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Direct Mandriva Linux Download via dedicated high-speed FTP access

The 6-CD (or 1-DVD) version includes and automatically installs additional software components (NVIDIA/ATI graphic cards drivers, Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, Java Runtime Environment and many others). These software provide true additional comfort in the installation and use of your system: take advantage of the full potential of your graphic card, view PDF files with professional rendering, run Java applications and enjoy animations in your browser.

This version also includes:

  • The Mandriva Linux Definitive Guide, version 10.1 (PDF format). This complete guide can get you started quickly with your new system, and will be extremely useful as a reference. It will assist you throughout the use of your favorite operating system, so that you get the most out of it.

  • 60-day Web support from Mandriva's support team

  • 30-day access to Mandriva Club Standard membership level: enjoy its exclusive services!

  • 30-day access to Mandrivaonline - an online service for easy updating

This new option is ideal for those who are not Linux experts.

Dedicated high speed FTP connection for Mandriva Linux 10.1

Dedicated high speed FTP connection for Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005