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MagDriva 1.2007 published!

30. marzo 2007

The freshest community magazine of your German user community MandrivaUser.de is ready for download: MagDriva 1.2007

As usual you can find all the latest news about MandrivaUser.de, Mandriva and Mandriva Linux in the news section. Usul points you to interesting sites on the web and Windhund talks about his multi-distro system. The key article is an in-depth review of the famous site distrowatch.com, the history, the maintainer, the contents and the money. And don't miss our report about the server upgrade of our diva.

You'll find the downloadable PDF files in 3 qualities (and sizes) on our FTP server.

Download the mag, read it and give your comments, critics and ideas in our forum at MandrivaUser.de or via contact form or mail to wolfgang at mandrivauser dot de