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HP launches a 4 in 1 computer solution with Mandrakelinux

Monday July 12 2004

Moreno Valley, CA ; Paris, France ; July 12th, 2004 - HP has introduced the "441" solution, consisting of four keyboard-mouse-screens running on one computer. This economical and innovative concept ships with Mandrakelinux and is specifically targetted for the education market.

Built to meet school needs, the HP 441 desktop solution has a pre-installed Mandrakelinux operating system, productivity applications, educational software, and a custom graphical user interface. Mandrakelinux was choosen for its increased reliability and enhanced security to minimise the maintenance of the computer in the classroom.

The 441 can be used by 4 students at the same time, thus saving 50% of acquisition costs and 65% of maintenance costs. Each user can browse the Internet, send email, use educational software and run productivity and other applications.

The HP 441 computer, which comes pre-loaded with Linux and ready to run, was first introduced in South-African schools, and will be introduced later in several other developing countries.

"This 441 HP concept with Mandrakelinux is a proof that the IT TCO can be reduced by an important factor, for 0acquisition costs and maintenance costs as well", said François Bancilhon, CEO of Mandrakelinux.

Details about the HP 441 are available on:

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