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Mandrakesoft introduces Personalized Solutions and Maintenance Program (PSMP) (Services)

Thursday May 13 2004:

May, 12th 2004; Altadena, CA; Paris, France - Mandrakesoft has created a new program for Small and Medium Businesses, Academic Institutions, Value Added Resellers, Non-Profit Organizations, Resellers, Gov't Agencies and Partners. The program is designed to provide One-Stop complete Open Source solutions (Products/Support/Updates/Services) to customers.

The "Personalized Solutions and Maintenance Program" (PSMP) is an easy-to-use, cost effective program designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. PSMP allows you to purchase Mandrakesoft solutions at volume prices. It reduces the costs associated with evaluating, acquiring, implementing, and maintaining eBusiness software, and provides streamlined purchasing and centralized solution management through an Internet based graphical interface.

New Mandrakeonline easily updates Mandrakelinux systems (Services)

Thursday July 15 2004:

Moreno Valley, CA; Paris, France - July, 15th 2004 - Mandrakesoft today announced the availability of a new update service aimed at helping corporates to keep their systems up-to-date: Mandrakeonline provides a wide range of valuable services for easily taking care of all updates on a range of Mandrakelinux systems, at a low cost.

Mandrakeonline combines advanced built-in Mandrakelinux updating capabilities with a unique online service which provides the following features:


Electronic Reference Library now available through Mandrakesoft (Services)

Monday May 26 2003:

Boston, MA, May 26th, 2003 - Mandrakesoft, a leading provider of Linux solutions, today announced the launch of Safari Bookshelf, a fully searchable electronic reference library that houses the full text of more than 1,400 leading technical books.

Now visitors to Mandrakesoft.com and MandrakeLinux.com will have the option of searching Safari's vast repository of technical books including some favorites of the Linux community such as 'Practical Unix & Internet Security, 3rd Edition' (O'Reilly and Associates, February 2003) and 'XML a manager's Guide' (Addison-Wesley, August 2002). Users can drill down into the exact chapter and section of a book to quickly pinpoint examples and code samples just as they appear in the printed book. The result is that programmers in the heat of problem solving can quickly zero-in on reliable answers to time-critical questions.

Not available in this language (Services)

Thursday October 24 2002:

Not available in this language

MandrakeSoft Announces the Availability of its Linux-Campus Courseware at 30 Training Sites Across the Americas (Services)

Wednesday September 18 2002:

Altadena, CA, September 18th, 2002 - MandrakeSoft - publisher of Mandrake Linux, one of the leading Linux distributions - announced today they started to offer a range of services targeting professionals who want to get the most out of Linux operating systems.

New MandrakeExpert V2 Support Center for Linux has been released (Services)

Thursday September 06 2001:

Altadena, Paris; 6 September 2001 - By providing the opportunity for the best Linux experts to be paid for their services, and for Linux users to receive high-quality and fast Linux support, MandrakeSoft answers a growing need in Linux Business with its newly released MandrakeExpert V2 Support Center.