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Training Center FAQ

Why Mandriva ?

Available in 68 languages
4 million downloads, every product release and roughly 10 million users
Positioned as one of 3 leaders worldwide in the open source market next to Red Hat and Suse

What is LPI ?

LPI stands for Linux Professional Institute. It is recognized worldwide as the premier organization advocating and assisting in the professional use of Linux, open source, and free software. LPI offers the worldwide testing standard to measure Linux Networking and System Administration proficiency skills assessment with their professional certification tests for junior and advanced competency levels.

Why vendor neutral ?

The results of the CRN Certification Study, now in its fourth year, indicate the trend toward vendor-neutral certifications is already under way and becoming irreversible as the certification model evolves. Vendor-neutral certifications are moving to center stage by giving solution providers a cost-efficient, all-in-one package of core knowledge useful for deploying products from various vendors within the technology area. Four of the top five fastest-growing certifications were vendor-neutral.
* http://www.crn.com/sections/special/certification2004/upncoming.jhtml

Our center currently offers other Linux curriculum certifications. Can we offer Mandriva curriculum simultaneously ?

Yes. Many centers offer a selection of Linux course classes focusing on a particular platform, such as Red Hat or those focusing on a particular competency level, such as CompTIA Linux + for beginners with 0-6 months experience.

In the rapidly expanding Open Source marketplace, versatility of skills has become increasingly important to the students and their employers. Mandriva's vendor-neutral approach offers the versatility that students seek and a course for every level - beginner, junior, advanced, and programming specialty courses. Mandrivasoft demands no exclusivity agreement with our courses.

How long does it take to receive the student manuals ?

Training Centers can order student course materials via the partner website up to seven business days before course commencement. Mandriva's ordering process enables Training Centers to order just what is needed for the course, just prior to course commencement, allowing delivery of the most up-to-date materials and eliminating the need to invest in, and stock, in-house manuals. However, Mandrivasoft recommends that centers stock a minimum of one student manual in-house in the event of a postal delay or last minute registration.

What if my center purchases only one course or does not purchase the updates ?

Any center is open to purchase any one of our courses. However, in order to obtain Certified Training Center status and be listed on the Mandriva Website, Training Centers must purchase any three courses and updates every six months, or as needed, with new product releases.