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Immediately available for download, Mandrake Linux 8.1 broadens the MandrakeSoft services offering

Thursday September 27 2001

MandrakeSoft today announced the immediate availability of Mandrake Linux 8.1 for download from http://www.linux-mandrake.com. With this new version, MandrakeSoft widens its range of services and confirms its commitment to offer the most complete, user-friendly and server-adapted Linux operating system available.

"This new version includes MandrakeOnline, MandrakeSoft's new online service and increases our range of offerings", stated Frederic Bastok, co-founder & CTO of MandrakeSoft. "Our user-friendly and powerful solution comprises over 2,500 applications including StarOffice the complete office suite compatible with MS Office. Moreover Mandrake Linux 8.1 is specifically designed to suit the server market".

Full services included

MandrakeOnline, MandrakeSoft's new online service offers many possibilities:

  • Alerts on security or package updates according to hardware and software configuration

  • Email alias "name@mandrivaonline.com"

  • Special rebates for MandrakeExpert, MandrakeSoft's online support platform www.mandrivaexpert.com

The best graphical interfaces

MandrakeSoft continues to build on its promise of offering an easy-to-use and fully graphical Linux operating system for both the novice and professional user with the latest leading Open Source environments.

The 8.1 version contains the best possible graphical interfaces available in their latest version, including:

  • KDE 2.2.1, the user-friendly environment with the most integrated and easy-to-use features:

    • Konqueror: The versatile file and web browser now includes enhanced JavaScript support and better HTML rendering

    • Kmail: The integrated and powerful KDE mail client now includes support for IMAP servers and many ergonomic enhancements

    • KOffice 1.1: The complete and light-weight KDE office suite has undergone major changes since version 1.0 (complete rewrite of Kword, inclusion of a new chart application called KVivio, improvement of MS Office filters,...)

  • GNOME 1.4.1, the most powerful user environment with many enhancements such as:

    • Nautilus 1.0.4: The new GNOME file browser features major speed improvements and many ergonomic enhancements based on user's feedback

    • Mozilla 0.9.4: The integrated Web Browser and communication suite now has dramatic speed improvements and better usability

MandrakeSoft's user-friendly specific tools