (Corporate)

Monday May 17 2004:

As a follow-up to Mandrakesoft's latest flash regarding the upcoming decision of the European Council to legalize software patentability in Europe, here are some fresh news and information on what everyone can do to help.

If nothing changes, tomorrow, Tuesday May 18, the European Council, that is, the European body which represents all the governments of the European Union, will vote in favor of a directive that will legalize software patents in Europe. Last September, faced with a similar choice, the European Parliament voted major amendments to the directive text drafted by the European Commission, actually rejecting software patentability. However, the Council, ignoring all of these amendments, is going to vote in favor of a text that is even worse than the initial version of the Commission.

Not available in this language (Corporate)

Monday July 11 2005:

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Mandriva announces acquisition of main Lycoris assets, new move on the desktop (Corporate)

Wednesday June 15 2005:

June 15th 2005 - Mandriva, formerly known as Mandrakesoft, the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux distribution, today announced an agreement to purchase several assets from Lycoris, a major North American Linux distribution for home users. As part of this agreement, Lycoris' founder and CEO Joseph Cheek is joining Mandriva to develop a new and advanced Linux desktop product.

Mandriva's Academia programme eases site-wide Linux deployment for educational institutions (Corporate)

Wednesday June 08 2005:

June 8th, 2005 - Further empowering universities, schools and research institutions seeking to build upon Linux for their IT infrastructure, Mandriva launches the Academia program, the all-in-one, single-tier solution for educational institutions.

Mandrakesoft Announces Name Change! (Corporate)

Thursday April 07 2005:

After spending weeks balancing pros and cons, Mandrakesoft has decided to change its name!

The name change will apply worldwide to both the company and its products. The management team sees two good reasons for this change:

Mandrakesoft signs a distribution agreement with the French Ministry of Education and Research (Corporate)

Wednesday March 02 2005:

Paris, March 2nd 2005 - Mandrakesoft today announced an agreement with the French Ministry of Education and Research which allows the distribution of its line of products and services to Higher Education institutions, including universities and research laboratories, throughout France. The agreement also makes it easy for students and workers from these institutions to purchase Mandrakesoft products for their private use.

Linux companies Mandrakesoft and Conectiva Announce Definitive Merger Agreement (Corporate)

Thursday February 24 2005:

Paris, France; Curitiba, Brazil; February 24th , 2005 - Mandrakesoft, the number one European Linux company, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Conectiva, the number one Linux company in Brazil and Latin America. This acquisition is expected to increase significantly Mandrakesoft's size and R&D capabilities.

Mandrakelinux Corporate Server 3.0 receives LSB 2.0 certification (Corporate)

Monday February 07 2005:

Moreno Valley, Ca; Paris, France - February, 7th 2005 - Mandrakesoft today announced that its newly released Mandrakelinux Corporate Server 3.0 server solution has received LSB 2.0 certification, following its longstanding tradition of support for open standards.

Mandrakesoft reaches definitive agreement to acquire Edge-IT (Corporate)

Thursday July 01 2004:

Mandrakesoft, publisher of the Mandrakelinux distribution, and Edge IT a provider of support and services in the Linux market, reached a definitive agreement by which Mandrakesoft will acquire all outstanding shares of Edge-IT.

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Thursday May 27 2004:

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Wednesday May 12 2004:

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Not available in this language (Corporate)

Wednesday March 03 2004:

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Not available in this language (Corporate)

Wednesday February 11 2004:

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MandrakeSoft's product-lifetime & Open Source policies: 8 Golden Rules (Corporate)

Friday December 19 2003:

Altadena, CA; Paris, France; December, 19th 2003 -- Mandrakesoft, a leading producer of Linux desktop and server solutions, today summarized its product-life policy and Open Source commitment.

At a time when some of the established Linux companies are turning away from their Open Source roots and progressively abandoning full-time commitment to Open Source Software, many people have asked MandrakeSoft to clarify its position regarding product-lifetimes and its Open Source development model.

"There will be no change in MandrakeSoft's official product support cycle, and the company remains firmly committed to the Open Source Software model", said François Bancilhon, CEO of MandrakeSoft.

To make the company's position clear, MandrakeSoft has released '8 Golden Rules' which guide the company and illustrate its approach to Product Support & Open Source:

* * * MandrakeSoft's 8 Golden Rules * * *

1) Software updates for all Mandrake products

Official MandrakeSoft software updates -- including bug fixes and security updates -- will remain freely available for all public supported products, according to the official product lifetime table.

2) Product lifetimes are not hidden

A product lifetime table for all major MandrakeSoft products is publicly available on the Mandrake Linux website. For example, the Mandrake Linux 9.2 Download, Discovery, PowerPack and ProSuite editions will be supported with core updates until March 30, 2005.

3) Product lifetimes do not change during a product's lifetime

The support lifetimes are respected, and may sometimes even be extended.

4) Free as in 'Libre' and Free as in 'Beer'!

A download version of Mandrake Linux, consisting entirely of Open Source software, will continue to be released, provided without cost, and supported.

5) MandrakeSoft's code conforms to the GPL

ALL applications created by MandrakeSoft, such as the Mandrake Linux installer and Linux configuration utilities, are released under the General Public License. Our firm commitment to the GPL is the appropriate way to "give back" to the Free Software community.

6) Mandrake Linux -- A true Open Source project

The development of Mandrake Linux is conducted entirely in accordance to the Open Source spirit. Development of Mandrake Linux products are based on "Cooker", which is a publicly available development platform and community. Cooker provides complete access to:

a) Source code -- through a CVS repository
b) Direct communication with developers -- through numerous mailing-lists
c) And a 'Wiki' collaborative website

7) The choice of free support...

All Mandrake Linux users have free access to the community-supported MandrakeExpert.com support platform.

8) MandrakeSoft listens to you...

MandrakeSoft encourages and welcomes feedback and suggestions from its base of users, thereby releasing products that better match the users' needs.

Additional information is located at:

Press contact:
Gaël Duval (press at mandriva.com)

About MandrakeSoft

MandrakeSoft is the publisher of the popular Mandrake Linux operating system, one of the most full-featured and easy to use Linux systems available. The company offers its enterprise, government and educational customers a complete range of GNU/Linux and Open Source software and related services. MandrakeSoft products are available in more than 120 countries through dedicated channels and also from MandrakeStore.com, the company's online store. Number 1 in several countries, MandrakeSoft has been awarded many times for quality and the technical innovation of its products. "Born on the Internet" in late 1998, MandrakeSoft has established headquarters in the U.S.A. and in France. MandrakeSoft is traded on Paris Euronext Marche Libre (Euroclear code: 4477.PA; Reuters code: MAKE.PA) and the US OTC market (stock symbol MDKFF).

François Bancilhon joins MandrakeSoft as new CEO. (Corporate)

Monday November 25 2002:

Altadena, CA - November 25th, 2002 - MandrakeSoft, a worldwide leading supplier of Linux technology and producer of the popular Mandrake Linux distribution, announced today that former founder and CEO of O2 Technology François Bancilhon has been appointed new Chief Executive Officer of MandrakeSoft. Co-Founder Jacques Le Marois remains Chairman and President of MandrakeSoft.

François Bancilhon's main focus will be to increase MandrakeSoft's business and profitability while maintaining a high-level of technology commitment in the Linux and Open Source arena. François Bancilhon is 54.