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Mandriva's Consulting Offer: Migration

Mandriva provides the Linux expertise required to ensure the success of any migration project. Traditionally in enterprises the main use of Linux has been as servers, but businesses are beginning to discover the many benefits of deploying Linux across a large computer population for use on the desktop.

One of the numerous benefits of Linux is that it can be duplicated on numerous workstations with no "per-seat" charges; it offers greater stability & reliability; and runs better on older equipment.

Let the Mandriva team accompany the change in your company. We can assist in the design and the deployment of your project.

Migration steps:

->  Analysis phase

  • Analysis of the current infrastructure (Inventory of applications..., machines)
  • Design of new configuration
  • Design of administration policy
  • Design of training policy for users and administrators
  • Planning
->  Active phase
  • Building of a standard configuration (with tests and validations)
->  Pilot phase
  • Implementation of the standard configuration in a whole department
  • Training of technicians of the pilot phase
  • Training of users of the pilot configuration
->  Deployment with coordination of installation and training of users

Contact : Use this form to contact the consulting department.

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Consulting, support, training... Mandriva's Business offer is designed to fulfill the needs of the most challenging enterprise.