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Discovery : Join the Linux Community!

Mandriva Linux 2007 Discovery was conceived to satisfy all needs and envies. Now you can surf the Web, send e-mails, manage your photos, chat with friends, watch movies, view both Windows® and Linux standard documents, listen to music, play video games... all this in total simplicity and without having to worry for a single moment about security!

Discovery is the ideal product for beginners looking to switch to Linux.

Switch to Linux because it is compatible with your existing files

Mandriva comes with applications that can read all your existing files: e-mails, office documents, videos, images...exchange and share your documents easily! Also includes popular plugins: RealPlayer®10, Flash®Player 7, Adobe® Reader®7


Microsoft® Windows® software or Windows® related

Equivalents included in Discovery/Lx


Microsoft® Word

OpenOffice.org Writer compatible with Microsoft®Office

Microsoft® Excel

OpenOffice.org Calc compatible with Microsoft®Office

Microsoft® PowerPoint®

OpenOffice.org Impress compatible with Microsoft®Office


Microsoft® Internet Explorer / Windows® Explorer

Mozilla Firefox and Opera - full version

Microsoft® Outlook® / Outlook® Express


ICQ® / MSN® Messenger / AIM / Yahoo!® Messenger

Kopete compatible ICQ® / MSN® Messenger / AIM / Yahoo!® Messenger

Microsoft® FrontPage®


Skype™ for Windows®

Skype™ for Linux


Microsoft® Money



Winamp / Windows® Media® Player

Amarok and Kaffeine

Adobe® Photoshop® / PaintShop™Pro®

The Gimp

iTunes for Windows®

Mindawn - full version


Nero Burning ROM / Easy Media Creator™