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Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring: Spring Is Here!

Tuesday April 10 2007

Today Mandriva is proud to announce the release of its brand new distribution that provides up-to-date and freshly released open source software: Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring integrates the latest innovations in the fields of office suite applications, Internet, multimedia and virtualization technologies. Not only does Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring bring to users the most advanced Linux operating system, it also includes some very special new features:

  • WengoPhone, an open source software developed by OpenWengo that uses the open SIP protocol to provide competitive and high quality phone calls!

  • Google Picasa, an application for organizing and editing digital photos, and Google Earth, the famous virtual globe;

  • Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring is compatible with the Wii™ remote. Users can therefore use it instead of a regular joystick on Linux games!

  • Drakvirt, a Mandriva-developed configuration tool to help users configure virtualization;

  • Updated and improved versions of the Mandriva configuration tools;

Metisse is not a 3D desktop...

However, the key innovation of Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring is Metisse, the unconventional new window environment developed by the French In Situ project. Metisse is designed to implement highly innovative features which improve the usability of the desktop, giving you completely new ways to interact with your system! Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring also provides the newest versions of the Compiz and Beryl 3D-accelerated desktops. Together, Metisse, Compiz and Beryl - with the convenient Mandriva configuration tool - make Mandriva Linux the must-have distribution for cutting-edge graphical technologies.

Join the FON community with Mandriva!

Mandriva and FON, the largest WiFi community in the world, have teamed up to develop DrakFON. This application allows Mandriva users to easily install the FON firmware on any compatible WiFi router and convert it into a FONspot, thus enabling the user to share his/her WiFi with the FON Community and in return to connect for free to more than 100,000 FONspots around the world. DrakFON can also be downloaded for free on FON's website.

Four virtualization technologies

With Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring, users can manage their IT infrastructure by running many virtualized Linux and Windows® operating systems simultaneously on a single physical machine powered by Mandriva Linux. 2007 Spring integrates four major virtualization technologies: VirtualBox, VMware, Xen and QEMU with KVM.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring provides users with all the latest key open source desktop environments and applications such as:

  • X.org 7.2

  • KDE 3.5.6

  • GNOME 2.18

  • OpenOffice.org 2.1

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0

  • Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0

A new dimension for laptops

And finally, 2007 Spring has a special focus on laptop power management: new graphical desktop applets (KPowersave and GNOME Power Manager), better frequency scaling (frequency is adjusted on demand), new suspend tools framework (from freedesktop.org), bootsplash support when hibernating and intensive hardware testing to improve support on a wide range of laptops.

As usual, Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring is available in five editions: Free (the purely free Mandriva Linux), One (the live/install CD), Discovery (for Linux beginners), Powerpack (for advanced users) and Powerpack+ (for small businesses).

More information on the Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring page.

“Mandriva has decided to give its customers the best product yet by sharing freshness and innovation. We are therefore proud to be the only leading distribution to integrate outstanding, visionary technologies such as Metisse, as well as the more common Compiz and Beryl. At the same time, we have not forgotten the basics, and 2007 Spring provides everything customers need: stable, useful and friendly applications”, declared Camille Repussard, Marketing Manager of Mandriva.

"Don't look too hard at the kernel version number - look at the ChangeLog. Our kernel team continuously adds patches from newer kernels, extending our compatibility. We currently support a huge range of different hardware and are working on supporting even more in the future", said Francois Bandet, Quality Assurance Engineer at Mandriva.

About Mandriva

Mandriva, formerly known as Mandrakesoft, is the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, one of the most full-featured and easy-to-use Linux systems. The company offers enterprises, governments and educational customers a complete range of GNU/Linux open source software and related services. Mandriva products are available in more than 140 countries through dedicated channels and from Mandriva Store, the company's online store. Born in 1998, the company has offices in the United States, France and Brazil.

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