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Mandriva Linux General Features - Configuration

Improved configuration, extended hardware support

For years Mandriva Linux has been a premier distribution in regards to supporting the largest variety of hardware and with its ability to automatically detect and configure new hardware devices.

  • The new Mandriva Linux Control Center provides a single location to access all the important hardware and system configuration utilities. The Mandriva Linux Control Center includes an extensive selection of graphical utilities and wizards for quickly and easily setting up many popular services, including the Apache web server, Postfix email server, Shorewall firewall utility, and many others.

  • The Mandriva Linux Control Center shows all of its actions, either in a small window, or in the /var/log/explanations log file. Webmin provides the ability to safely configure a Mandriva Linux system remotely through a secure web interface -- even over the Internet.

  • Most of the latest printers are supported with the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS).

  • Hot-plug support allows you to plug in new hardware and have it automatically recognized and configured while the system is running.

  • ACPI support for better power management with laptops.

  • Zeroconf allows two computers running Mandriva Linux 9.x/10.x to automatically configure their network settings.

  • Support for a number of WiFi devices.

  • Additional drivers for NVIDIA-based and ATI videocards are available in Mandriva Linux packs and Mandriva Club ISO images.

  • Additional drivers for several brands of Winmodems are available in the Discovery, PowerPack, PowerPack+ and Mandriva Club ISO images.

The Mandriva Linux Control Center (MCC):
a single place for hardware and system configuration.

Security configuration in the MCC.

Software configuration in the MCC.

Network configuration in the MCC.