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Mandriva Partnership Program for ISV

ISV Partnership with Mandriva is designed for third party application developers and vendors.

If you are

  • developing your own software, business applications or vertical solutions as an ISV,

  • or you would like to port your existing software applications onto the Linux platform and

You seek

  • assistance and resources needed to develop or port, market and sell your products for Mandriva Linux, than

this partnership program is for you!

ISV application search !

We need your solution!

The permeation of the Linux system to desktop or server use greatly depends on the availability of applications essential to the client. By joining the growing list that supports Mandriva Linux, you will be able to launch your products on these new segments.

In recognition of your efforts and investment in the technical development of robust applications, we thrive to provide you unique benefits and opportunities for a win-win professional business partnership.

We are dedicated to working with you depending on your needs.

In this program you will get the resources and the assistance you need to build, market and sell your products to Mandriva Linux users worldwide. Partnering us will help you to offer your products to new segments, expand into new markets, increase your revenue and grow your business.
Today we offer you an improved program free of charge that better understands your business challenges.
Our challenge is to provide you unparalleled services, so that toghether we can serve our customers better.

Our Customers

Mandriva Linux is one of the most international Linux distribution, sold in 50, 000 copies per each version worldwide. Some 4,000,000 clients use our products and services. Each day 250,000 visitors come to our web sites. Our newsletters reach 1,200,000 accounts. Our Club has 15,000 adherents.


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