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Press Center

Members of the press will find hereafter all the documents
and materials necessary to better know Mandriva (formerly Mandrakesoft).

Contact us at press at mandriva dot com

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 Company Profile

 Mandriva Linux 10.1 Product Line

 Product shots & Logos:

The following zip files contain high definition JPG, EPS, Vectorial and black & white versions.

 Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005


 "Geek Friendly" (, 721 ko)
 "Geek Girl" (, 23,7 Mo )
 "Geek Numbers" (, 781 ko)
 "Bet" (, 6,3 Mo)
 "Star" (, 5,8 Mo)

  "Professional Services" (, 9,5 Mo)


 Latest press releases

october 13, 2005
Mandriva releases 2006 convergence products, extends innovation
september 18, 2005
Mandriva announces the availability of a Dell Laptop pre-loaded With Mandriva Linux for students in France.
august 25, 2005
New HP laptops pre-loaded with Mandriva Linux!
june 29, 2005
Mandriva to support top European insurance company MACIF
june 21, 2005
New Mandriva MNF2 offers enterprise-class all-in-one security and infrastructure solution
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