Mandriva and Turbolinux announce a partnership and create a joint development lab called Manbo-Labs

Mandriva and Turbolinux announce a partnership and create a joint development lab called Manbo-Labs

Mandriva's developers teamed up with Turbolinux's developers to work together to optimize
Linux distributions

Paris, Tokyo, 16th January 2008- Mandriva and Turbolinux announce a partnership by creating a lab named: Manbo-Labs. This Lab is the result of an agreement between Mandriva and Turbolinux to share resources and technology to release a common base system on each of Linux distributions.

Mandriva, the leading European editor of Linux distributions, and Turbolinux, a leading Linux and server distributor in Japan and China, signed the agreement about Manbo-Labs last October and have been working together since then. Both companies decided to wait until first internal delivery to issue this announcement.

Manbo-Labs' team is composed of more than ten developers from France, Japan, Brazil and also includes developers from the community. Altogether, they have been working on building a common Linux base system to be released in April 2008. Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring will be based on this system.

The current internal delivery is composed by: gcc; glibc; rpm; kernel; bin-utils; mkinitrd; udev.

By this Agreement, Mandriva and Turbolinux form a strategic partnership to pursue on Linux solutions to address new customers. By pooling together common engineering resources, Mandriva and Turbolinux will be able to invest more in technology and product quality. For instance this will help getting more hardware compatibility and stronger relationships with ISVs and IHVs.

The new common base will be released under the GPL license, and both companies wish to open the partnership to other RPM based Linux distributions editors.

«We are excited to partner with Mandriva and to release a common base system on each Linux distributions. We are extremely happy to be able to provide Mandriva with our resources. We are looking forward to expand our long-standing relationship,» said Go Taniguchi, Turbolinux CTO.

«We are delighted to work with Turbolinux in a partnership which will improve our Linux distributions meanwhile we will remain to our commitment to Open Source and our operating policies, » declared Anne Nicolas-Velu, Director of Engineering, Mandriva.

«This strategic partnership is a first step toward the convergence of key RPM based Linux distributions, » added François Bancilhon, CEO of Mandriva.

"I strongly believe the Manbo-labs project, launched by our two companies who have grown their base in Europe and Asia, will create a new trend in Linux as we pass the 10-year milestone in the history of Linux commercial distribution systems," concluded Turbolinux CEO Koichi Yano.

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Turbolinux develops and sells the leading Linux distribution in Asia-Pacific. The operating system is optimized to run on a wide range of hardware platforms, including Intel-based servers and IBM mainframes. Turbolinux, with headquarters in Japan, plays a major role in developing Linux systems for the Japanese market, including Japanese and Chinese language "double-byte" text support. More than half of Turbolinux's staff is dedicated to Linux engineering development and support, providing expert support and custom application development services that go beyond Japanese localization issues. Turbolinux works extensively with standards bodies and partners to ensure certification and software compatibility in all business environments.
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