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Mandriva Linux 2007: Look no further for the best of Linux

Mandriva Linux 2007 is the best Mandriva Linux distribution ever. It is more easy-to-use, more user-friendly and more powerful. It is ideal for the needs of all users, from the beginner to the SOHO user.

Mandriva Linux integrates enough software to let you do exactly the same things as on other operating system, see a list of open source equivalent software.
Try it out and download it on Mandriva Linux Download page. Look no further for the best in Linux.
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New 3D desktop support and drak3D configuration tool

New 3D desktop support (AIGLX and Xgl) and a new tool to configure it (drak3d). We are the first distribution to provide easy access to both technologies so that the hardware compatibility is as wide as possible. drak3d also features auto-detection of the best 3D solution, it choses between AIGLX and Xgl, either on KDE and GNOME.

Enjoy the Linux experience in 3 dimensions!

Watch your DVD under Linux!


Mandriva Linux 2007 includes InterVideo LinDVD, allowing you to play your DVD movies legally right out of the box. InterVideo is a leading provider of DVD software and offers a broad suite of advanced digital video and audio multimedia software products.

Included TransGaming's Cedega: play your favourite games on Mandriva Linux!


Now experience the thrill of your favorite video games on Mandriva Linux with TransGaming's Cedega engine! Almost all games are made for proprietary platforms like Windows® but with Mandriva Linux 2007, we offer you the opportunity, thanks to TransGaming's Cedega compatibility software, to play World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, Civilization IV, Counter-Strike and more... And just for your own pleasure, FlatOut, the Destruction Derby successor has been integrated!

Kaspersky anti-virus solution


In early 1999, Kaspersky Lab was one of the first developers to introduce integrated antivirus software for Linux. Today, Kaspersky Lab continues to lead the industry in the development of mail and file server, and workstation protection for Linux and Unix platforms. Be sure not to be bothered by viruses and other malicious software anymore.

RPMDrake2: combined installation / removal interface

Mandriva worked on a better tool to install, uninstall and update software. The new RPMDrake gives you a quick view of what you have, what you can install, what Mandriva recommends, which updates are available and much more.

'Ia Ora' Mandriva theme

Last time the Mandriva theme was changed, it was for Mandriva Linux 9.1, with the introduction of the Galaxy theme. For the 2007 version, we elaborated a brand new theme, named Ia Ora (“hello” in French Polynesian), changing everything from window borders to widgets and icons. The new theme is simpler and lighter, more luminous, with several colors and an "iced" effect for outline windows.


BitDefender offers network security software solutions (anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware) for enterprises and server providers. BitDefender brings proactive protection of message traffic against viruses, Trojans and other potentially malicious code, protecting users while respecting data protection laws.

BitDefender's strong points:

  • Complex anti-spam technology

  • User and group management

  • SNMP-compatible

  • Advanced updating system

Improved boot speed with parallel initialization

Up to 20% better than the previous Mandriva Linux versions and it has been implemented following the LSB.

New core and software versions:

  • Kernel 2.6.17

  • GCC 4.1

  • Mozilla

  • X.org 7.1

  • Glibc 2.4

  • OpenOffice 2.0.3

  • KDE 3.5.4

  • Gnome 2.16

  • Xen 3.0




Surf the Web, send e-mails, manage your photos, chat with friends, watch movies, view both Windows® and Linux standard documents, listen to music, play games...all this, without having to worry for a single moment about security!

Discovery is the ideal product for beginners looking to switch to Linux.

The latest graphical environments and software, the widest possible range of applications, support for the latest hardware, advanced configuration tools, environment customization, software integration to enable smooth handling of many different types of document, support for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and the latest and best IDE.

PowerPack is the ideal product for power users.

A security-reinforced network, simplified data-sharing tools, client follow-ups, collaborative teamwork, creating its own advertising and promotion (mainly over the internet), worker mobility and efficiency, and simple IT management.

PowerPack+ is the ideal product for Small Office / Home Office users.