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Switching to Linux just got easier!

With Mandriva One, the full-featured Live + Install Mandriva Linux system held on one CD, and the Kiosk software installation service, you're one click away from freedom.

Mandriva One is a full-featured Mandriva Linux system, ready for your office, internet and entertainment needs.
It's a Live CD, so you can simply load it onto your CD or DVD drive to test it, without actually modifying anything on your system! You can safely try your Mandriva Linux system, enjoying best-in-class applications like Firefox, OpenOffice.org, the Amarok media player...

Adopt Mandriva One by simply clicking on the Install tool set up for you on the Desktop!
The DrakLive install tool will even keep any saved documents and preferences for you.

Switching to Linux just got easier: know more and download Mandriva One now for free!

Expand you Mandriva Linux distribution in one click!

Mandriva Kiosk provides a web-based catalog of the best Open Source software, selected, bundled and tested by the Mandriva team.

Either Linux got easier, or you got smarter...
Installing new software has never been easier!

The latest version of the KDE desktop environment, OpenOffice.org office suite, proprietary drivers (ATI, NVidia, Prism...) and applications (Acrobat Reader(tm), Macromedia Flash (tm)...), games, multimedia applications and even server administration tools: easy to choose, easy to install, easy to enjoy.
One click is all it takes! Know more and subscribe to Mandriva Kiosk now!