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Mandriva Linux 2006 Overview

As the platform of convergence from 3 leading technologies (Mandriva, Conectiva and Lycoris), Mandriva 2006 offers the ultimate in Linux for a wide array of computing requirements, such as office, multimedia, Internet and servers. It is the only Linux distribution to be certified for Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology and to offer a complete integration of the Skype™ free calls service. Other key features include desktop search, interactive firewall and auto-install server functionality. Look no further for the best in Linux.


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Discovery/Lx is the product resulting from convergence between Mandriva and Lycoris technology. With a new look and feel, new theme, new set of icons, and better ergonomics,

Discovery/Lx is the ideal product for beginners looking to switch to Linux.

PowerPack is the product resulting from convergence between Mandriva and Conectiva technology. It is a full-featured desktop including everything for office, internet, multimedia and software development.

PowerPack is the ideal product for power users.

PowerPack+ combines the power of PowerPack and a comprehensive set of world-class server applications. Thanks to easy-to-use installation and configuration wizards,

PowerPack+ is the ideal product for Small Office / Home Office users.