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Mandriva Linux news

Mandriva Linux 2006 is available! (Mandriva publica los productos de la convergencia 2006, amplía la innovación)

21. octubre 2005:

The new official version of Mandriva Linux is here!

Kat gets a new home

26. septiembre 2005:

As you know, one of the forthcoming Mandriva 2006's new features is the integration of the local search engine "Kat".

Mandriva Linux 2006 RC2

26. septiembre 2005:

Mandriva Linux 2006 RC2 - Many bug fixes again since the first RC. Here is the RC2, for both x86 and x86-64 processors

Very important update!

26. septiembre 2005:

Following the recent transfer of all "mandrake" domain names to their new owner, some users may have experienced some issues with updating their Linux system.