Updates for both security and non-functional packages are essential for a smooth-running system. Mandriva recommends that all users upgrade to the packages issued by any advisory to prevent problems with your system and unauthorized intrusion or denial of service attacks.

A graphical update utility called MandrivaUpdate is installed on your Mandriva Linux desktop. All you have to do is launch MandrivaUpdate to update your system through the GUI utility. The program lets you choose your FTP server within a list of server mirror. Then it fetches each update you have to make and lets you choose those you really need. In Mandrakelinux 8.x+, MandrakeUpdate has been replaced by the Software Manager.

Security update advisories are sent to the security mailing lists.

All security announcements and updated RPMs are signed with the GPG key of the Mandriva Security Team which is available for download.

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Date Advisory Synopsis
2005-01-24 MDKA-2005:004 Updated php packages fix bug
2004-11-10 MDKA-2004:042 Updated webmin package fix problem with some modules
2004-07-29 MDKA-2004:033 Updated libneon packages fix issues with the compression interface
2004-05-10 MDKA-2004:022 Updated evolution package to correct several reported bugs
2004-04-06 MDKA-2004:014 Updated fileutils/coreutils packages fix problems with ls
2004-03-22 MDKA-2004:013 Updated drakxtools package addresses problems with drakbackup.
2004-02-25 MDKA-2004:012 Updated ldetect-lst packages provide entries for sagem800 modems
2004-02-20 MDKA-2004:011 Updated mkinitrd-net packages fixes issue with some NICS.
2004-02-11 MDKA-2004:010 Updated nautilus package fix crash
2004-01-28 MDKA-2004:009 Updated php-ini package fix module location
2004-01-23 MDKA-2004:008 Updated mrproject package fix segfault
2004-01-22 MDKA-2004:007 Updated dhcp package fix problems with dynamic DNS
2004-01-22 MDKA-2004:005-1 Updated qt3 package fix problems with accelerator keys
2004-01-20 MDKA-2004:006 Updated drakxtools package fix problems with drakconnect
2004-01-14 MDKA-2004:005 Updated qt3 package fix problems with accelerator keys
2004-01-14 MDKA-2004:004 Updated kdegames package fix crash with kwin4
2004-01-14 MDKA-2004:003 Updated krozat package fix memory leak
2004-01-05 MDKA-2004:001 Updated drakxtools package fixes drakbackup's daemon behavior.
2003-12-18 MDKA-2003:039 Updated chkauth packages fix NIS support
2003-12-18 MDKA-2003:038 Updated GConf2 packages fix patch
2003-12-10 MDKA-2003:037 Updated gaim packages restore MSN support
2003-12-04 MDKA-2003:036 Updated shorewall packages fix loading of modules
2003-12-04 MDKA-2003:030-1 Updated rpm packages fix database locking bug
2003-12-02 MDKA-2003:035 Updated dump packages fix bug in rmt
2003-12-01 MDKA-2003:027-2 Updated drakxtools packages fix multiple bugs
2003-11-28 MDKA-2003:033 Updated kde-i18n-es packages fix translation problems in kmail
2003-11-25 MDKA-2003:027-1 Updated drakxtools packages fix multiple bugs
2003-11-18 MDKA-2003:030 Updated rpm packages fix database locking bug
2003-11-18 MDKA-2003:029 Updated nss_ldap packages fix dependency problem
2003-11-18 MDKA-2003:028 Updated gawk packages fix segfault
2003-11-14 MDKA-2003:027 Updated drakxtools packages fix multiple bugs
2003-11-12 MDKA-2003:026 Updated SnortSnarf packages fix dependency problems
2003-11-12 MDKA-2003:025 Updated totem packages fix crash
2003-11-12 MDKA-2003:024 Updated OpenDX packages fix problem starting dx
2003-10-31 MDKA-2003:023 Updated libbonobo packages fix problems with users on NFS homes
2003-10-31 MDKA-2003:022 Updated GConf packages fix problem starting gnucash
2003-10-27 MDKA-2003:021 Updated kernel packages problems with LG-based CD-ROM drives
2003-10-22 MDKA-2003:020 Updated packages fix various bugs in Mandrake Linux 9.2
2003-10-08 MDKA-2003:018 Updated gnome-applets packages fix the Stock Ticker applet