PowerPack+ : The Linux solution for Desktops and Servers.

The Linux solution for Desktops and Servers.

PowerPack+ combines the power of PowerPack and a comprehensive set of world-class server applications. Thanks to easy-to-use installation and configuration wizards, PowerPack+ is the ideal product for Small Office / Home Office users.

Switch to Linux because it is full-featured

The Ultimate Linux Desktop on DVD

  • Everything for office, Internet, multimedia and software development

  • Includes Opera web browser - full version and Skype™ for Voice over IP - full version

Choose the server you want to deploy:

  • Database: Mysql, PostGreSQL

  • Directory: OpenLDAP

  • File Sharing: NFS

  • File and Device Sharing: Samba

  • File Transfer: FTP, Bittorent

  • Firewall: Shorewall

  • Groupware: Egroupware, Kolab2

  • High Availability: Heartbeat

  • Mail: Sendmail, Postfix

  • Printing System: CUPS, LPRNG

  • Proxy: Squid

  • Web: Apache