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Desktop : The Linux Desktop Enterprises Are Looking For

Corporate Desktop 4 is the result of several years of work on integrating the best open source technologies into a unified product dedicated to enterprise desktop. Strong, designed for large companies who want to deploy a quality open source desktop, this distribution takes benefits from Mandriva experience in term of easiness and ergonomy.

It's also the ideal client for Mandriva Corporate Server.

Corporate Desktop 4: cost-effective and flexible solution for desktop

You wish to manage easy-to-use and secure solution for desktop. Corporate Desktop is the first Linux desktop easy to deploy, interoperable with your environment.

Corporate Desktop 4: ergonomic and easy-to-use

Mandriva offers all its knowledge regarding ergonomy and easy-to-use desktop. Corporate Desktop 4 provides all tools that have been successful through years of experience in a dedicated product for companies. Fibric, post-installation wizard, gives a complete view of all available services and software included in Corporate Desktop 4. Easy-to-use, this web interface provides a way to quickly define and install a desktop taking into account users or groups needs.

Corporate Desktop 4 offers also the best 3D technologies on desktop. Integrating these technologies gives companies a good added-value for this new desktop solution, providing advanced technologies requiring few hardware resources. Drak3D tool makes such environment management easy.

As Mandriva idea proposing best open source solutions, KDE environment is the default environment in Corporate Desktop 4. KDE has been recently included in a certified process using international usability standard ISO 9241. The use of KDE 3 has been defined as an "effective, efficient and satisfactory" working environment”.

Corporate Desktop 4: secure and mobile

Corporate Desktop 4 offers a whole range of functionalities requested by roaming desktops in companies:

  • management of 3G, UMTS, GPRS networks

  • management of secure access using VPN

  • management of disconnected modes for authentication and profiles using it outside company

Corporate Desktop 4 offers also essential functionalities to provide secure desktop:

  • complete authentication framework

  • encryption mechanism for conteners related to sensitive data

  • software and hardware support for smart cards readers, fingerprints readers, secured keys for strong authentication

  • interactive firewall

Corporate Desktop 4: the best virtualization technologies

Virtualization technology is becoming increasingly vital to modern enterprise IT. It enables a more efficient use of software technology and help to reduce costs through better use of already available hardware resources. To respond to a large range of uses and offer all possible choices,Mandriva has chosen the 3 leading virtualization technologies to be integrated into Corporate Desktop 4:

  • Xen: allows the simultaneous execution of several Linux instances, and takes advantage of hardware acceleration for virtualization through Intel VTTM

  • VirtualBox, QEMU: allows complete virtualization with open source software, using friendly and easy-to-use interfaces

  • VMware: allows the creation of completely virtualized machines, avoiding the need to support a wide range of hardware, to replace or consolidate server groups consisting of differently specified machines.

Test Corporate Desktop 4

Mandriva offers to test Corporate Desktop 4. You can register and be able to download full version of the Corporate Desktop 4 and access official updates for 1 month.