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Corporate Server 4.0 : The open source keystone for business computing

Mandriva Corporate Server 4, the new Mandriva Linux distribution for enterprises, fulfills the vital requirements of enterprise IT managers: performance and reliability for mission-critical functions, compatibility with established industry standards, interoperability, strong and secure design, long-term maintenance, and a good return on investment.

As the open source server operating system of choice, Mandriva Corporate Server 4 gives its customers the key to a catalog of third-party software that grows daily. Mandriva has achieved the certification of its products with the leading software companies in the business, like Oracle, IBM, Sun, SWsoft and more.

Corporate Server 4

Detailed specifications


x86, x86-64

Base system:

  • Kernel 2.6.12

  • Secure remote access with OpenSSH

  • Kernel access control system: rsbac(1.2)

  • Virtualization: Xen (3.0), OpenVZ

  • Duplicating systems: Ka, Dolly, Dolly+

Middleware stacks:

  • Directory server: OpenLDAP (2.3)

  • Network authentication: Kerberos 5

  • Databases: MySQL (5.0), PostgreSQL (8.1), DB2

  • Web server: Apache (2.2)

  • Proxy server: SQUID

Server stacks:

  • Sharing files: NFS (3 et 4)

  • File server: SAMBA (3.0.22)

  • Print server: CUPS (1.2)

  • SMTP servers: Postfix (2.2), Sendmail

  • POP/IMAP servers: Cyrus-IMAP (2.2), Courier-IMAP (3.0)

  • Auto-installation server: PXE

  • DHCP server: ISC dhcp-server

  • FTP server: Proftpd, Pure-ftp

  • DNS server: BIND

  • J2EE App. server: Tomcat, Jonas, Websphere CE

More information

Download the Product sheet for more information about the content of the Mandriva Corporate Server 4.