Package name drakxtools
Date May 9th, 2008
Advisory ID MDVA-2008:062
Affected versions 2008.0
Synopsis Updated drakxtools package fixes various bugs

Problem Description

This update fixes several minor issues:

- some GUIes (eg: rpmdrake) would crash on clicking on the close
button while they load (bug #35230)

- draksec was crashing if the administrator refused to install
(bug #38911)

- localdrake: After changing the localization language from drakconf
in a high security level, the permissions of /etc/sysconfig/i18n were
changed such that the file was only readable by root. This caused
graphical login via kdm to fail (bug #39027)

Updated Packages

Mandriva Linux 2008.0

 89dd80bf0332c3013cc30a7c87400a4a  2008.0/i586/drakx-finish-install-
 374218ea01ed2d0649fd1d8c0b751932  2008.0/i586/drakxtools-
 1e1e67440cbbc3cd2e919cae9494ff75  2008.0/i586/drakxtools-backend-
 d996506db94dedecd6d1c74d33e368bf  2008.0/i586/drakxtools-curses-
 9597b5c8a69ad1453216f45197a3acfa  2008.0/i586/drakxtools-http-
 6b69c64a76b84efb7b0a4bf09ab3b26c  2008.0/i586/harddrake-
 7883ab9c9c635a0f437cc001b93d5bcd  2008.0/i586/harddrake-ui- 
 02ffbe5559fe628d50bc552a9856006c  2008.0/SRPMS/drakxtools-

Mandriva Linux 2008.0/X86_64

 a3d4c227cef47c7461f8efed83868c89  2008.0/x86_64/drakx-finish-install-
 e982f0c2d5ca4c560595cc8c2285f403  2008.0/x86_64/drakxtools-
 c4bf82472afd3864fb666f032bc5a718  2008.0/x86_64/drakxtools-backend-
 dc514e448120e47bc2446c2780158e17  2008.0/x86_64/drakxtools-curses-
 14b45a4326e7534d10da5a378f196f73  2008.0/x86_64/drakxtools-http-
 0c77037472f3e6cfad593029086ce691  2008.0/x86_64/harddrake-
 dd9ce934641583b7f731f1c9e9e35eaa  2008.0/x86_64/harddrake-ui- 
 02ffbe5559fe628d50bc552a9856006c  2008.0/SRPMS/drakxtools-


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