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Customized Contract: Edge Unlimited

The Customized Support is an unlimited support offer designed for enterprises needing support in very precise situations. It could be support orineted towards Desktop computers, non-Linux architectures or very specific server needs.

Content of the offer:

  • Web and Phone Support - monday to thursday from 9am to 6pm

  • Unlimited Phone Calls for a 50-hour pack

  • Contacts: 2

  • Troubleshooting begin at worst 4 hours after reporting the problem

  • Engineering Code and specific patches provided

  • Technological Watch : Access to Mandriva's information portal

  • Monthly Case Reports

  • "Incident Resolved" Notification and Summary (sent by e-mail)

  • Case Openings, Following-Ups and 24/7 Updates via our website and Incident Following-Up Tool.

  • Pro Active Support depending on recommandations from the developing teams.

  • Remote Intervention (via SSH or VPN)


  • Remote Maintenance (via SSH or VPN)

  • On-The-Site Support (via a Day Pack divided into several half-days)

  • Extension of support hours (8am-7pm)

  • Extra Contacts

  • Support technique de compte assurant un suivi rĂ©gulier (rĂ©unions trimestrielles)