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The Open Source universe contains thousands of software packages that fit all types of requirements. Numerous surveys and wide-scale tests have proved that Open Source applications can accomplish the same tasks as their proprietary competitors and that Open Source Software offers many advantages including greatly reduced costs, improved reliability & scalability.

Our consultants have first-hand experience with the possibilities offered by each solution. Assisted by the same developers who design the Mandriva Linux distribution, our partners can help you select the applications that best fit your specific goal. And if requested, we can design a custom-made distribution for installation on your computer systems.

To help facilitate the implementation of solutions recommended by our teams, we offer training for your staff or users of the new system. Mandriva's teams operate within the context of project management to drive your project to success.

Contact: Use this form to contact the security department.

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Consulting, support, training... Mandriva's Business offer is designed to fulfill the needs of the most challenging enterprise.