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PowerPack+ : Linux for your office

A security-reinforced network, simplified data-sharing tools, client follow-ups, collaborative teamwork, create your own advertising and promotion (mainly over the Internet), worker mobility and efficiency,and simple IT management. You can have it all in just one small box. All you need to boost and manage your activity.

Switch to Linux because it is full-featured

The Ultimate Linux Desktop on DVD

  • Everything for office, Internet, multimedia and software development

  • Includes Opera web browser - full version and Skype™ for Voice over IP - full version

Choose the server you want to deploy:

  • Database: Mysql, PostGreSQL

  • Directory: OpenLDAP

  • File Sharing: NFS

  • File and Device Sharing: Samba

  • File Transfer: FTP, Bittorent

  • Firewall: Shorewall

  • Groupware: Egroupware, Kolab2

  • High Availability: Heartbeat

  • Mail: Sendmail, Postfix

  • Printing System: CUPS, LPRNG

  • Proxy: Squid

  • Web: Apache