Package name xkeyboard-config
Date April 30th, 2008
Advisory ID MDVA-2008:055
Affected versions 2008.1
Synopsis Updated xkeyboard-config packages fix Finnish keyboard layout

Problem Description

Mandriva Linux 2008.1 introduced an improved Finnish default keyboard
layout called Kotoistus. This layout adds altgr-space as a key
combination for non-breaking space. However, that key combination can
be easily hit accidentally when a normal space was intended instead,
especially after typing the pipe character. This update removes the
new key combination. Non-breaking space can still be typed via the
traditional combination altgr-shift-space.

Updated Packages

Mandriva Linux 2008.1

 1e45a38ad2c51128494a00119c5ca0d3  2008.1/i586/x11-data-xkbdata-1.2-5.1mdv2008.1.noarch.rpm 
 9021683d8d559f2f2fdbb88bf82332e5  2008.1/SRPMS/xkeyboard-config-1.2-5.1mdv2008.1.src.rpm

Mandriva Linux 2008.1/X86_64

 539e06021a934a29c6174b4db8c70df2  2008.1/x86_64/x11-data-xkbdata-1.2-5.1mdv2008.1.noarch.rpm 
 9021683d8d559f2f2fdbb88bf82332e5  2008.1/SRPMS/xkeyboard-config-1.2-5.1mdv2008.1.src.rpm


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