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About us: Solutions and services

Mandriva's key product is the Mandriva Linux distribution, which is available in both individual user and enterprise versions. The company also provides and maintains a completely free version, Free Mandriva, as part of its commitment to the open source principles.

Products and Services for Individual Users

Mandriva's product, Mandriva Linux, is the result of the convergence of three leading Linux technologies. Widely recognized as one of the easiest to use operating systems, it blends desktop and server features from Conectiva and Lycoris.

Mandriva Linux is the only Linux distribution to be compliant with Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology and to offer complete integration of the Skype™ free calls service. Other key features include desktop search, interactive firewall and auto-install server functionality.
Mandriva Linux is available in three editions:


Discovery is the ideal product for beginners looking to migrate to Linux. Discovery has been designed to provide all the essentials in a simplified package with an automated installation procedure and hand-picked selection of applications.
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Powerpack is a full-featured desktop including everything for office, Internet, multimedia and software development. Powerpack is the ideal product for advanced computer users.
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Powerpack+ combines the power of Powerpack with a comprehensive set of world-class server applications. Thanks to easy-to-use installation and configuration wizards, Powerpack+ is the ideal product for Small Office / Home Office users.
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Mandriva also provides an original bundle of electronic services through its Mandriva Club, which enables users to get more out of their Mandriva Linux system. Mandriva Club members are given exclusive and early access to applications and downloads, forums, knowledge bases and specials. Mandriva is the only Linux publisher to offer this specific distribution channel. Mandriva Club has more than 20,000 members.
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Products and Services for Enterprises

Mandriva's Linux enterprise products are focused on the key requirements organizations expect from their infrastructure applications: interoperability, security, scalability and openness.

Corporate Server

Corporate Server is the result of Mandriva's years of experience in the critical server applications field. Corporate Server's Linux foundations allow business customers to benefit from outstanding robustness, scalabilty, and reliability, all with the ease-of-use specific to Mandriva.
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Corporate Desktop

With Corporate Desktop, Mandriva has brought to the enterprise its renowned expertise in Desktop Linux. From user-friendliness to security, to interoperability, Corporate Desktop offers the functions the business world has been demanding for office productivity. Corporate Desktop is the ideal client for Mandriva's Corporate Server.
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Clustering solution

Mandriva Linux Clustering is designed to offer organizations and research laboratories an affordable, fast-to-deploy, easy-to-use, heavy-calculation system.
Typical applications include crash simulations, acoustics, seismic modeling, MonteCarlo simulations and risk analysis.
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Mandriva also offers the Mandriva Corporate Club for enterprise users. The Mandriva Corporate Club brings early and easy access to the Mandriva corporate line of products and allows members to effectively manage their infrastructure and efficiently deploy Mandriva products.
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