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Linux -Mandrake 8.0 Available in Retail Stores

Wednesday May 16 2001

Pasadena and Paris - May 16, 2001 - MandrakeSoft (mandriva.com), the publisher of the powerful and user-friendly Linux-Mandrake operating system, announces the availability of boxed sets of Linux-Mandrake Version 8.0 in retail outlets throughout the world by the end of May. There are three version 8.0 products, each designed to suit specific end-user needs: Linux-Mandrake Standard Edition 8.0, for both new and experienced users; Linux-Mandrake PowerPack Edition 8.0, for power users or those setting up a workstation or server; and Linux-Mandrake ProSuite Edition 8.0, the Linux enterprise solution for small and medium-sized businesses. With the 8.0 product range, MandrakeSoft confirms its commitment to offering the most complete, powerful and user-friendly Linux operating system available. Version 8.0 can also be purchased directly from the MandrakeSoft site: mandriva.com/products/buyit/getit

Linux-Mandrake Version 8.0 includes both new and more powerful features. The user can choose from an entire suite of graphical interfaces, which are combined with new utilities, office applications, games, updated security applications, and online support to create a complete and powerful graphical operating system. System administrators will also appreciate the productivity-enhancing, automated administration tools and enhanced printer support. This latest version has also been designed for unparalleled ease of installation and configuration.

According to Frederic Bastok, co-founder of MandrakeSoft, "We are very proud of our new distribution. Not only is it user-friendly and powerful, but Linux-Mandrake 8.0 also comprises over 2,300 applications, including StarOffice, the complete office suite compatible with MS Office, and IBM Via Voice, the market-leading voice recognition system. Once again and in the purest Open Source tradition, our distribution and its code were made available on the Web for free download several weeks before the commercial release."

New features and benefits of Linux-Mandrake 8.0