Worldwide Install Party Mandriva - Philippines



« We just concluded a 4-hour (6-10pm) installfest with about 35 pax which included the "TV Broadcaster of the Year Awardee of the Year in the
Philippines" who has been using Mandriva Linux for a few weeks now.. pics to be emailed later.. we also have a video of the event.. »

« Good day to you all!

It was a very laudable effort of you in having this opportune event, the Mandriva Linux Install Party. As we all know, piracy has been so rampant and prevalent here in the Philippines, Cebu City is not exempted, may be due to high prices of softwares, especially Microsoft. As computers are now becoming indispensable, one has to shell out a couple of thousand pesos just to make his unit functional.

We thought it was just a simple affair that affords attendees only a chance to view how Linux installation is done but it was more than our expectation. It was very generous of you to share with us installer CDs (3 pcs per set), live CDs, posters, ballpens, stickers and mouse pads. I could see in the looks of every attendee their enthusiasm and contentment. I'm certain the no one left the venue empty-handed, not to mention the drink-all-you-can. In summary, it was all a lot of fun attending a one-in-a-lifetime learning experience.

Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to all of you who had been involved in this initiative, and above all to Mandriva Linux developers.

Though I myself am not (anymore) an avid fan of the Mandriva (then-Mandrake) distribution (I'm a Debian junkie myself), I made it a point to go and show my support for Linux, especially as a solution for Internet cafes. Also, it was one of the few geek events around here, which made it obligatory for me to show up. :)

Actually Mandriva is new to me and to my two companions but we appreciated it very much as to the easy install, ease in the internet connection and the featured compatibility with office and much more it is free. Thank very much jungle rose! The beauty in your place is unmatched and the Mandriva
Install Fest was very successfull. I did enjoy the Mandriva Install Fest! though i'm not into computer that much, the event answered many questions that had been puzzling me until i attended the said event. and i have jungle rose to thank for that....:)»

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