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Mandriva to sponsor GUADEC, provide participants with Mandriva Flash

Tuesday July 17 2007

Mandriva recently completed its participation in the KDE aKademy 2007 conference, sponsoring the event, presenting various technologies, and providing Mandriva Flash keys to developers attending the conference. Today Mandriva announces a similar program for the 2007 GUADEC GNOME conference, which is taking place in Birmingham from July 15th to July 21st.

Again, as well as sponsoring the conference, Mandriva is arranging to provide special edition Mandriva Flash USB keys to developers attending the conference as a token of appreciation for their work.

"The GUADEC organisation wanted to make a bold move and remove the use of paper for promotional materials as much as possible," said Bastien Nocera, a member of the GUADEC 2007 organization committee. "Thanks to Mandriva, GUADEC sponsors have been able to offer videos, code and application demonstrations on the USB key," he continued. "We hope to have set a standard in social responsibility by cutting detritus, and hope Mandriva and other conferences will continue this work in the future."

GUADEC is the official annual meeting of the GNOME community, where GNOME developers and users come together for presentations, talks, and workshop sessions. Mandriva is proud to help in supporting this vital and significant event. Mandriva's involvement in GUADEC will run beyond sponsorship: several Mandriva staff members will be present to improve communication between the Mandriva and GNOME communities and to continue to improve the integration of GNOME and Mandriva. Mandriva's lead GNOME developer, Frederic Crozat, is also an active participant in the GNOME development community and will be at GUADEC to continue his work on various aspects of the GNOME project.

Mandriva Flash, the Linux key, is a complete Mandriva Linux desktop on a bootable USB key. Mandriva Flash is designed to allow the user to take their desktop and all their vital documents with them wherever they go. The Mandriva Flash provided to GUADEC participants will be a special edition based on Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring and including the very latest version of GNOME, 2.18.

"We are very proud to be in a position to support this important event and to give something back to the GNOME community," said David Barth, Mandriva Vice-President of Engineering. "Our staff and contributors are looking forward both to spreading the word about Mandriva and being involved in important work on the future of GNOME."

You can find out more about Mandriva Flash here.

Information about GUADEC is available here.

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