2006 PowerPack : The Ultimate Linux Desktop

The Ultimate Linux Desktop

PowerPack is the product resulting from convergence between Mandriva and Conectiva technology. It is a full-featured desktop including everything for office, internet, multimedia and software development. PowerPack is the ideal product for power users.

Switch to Linux because it is complete

Core Components & System

Linux Kernel 2.6.12, X.org 6.9, Glibc 2.3.5

Graphical desktops

KDE 3.4, GNOME 2.10


Full Office suite compatible with Microsoft® Office, OpenOffice.org 2.0, Adobe® Reader® 7.0


E-Mail Managers: Kontact and Evolution, Web browsers: Mozilla FireFox 1.0, Konqueror and Opera - full version, Instant Messaging compatible with MSN® Messenger, Voice over IP with Skype™- full version, FTP File Transfer, Web site creation


The GIMP 2.2, video and audio players, CD/DVD burning, RealPlayer® 10, Flash® Player 7, Mindawn online music service


Development tools, editors, compilers: GCC 4.0 & Intel® compilers, J2SDK 1.4™ and J2RE™

Easy installation & configuration

Installation of new software is easy with RPMDrake and URPMI, configuration is simple thanks to Mandriva Linux Control Center.

Mobility & Hardware

Automatic hardware detection and configuration*, Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support

*Most peripherals supported