Corporate Desktop : The Mandriva Linux Desktop for businesses

The Mandriva Linux Desktop for businesses

Mandriva brings to the enterprise its renowned expertise in Desktop Linux. Now, for Office productivity, Business of all sizes can rely on ease of use, streamlined and intuitively organized software package, as well as leading applications of their kind in every field.
Corporate Desktop offers 5-year product maintenance and is based on open standards and compatibility, so businesses can enjoy a stable and flexible infrastructure. From user-friendliness to security, to interoperability, Corporate Desktop is all the enterprise has been demanding. It's also the ideal client for Mandriva's Corporate Server.

Leading Office productivity applications

Web browser

  • Mozilla

Office Suite

  • OpenOffice 1.1, fully compatible with Microsoft®Office; available in more than 20 languages

Personal Information Manager

  • Evolution, support of Microsoft®Exchange

Instant Messaging

  • Kopete

Media Player

  • Totem

Mandriva Linux tools

  • Drakremote to enable VNC remote access

  • Drakauthentication

Added Value Software

  • Cross®Over Office - Standard Demo Version

  • It allows Windows® applications productivity like Microsoft®Office, to be run on Corporate Desktop without a Windows® operating system license.

  • Thanks to ICA client, you will be able to connect Corporate desktop to Citrix® server.

  • Thanks to NX Client, you will be able to connect Corporate Desktop to NX server.

  • RealPlayer TM, Acrobat®Reader TM, FlashPlayer TM **

KDE software

  • Kiosk Admin Tool is a Point&Click tool for system administrators to enable KDE's KIOSK features or otherwise pre-configure KDE for groups of users