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Mandriva's Consulting Offer: Security options

The most valuable asset of your company, aside from staff members, is your data. Since most data is stored on computers, it is essential to have it stored in a secure manner. This is why a security policy is so important: it enables businesses to keep critical information intact and private.

Our team of security experts can help you develop an effective network architecture that ensures external as well as internal security. With the growth of the Internet and the ever-increasing number of fast connections (DSL, cable, etc.), security is now, more than ever, a vital concern for all companies and individuals. New viruses and worms appear regularly; tools used to crack into networks are widely available; Nimda, one of the latest worms, infected hundreds of thousands of corporate servers resulting in several millions of dollars in damage to companies worldwide.

Mandriva has many options to help you create a comprehensive security policy:

  • The Mandriva Linux distribution includes state-of-the-art security tools and utilities for "out-of-the-box" protection
  • We've also created a distribution that is dedicated to security, the Multi Network Firewall.
  • Our teams have clear and up-to-date knowledge of the most important security concerns.
  • Take advantage of our years of experience to help safeguard your business. We can assist you in the following areas:

    • Auditing
    • Consulting
    • Technical consulting and deployment
    • Training
    • Support

    Contact: Use this form to contact the security department

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