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Mandriva's Consulting Offer: Customization

Since GNU/Linux is an Open Source operating system, it is possible to customize its many features at will. On request, Mandriva developers can create your own customized distribution, designed specifically to fit your exact requirements.

The same developers (assisted by one of our partners if needed) who create and produce the Mandriva Linux distribution can offer you their years of experience and vast technical knowledge to design a custom-made Linux solution.

The result of this process is a fully customized "master", based on your specifications, that can be deployed on an unlimited number of workstations. Having at your disposal the source code, the software can be additionally modified at any point in the future should your needs change to retain a truly personal distribution.

Once the master is achieved, our Linux experts can help you deploy Mandriva Linux on your computer population.

Customization steps:
->  Enterprise specifications
->  Development
->  Master
->  Deployment

Contact: Use this form to contact the consulting department.

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Consulting, support, training... Mandriva's Business offer is designed to fulfill the needs of the most challenging enterprise.