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Globetrotter 2.0 : Travel a lot? Choose GlobeTrotter 2.0!

Travel a lot? Choose GlobeTrotter 2.0!

Why choose GlobeTrotter 2.0?

  • INNOVATIVE: Mandriva Linux is pre-installed on an ultra compact hard drive...it's two products in one!

  • HANDY: you can take it everywhere, you can transform any desktop into yours, you can connect it via USB to any PC!

  • SAFE: it doesn't make any changes on the host computer!

... Freedom is a choice!


  • LaCie hard drive designed by F.A. Porsche, 40 GB or Mandriva Linux system 80 GB bootable, host-powered USB Mobile Hard Drive

  • Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005 distribution bootable CD (for computers that cannot boot directly from USB)

  • Booklet explaining how to use the GlobeTrotter 2.0 features

  • Electronic manual explaining how to use your Mandriva Linux desktop

  • Automatic hardware detection*

  • Initial configuration (language, keyboard, administrator password, user accounts)

  • Storage of hardware profiles (including recognition of 'known' systems previously used with the GlobeTrotter drive)

System backup

Recovery of initial software packages from a backup partition in case of system corruption


  • 2 solutions:
    - 40 Gb hard drive with 12.4 Gb available for user files and 12.4 Gb readable from MS Windows® and Mac OS
    - 80 Gb hard drive with 33,1 Gb available for user files and 33,1 Gb readable from MS Windows® and Mac OS

  • Fast data transfer rates with USB2

* Most hardware configurations are supported

Mandriva Linux System

With Mandriva Linux Limited edition 2005, Globetrotter 2.0 will give you the simplicity and reliability of the Mandriva Linux System, along with a wide assortment of software.


  • 30 days of Web support

  • A month of Mandriva Club membership

  • A month of Mandriva Online membership