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Mandriva Corporate Club Benefits

Several corporate membership levels are available to choose from:

  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Privileged Partner

All memberships are valid for one year.

Benefits Jade Emerald
and Above
Direct access to Mandriva download mirror No Yes Yes
Local mirros of commercial RPMs No Yes Yes
Company's name and logo displayed during the installation process of the next Mandriva Linux release No No Yes
Easy access to RPMs Yes Yes Yes
Diamond Membership at Mandriva Club Yes Yes Yes
Discounts on Mandriva services and products Yes Yes Yes
Special offers on 3rd party Software Yes Yes Yes
Dedication of Membership to a special topic Yes Yes Yes

What do Club members receive?

The most important benefit of joining the Corporate Club is that your membership fee is used to boost the development of the Mandriva Linux distribution. This helps ensure a high level of quality for our distributions released under GPL license.
As an unique opportunity you will have the concrete possibility to get your voice heard and thus to influence the shaping of future versions of Mandriva Linux.

Membership in the Corporate Club also provides companies with a number of exclusive privileges:

  • Direct access to a Mandriva download mirror. 50 GB of programs and updates that can be stored locally for use within your company (for Emerald Membership and above). You will be able to get your updates and new releases from a reliable source within your local network.
  • Ability to maintain a local mirror of the commercial RPM software (for Emerald Membership and above)
  • Access to a large repository of commercial software that has been optimized and tested for Mandriva Linux. These RPMs include proprietary drivers, freeware, demo versions, and applications that are intended for private or educational use. (Some applications require the purchase of a license).
  • CorporateClub members, starting from subscriptions at Diamond level, will have their company's name and logo displayed during the installation process of the next Mandriva Linux release.
  • Access to Mandriva and all the benefits of Mandriva Linux User Club "Diamond Members".
  • Special discounts on Mandriva products and services.
  • Special offers on third party software.
The Mandriva Corporate Club also acts as a consortium. Members have the opportunity to dedicate their membership to a specialized topic of interest so that Mandriva can improve a key feature.
For example, this could be:
  • Localization into one specific language
  • Linux on the Desktop
  • Clustering solution
  • Advanced Extranet Server solution
  • Or others If other areas are of particular interest, you are welcome to submit additional topics.

For additional information about enrolling your company in the Mandriva Corporate Club, please contact us by sending an email to "corpoclub at mandrakesoft dot com" with the subject "Corporate Club".

Direct Access
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