Worldwide Install Party Mandriva - Lithuania


Mandriva 2006 Install party.

“Party started 2006.11.19 in 15:10. First of all we celebrate all who arrived to us and who is participated to this event. Also we explain what this event mean and after that we introduce short film about penguins, Christmas and so on...
Late we represent Linux as OS and why is interesting to all around the world. Also some presentation discovery first of top500 supercomputers which also powered by Linux :)) After that short coffe break and presentation of different Linux learning way, and our Linux and networking course based on Mandriva Linux.

On most computers install started normally (from network and local ftp, also from CD). During install we introduce what is Mandriva, versions of Mandriva, Mandriva club benefits and what’s new in Mandriva 2006 counted from Mandriva 2005.

After install small launch and trying working with Mandriva. Nice we test interactive firewall, KAT, smart, amarok, browsing internet also games :)), Seems, games is more interesting to people who using home computers for gaming, listen audio and view video”.

Vitalijus Karpovičius