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Welcome to the Mandriva Linux Hardware Database

Our hardware database allows you to check the compatibility of your hardware with the Mandriva Linux operating system. The certified hardware has the highest level of compatibility.
Please note that the hardware database is currently being fed and does not include absolutely all the hardware available nowadays.

Up until now, most Linux drivers have been developed by members of the Linux community. If you do not find your specific hardware device listed in our compatibility list, you may search the web with the keywords "mandrake linux" and the name of your hardware device. If you are sure the hardware device you are looking for is not supported yet under Linux, please contact your hardware vendor and ask them if they provide a driver for Mandriva Linux: if they do not, please request that they develop one.

Compatible (CERTIFIED) Hardware.

Compatible Hardware.

Unknown Hardware.

Not Compatible Hardware.

The hardware has been tested and checked according to Mandrivalabs' exhaustive certification process. Note that this certification can be managed by one of our authorized partners.

This hardware has been used and reported as compatible by someone of the Mandriva team.

This hardware has been reported by someone in our community of users and developers, but its status is still unknown.

This hardware isn't compatible with Mandriva Linux, due to the lack of open source drivers or the unwillingness of its manufacturer.

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Legal Disclaimer

The Mandriva Linux Supported Hardware database contains information about hardware devices that have been tested and/or have been reported to function properly with Mandrivalinux. Due to the wide variety of system configurations, Mandriva cannot guarantee that a specific device will work properly on your system.

Additional sources for Mandriva Linux hardware support

All supported hardware are not listed in the Mandriva Linux hardware database. Other sources of informations are available. In particular we recommend the excellent printer database at LinuxPrinting.org.

Certification Request Form

We invite manufacturers wishing to have their product certified to download the following

Once completed, the form should be sent to fax number + You'll be then contacted by the MandrivaLabs team.

Hardware Database contact (Business customers only)

The email address provided below is not intended for support purpose. In case you need installation or technical help, first purchase support incidents and use Mandriva Expert.
If you're a manufacturer and your product isn't referenced in our Hardware database, please feel free to send a message to .
This email address is not intended for support purpose, it is proposed to professionals wishing to have their products referenced.
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