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Corporate Server 4 - VMware image

VMware allow you to use virtual environments to test and evaluate of operating systems and applications. The primary goal of this image is to provide you a simple evaluation platform, through an easy way to get a web platform ready to use. Below, you will find information to assist you in using the VMware image of the Mandriva Corporate Server 4.

General information on image configuration

Two configured users:

  • login: root
    password: mandriva

  • login: user
    password: user

Default network configuration uses dhcp connection. In order to change this configuration, just click on 'Configure your network' icon on desktop.

FIBRIC: First Boot RPM Installer and Configurator

FIBRIC is a web assistant for use on the first boot of Corporate Server 4. FIBRIC helps installing and configuring services. Enter the root password listed above, to authenticate. By default, click on the Web services button to install the web server. Follow the installation and then please go back to the menu and quit.
You can access other services on FIBRIC later via its icon on the desktop. You can also access to FIBRIC remotely through a web browser ( using: http://ip_address:3737.)

Using full version of Corporate Server 4

If you wish to test the full version of Corporate Server 4 through the VmWare image, please register a trial version program. You will get access to Mandriva's official mirror (both isos and packages repository) and updates mirror for 1 month.

You will then need to register new packages media on the vmware image. Check if the network configuration is ok. Then run FIBRIC. Click on the "Add a new official media" link. Enter your login (which is the left part of your email address) and password (received by email) and validate.

Download the VMware image of Corporate Server 4