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Mandriva Linux news

Mandriva Linux One 2006 goes beta

01. marzo 2006:

Some of you may have heard or read about a new 'secret project' under development. Well, it's time to take off the wraps: the secret project is Mandriva Linux One 2006, an installable live CD based on Mandriva Linux 2006.

New community-oriented e-magazine about Mandriva Linux!

07. febrero 2006:

Thanks to a few fellows, an e-magazine "Mandriva Linux Inside" was born today with a lot of information, interviews and news about Mandriva Linux...

smart-urpmi: a new tool from the community for the community!

03. febrero 2006:

The German Mandriva user community has something new for you! MandrivaUser.de proudly presents smart-urpmi !

New Mandriva hardware database in beta-test!

17. enero 2006:

Following user's requests for a more comprehensive Mandriva Linux hardware database, a new web-system is now available to manage your system/component information, and share your comments. Is your Firewire device working out of the box? Are you looking for support information for a particular device? Tell or ask the community ! An announce is also available on Club .

Mandriva Linux desktop sends NASA to Mars!

12. enero 2006:

Did you know that Mandriva Linux was used at NASA? Of course, the NASA has been using a lot of powerful computers for a long time, with many different operating systems. And at the JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab, California Institute of Technology), which specializes in space exploration and missions to planets (such as the ones to Mars), it's common to see people running Linux on their desktop workstation, and especially... Mandriva Linux! A recent article at searchopensource.com gave many details about the use of Linux at the JPL...

Cooker snapshot

28. diciembre 2005:

Uploaded today on the Mandriva mirrors (/devel/iso/2006.1 section), Mandriva Linux 2006.1 0.3...

MandrivaUser.de releases new magazin and LiveCD!

23. diciembre 2005:

Waiting for Santa? Here are 2 gifts for the German Mandriva user community:

  1. MandrivaUser.de released the third issue of their online magazin MagDriva. It's 34 pages are filled with news about the community, Mandriva and Mandriva Linux and features some nice and interesting articles like a Fluxbox HowTo, legal aspects of ebay trading and a glimpse into the Fellow program of FSFE.

  2. But that's not all: The community released a LiveCD based on Mandriva Linux 2006 which contains all the contents of the MandrivaUser.de site, including the complete discussion forum, the FAQ, articles, news and a lot of nice and exciting screenshots of Mandriva desktops.

Get your MagDriva 3.2005 and your MUDLiveCD at MandrivaUser.de!

MagDriva 3.2005: ftp://ftp.mandrivauser.de/magazin
MUDLiveCD! ftp://ftp.mandrivauser.de/mudlivecd

Regards and Season's Greetings!

Early-posters wanted!

14. diciembre 2005:

Crazy about the latest Mandriva Linux news? Want everyone to know about it? Excited about letting the world learn about the fabulous but not widely known features that make Mandriva users' lives better? Then join the early poster volunteers team!

Next Saturday, join the worldwide Mandriva Linux install-party! (Worldwide Install Party: Mandriva to rally its community of users in 65 towns across the globe, on November 19)

16. noviembre 2005:

On next Saturday (November, 19th), installation sessions of Mandriva Linux will take place around the world. Major participating locations include the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Moroco, and the island of Reunion. More than 60 cities are involved, including a dozen in China and 15 in Brazil.

Receive answers to your questions, get a free installation on your machine or help others discover Linux!

Will you join? Ask your local LUG if they are organizing a local party!

Mandriva Linux 2006: ISO images are available

14. noviembre 2005:

A few weeks after the release of the full Mandriva 2006 installation tree, CD and DVD ISO images have silently replicated all over hundreds FTP mirrors worldwide during the week-end...