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MandrakeSoft and Ayrtek team up to offer powerful and comprehensive Linux Business solutions to enterprise users (Partnerships)

Monday June 25 2001:

London, Paris, 25th June 2001 - In an important move to deliver comprehensive and powerful Linux business solutions to the enterprise market and following IBM Server Proven certification of the award-winning Mandrake Linux distribution and Ayrtek eBoxit software on its xSeries Intel server range, MandrakeSoft today announced its partnership with Ayrtek, a leading e-business solutions provider, to market a range of fully integrated business applications with an internet architecture built over Linux.

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Wednesday June 20 2001:

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Tuesday June 19 2001:

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MandrakeSoft announces the Beta 1 version of Mandrake Linux for Mac : Mandrake Linux PPC 8.0 (Products)

Tuesday June 12 2001:

In response to the ever growing user demand, MandrakeSoft announces today the availability of the Beta1 version of Mandrake Linux PPC, based Mandrake Linux 8.0.

MandrakeSoft unfolds Linux security strategy and announces availability of the Single Network Firewall (Products)

Thursday May 31 2001:

Pasadena, Paris, 31 may 2001 - In a much awaited move, MandrakeSoft today outlines its Linux Security stategy aimed at individual, small office home office (SoHo) and small and medium enterprise (SME) users, and announces the availability of the 'Single Network Firewall'. In line with its continuing commitment to open source, all MandrakeSecurity products are being developed and made available for free download via the Internet under the General Public License.

MandrakeSoft announces availability of a version of the Linux-Mandrake operating system running on Bull's Escala IL servers based on Intel Itanium Architecture (Products)

Tuesday May 29 2001:

Paris, May 29, 2001 - Bull and MandrakeSoft today announced that as a result of a successful technological collaboration in the area of IntelĀ® ItaniumĀ® architecture, MandrakeSoft was making a beta version of its award-winning Linux-Mandrake operating system for Itanium-based servers available for immediate download from http://www.linux-mandrake.com/en/ftp.php3#ia64

Mandrakesoft denies rumours and explains management changes (business)

Tuesday May 22 2001:

Pasadena and Paris - Mandrakesoft denies rumours of mass layoffs and explains recent senior management changes

In order to quell further rumours regarding MandrakeSoft's alleged pressing needs for financial liquidity, recent layoffs of part of its senior management team and planned layoffs in its Development team, MandrakeSoft Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Jacques Le Marois explains that "former CEO Henri Poole and himself mutually agreed on the management change over a month ago as a result of a divergence of views regarding the Company's strategic outlook: Henri's vision was to establish MandrakeSoft as a leader in the e-learning and e-support arenas without a specific focus on Linux, whereas my view is that the source of our success and very essence of our Company is the Linux-Mandrake operating system, and that all of our online services such as MandrakeExpert and MandrakeCampus should be geared to support it and bring value to our user community (...) Furthermore, there is absolutely no foundation in the rumour that we are planning to layoff our Development team, who represent a crucial asset for MandrakeSoft, especially in light of our refocusing on our core Linux values."

Linux -Mandrake 8.0 Available in Retail Stores (Products)

Wednesday May 16 2001:

Pasadena and Paris - May 16, 2001 - MandrakeSoft (mandriva.com), the publisher of the powerful and user-friendly Linux-Mandrake operating system, announces the availability of boxed sets of Linux-Mandrake Version 8.0 in retail outlets throughout the world by the end of May. There are three version 8.0 products, each designed to suit specific end-user needs: Linux-Mandrake Standard Edition 8.0, for both new and experienced users; Linux-Mandrake PowerPack Edition 8.0, for power users or those setting up a workstation or server; and Linux-Mandrake ProSuite Edition 8.0, the Linux enterprise solution for small and medium-sized businesses. With the 8.0 product range, MandrakeSoft confirms its commitment to offering the most complete, powerful and user-friendly Linux operating system available. Version 8.0 can also be purchased directly from the MandrakeSoft site: mandriva.com/products/buyit/getit

MandrakeSoft expands to China and announces business partnership with Shenri Technology (Events)

Monday May 14 2001:

Paris - 14th May 2001, through a key partnership with Shenri Technology (formerly iTrans Networks), leading company in IT infrastrature and e-commerce solution in China, MandrakeSoft establishes foothold in China and confirms its position as worldwide leading publisher and source of reference for the Linux community.

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Thursday May 10 2001:

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