Package name ldetect-lst
Date March 10th, 2008
Advisory ID MDVA-2008:034
Affected versions CS4.0
Synopsis Updated ldetect-lst package provide support for newer hardware

Problem Description

This updated ldetect-lst package provides support for hardware that
was added in the latest kernel updates, including igb, stex, and some
e1000 and mptsas devices.

Updated Packages

Corporate Server 4.0

 b783ec48be11d2d7920ca9dd9acc5407  corporate/4.0/i586/ldetect-lst-
 6c78259201b151cfb040dcbd7f0db892  corporate/4.0/i586/ldetect-lst-devel- 
 0cd55b07a09d138e40499b570923c61e  corporate/4.0/SRPMS/ldetect-lst-

Corporate Server 4.0/X86_64

 53ed34eaefacb41244ba127211b9f110  corporate/4.0/x86_64/ldetect-lst-
 cf20f0a2bc13a1885704dac684f30ce6  corporate/4.0/x86_64/ldetect-lst-devel- 
 0cd55b07a09d138e40499b570923c61e  corporate/4.0/SRPMS/ldetect-lst-


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