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Mandrakesoft signs a distribution agreement with the French Ministry of Education and Research (Corporate)

Wednesday March 02 2005:

Paris, March 2nd 2005 - Mandrakesoft today announced an agreement with the French Ministry of Education and Research which allows the distribution of its line of products and services to Higher Education institutions, including universities and research laboratories, throughout France. The agreement also makes it easy for students and workers from these institutions to purchase Mandrakesoft products for their private use.

LPI and Mandrakesoft Partner to Promote Linux Training Standards (Partnerships)

Tuesday March 01 2005:

(Toronto, ON - Paris, France, Mar. 1, 2005): The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the premier Linux certification organization, worldwide (http://www.lpi.org), announced today that it has partnered with Mandrakesoft, creators of the Mandrakelinux distribution, to strengthen and promote the adoption of standard, vendor-neutral, Linux certification and training materials.

Linux companies Mandrakesoft and Conectiva Announce Definitive Merger Agreement (Corporate)

Thursday February 24 2005:

Paris, France; Curitiba, Brazil; February 24th , 2005 - Mandrakesoft, the number one European Linux company, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Conectiva, the number one Linux company in Brazil and Latin America. This acquisition is expected to increase significantly Mandrakesoft's size and R&D capabilities.

LynuxTraining: New LPI certified training partner (business)

Friday February 11 2005:

The Linux Professional Institute announced today the certification of a new provider of Linux Professional Institute Approved Training Materials (LATM) in Switzerland and France.
(Toronto, ON - February 7, 2005 ): The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the premier Linux certification organization, worldwide (http://www.lpi.org), announced today the certification of a new provider of Linux Professional Institute Approved Training Materials (LATM) in Switzerland and France

Mandrakelinux Corporate Server 3.0 receives LSB 2.0 certification (Corporate)

Monday February 07 2005:

Moreno Valley, Ca; Paris, France - February, 7th 2005 - Mandrakesoft today announced that its newly released Mandrakelinux Corporate Server 3.0 server solution has received LSB 2.0 certification, following its longstanding tradition of support for open standards.

Mandrakesoft and BRGM to participate in IGGI supercomputer project (business)

Wednesday February 02 2005:

Moreno Valley, CA; Paris, France; February 2nd 2004. Mandrakesoft and BRGM will participate along with INRIA in IGGI, a research project in grid computing. The consortium will develop the technologies needed to turn any network of commodity desktop machines into a cluster. The project will receive governmental funding.

Not available in this language (business)

Tuesday February 01 2005:

Not available in this language

New partner program for IT service companies in the US (business)

Tuesday January 18 2005:

Mandrakesoft announced today a new partner program for US companies offering Linux products and services to small and mid-sized business customers. The Mandrakelinux Solution Provider Program is designed to support IT services companies in offering the benefits of open source to a mainstream audience through technical and marketing support.

IT services companies are signing up around the country to participate in the program. "We've had a very positive response so far," says Maria Winslow, Program Manager at Mandrakesoft. "Partners are telling us that their customers are requesting more Linux products and services, and they want help making the transition. That's exactly the goal of this partner program - to help increase sales through Linux offerings."

Mandrakesoft to liven up the corporate Linux world (Products)

Tuesday January 04 2005:

Mandrakesoft announced today the availability of two new products geared toward business customers; Corporate Server and Corporate Desktop. These two Linux systems have received specific development efforts to make them "enterprise-ready". The two products feature longer development cycles and a 5-year maintenance span.

Although Mandrakesoft's main focus has been to make Linux available to the largest number of users, the company has also acknowledged, very early, that Linux required specific adaptations to be functional in a business environment. Mandrakesoft introduced the first version of Corporate Server in September 2000, followed by a second version in early 2003 - two products which have received quite an enthusiastic response. The new version, introduced today, has been thoroughly overhauled to include some major new features. Mandrakesoft's range of enterprise products extends to include Corporate Desktop; a Linux system for business desktop computing.

Mandrakesoft to lead new research project in software development (Corporate)

Tuesday December 21 2004:

Paris, France; December 21, 2004.

Major European research institutions and Open Source software companies today announced the launch of EDOS, a project dealing with complexity management in the field of Open Source software. The participants will collaborate in the development of theoretical and technical solutions to the management of large-scale, modular software projects. EDOS will receive EUR 2.2 million in European Union funding, in a total budget of EUR 3.4 million.

Software projects have grown to unforeseen levels of complexity. For example, most recent Linux operating systems are comprised of thousands of individual packages. This makes putting together such a system a difficult task; and the short release cycles traditionally practiced in Open Source software mean that this task has to be constantly repeated. This is the case, not only for Linux, but for any large, modular software project.