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Mandriva Consulting Services: Embedded solutions

Linux usage in embedded systems is enjoying strong expansion.
The open source operating system has emerged as an attractive option for embedded systems because of its quality, security and reliability benefits. Additionally, Linux offers superior economics, as it lowers development costs and brings cheaper licensing fees.

Furthermore, Linux supports a great number of services and can be deployed on a large array of embedded hardware platforms, including ARM, Intel IA, MIPS, PowerPC, Xscale, and M68K. Finally, because of its open source architecture, Linux offers high flexibility regarding customization for specific products.

As a consequence, the number of qualified professionals working in the area of embedded Linux is growing fast. This allows us to offer a wide range of embedded services and products solutions, including project development consulting.
We also provide training courses covering topics like image building, the Linux boot process, real-time Linux, Linux kernel architecture, device drivers development, GUI for embedded Linux systems, writing and installling applications, and so on. These courses can perfectly be adapted to meet specific needs.