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Desktop : The Linux Desktop Enterprises Are Looking For

Corporate Desktop 4 is the result of several years of work on integrating the best open source technologies into a unified product dedicated to enterprise desktop. Strong, designed for large companies who want to deploy a quality open source desktop, this distribution takes benefits from Mandriva experience in term of easiness and ergonomy.

It's also the ideal client for Mandriva Corporate Server.

Business services

Mandriva offers a range of business services for companies who have chosen Corporate Desktop 4, and puts its Linux and open source expertise at the service of its customers.

  • Business support
    Mandriva offers high level assistance and expertise, thanks to its team of support consultants. As an open source distributor,
    Mandriva provides a guarantee of best solve time for production incidents. In addition, we offer optional support services to help
    our customers with advanced configuration or on-site assistance.
    For more information, please contact: support@mandriva.com

  • Consulting
    Mandriva helps its customers in the design and implementation of open source / Linux infrastructures. The range of offered services
    covers specialized areas of expertise like planning, migration, deployment, customized distributions, and the integration of new
    components emerging from the community.
    For more information, please contact: consulting@mandriva.com

  • Training
    Mandriva offers a complete range of training programs listed in its official training courses or can build personalized training kits to
    help companies in deploying and using open source desktop.
    For more information, please contact: training@mandriva.com

  • Mandriva local maintenance
    Mandriva has refined its international software distribution system into a version intended for large enterprises. Through the
    Corporate Club, Mandriva clients can set up a dedicated pipe to their own private local mirror, with guaranteed integrity and
    security, while securing their network.
    For more information, please contact: sales@mandriva.com