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Mandriva Linux General Features - All packages

Packages available in Mandriva Linux 10.1 Download Edition

a2ps 4.13b-4mdk : Converts text and other types of files to PostScript(TM)
acon 1.0.5-2mdk : Arabic support for linuxconsole
acpi 0.07-4mdk : Displays information on ACPI devices
acpid 1.0.3-1mdk : ACPI kernel daemon and control utility
adjtimex 1.16-1mdk : A utility for adjusting kernel time variables
adns 1.1-3mdk : Advanced, easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library
alsa-utils 1.0.6-2mdk : Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities
amarok 1.0.2-3mdk : A powerful media player for Kde
anthy 5714-1mdk : A Japanese words input system.
apache2 2.0.50-5mdk : The most widely used Web server on the Internet.
apache2-common 2.0.50-5mdk : Files common for apache2 and apache2-mod_perl installations
apache2-manual 2.0.50-5mdk : The apache2 Manual
apache2-mod_php 2.0.50_4.3.8-2mdk : The PHP4 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with apache2.
apache2-mod_ssl 2.0.50-4mdk : Strong cryptography using the SSL, TLS and distcache protocols
apache2-mod_suexec 2.0.50-3mdk : Allows CGI scripts to run as a specified user and Group
apache2-modules 2.0.50-5mdk : Standard modules for apache2
apache-conf 2.0.50-4mdk : Configuration files for Apache
apache-mod_perl 1.3.31_1.29-3mdk : Apache Web server with a built-in Perl interpreter
apache-modules 1.3.31-6mdk : Standard modules for Apache
apmd 3.1.0-6mdk : Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS utilities for laptops.
app-defaults-be 0.1-6mdk : X Resources for belarusization of some applications
app-defaults-cs 0.1-5mdk : Czech language X11 resources
app-defaults-ga 1.0-4mdk : Irish language X11 resources
app-defaults-ru 0.1-9mdk : X Resources for russification of some applications
app-defaults-th 1.0-5mdk : Thai language X11 resources
app-defaults-uk 0.1-6mdk : X Resources for ukrainization of some applications
armagetron : Armagetron, another 3d lightcycle game using OpenGL
arpwatch 2.1a11-5mdk : Network monitoring tools for tracking IP addresses on the network.
arts 1.2.3-8mdk : Arts - Libraries
as10k1 1.0.6-1mdk : AS10k1 Assembler version A0.99
aspell 0.50.5-3mdk : A Free and Open Source interactive spelling checker program.
aspell-af 0.50.0-1mdk : Afrikaans files for aspell
aspell-be 0.50.0-1mdk : Belarussian files for aspell
aspell-bg 0.50.0-1mdk : Bulgarian files for aspell
aspell-br 0.50.2-5mdk : Breton files for aspell
aspell-ca 0.50.2-5mdk : Catalan files for aspell
aspell-cs 0.51.0-1mdk : Czech files for aspell
aspell-cy 0.50.3-9mdk : Welsh files for aspell
aspell-da 0.50.2-7mdk : Danish files for aspell
aspell-de 0.50.2-5mdk : German files for aspell
aspell-el 0.50.3-5mdk : Greek files for aspell
aspell-en 6.0-1mdk : English files for aspell
aspell-eo 0.50.2-3mdk : Esperanto files for aspell
aspell-es 0.50.2-5mdk : Spanish files for aspell
aspell-fi 0.50.0-1mdk : Finnish files for aspell
aspell-fo 0.51.0-1mdk : Faroese files for aspell
aspell-fr 0.50.3-8mdk : French files for aspell
aspell-ga 0.50.4-1mdk : Irish files for aspell
aspell-gd 0.50.0-1mdk : Scottish files for aspell
aspell-gl 0.50.0-1mdk : Galician files for aspell
aspell-gv 0.50.0-1mdk : Manx Gaelic files for aspell
aspell-hr 0.51.0-1mdk : Croatian files for aspell
aspell-hu 0.3-3mdk : Hungarian files for aspell
aspell-ia 0.50.1-1mdk : Interlingua files for aspell
aspell-id 0.50.1-1mdk : Indonesian files for aspell
aspell-is 0.51.1-1mdk : Icelandic files for aspell
aspell-it 0.53.0-1mdk : Italian files for aspell
aspell-mi 0.50.0-1mdk : Maori files for aspell
aspell-mk 0.50.0-1mdk : Macedonian files for aspell
aspell-ms 0.50.0-1mdk : Malay files for aspell
aspell-mt 0.50.0-1mdk : Maltese files for aspell
aspell-nl 0.50.2-7mdk : Dutch files for aspell
aspell-nn 0.50.1-1mdk : Nynorsk files for aspell
aspell-no 0.50.2-6mdk : Norwegian files for aspell
aspell-pt 0.50.2-3mdk : Portuguese files for aspell
aspell-ro 0.50.2-3mdk : Romanian files for aspell
aspell-ru 0.50.2-5mdk : Russian files for aspell
aspell-rw 0.50.0-1mdk : Kinyarwanda files for aspell
aspell-sc 0.50.1-1mdk : Sardinian files for aspell
aspell-sk 0.52.0-1mdk : Slovak files for aspell
aspell-sl 0.50.0-1mdk : Slovenian files for aspell
aspell-sv 0.51.0-1mdk : Swedish files for aspell
aspell-sw 0.50.0-1mdk : Swahili files for aspell
aspell-tn 0.50.0-1mdk : Tswana files for aspell
aspell-tr 0.50.0-1mdk : Turkish files for aspell
aspell-uk 0.51.0-2mdk : Ukrainian files for aspell
aspell-wa 0.50.0-1mdk : Walloon files for aspell
aspell-zu 0.50.0-1mdk : Zulu files for aspell
at 3.1.8-11mdk : Job spooling tools.
aterm 0.4.2-5mdk : An rxvt-based terminal emulator for X11
at-spi 1.4.2-3mdk : GNOME Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
audacity 1.2.2-2mdk : Free Audio Editor With Effects/Analysis Tools.
audiofile 0.2.6-2mdk : Library to handle various audio file formats.
aumix 2.8-8mdk : A GTK+/Ncurses audio mixer
autoconf2.1 2.13-21mdk : A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code.
autoconf2.5 2.59-6mdk : A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code.
autofs 4.1.2-1mdk : A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems.
autologin 1.0.0-8mdk : Automatically log in
awesfx 0.5.0-1mdk : Utility programs for the AWE32 sound driver
basesystem 10.1-1mdk : The skeleton package which defines a simple Mandrakelinux system.
bash 2.05b-22mdk : The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash).
bash-completion 20040711-1mdk : Programmable completion for bash 2.05
bash-doc 2.05b-22mdk : Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again shell (bash).
bc 1.06-13mdk : GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator).
bdflush 1.5-25mdk : The process which starts the flushing of dirty buffers back to disk.
bind 9.3.0-0.rc4.1mdk : A DNS (Domain Name System) server.
bind-utils 9.3.0-0.rc4.1mdk : Utilities for querying DNS name servers.
binutils : GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities
BitchX 1.1-1mdk : Textmode IRC client
bittorrent 3.4.2-5mdk : BitTorrent is a tool for copying files from one machine to another
bittorrent-gui 3.4.2-5mdk : GUI versions of the BitTorrent file transfer tools
blackbox 0.65.0-3mdk : A Window Manager for the X Window System
bluefish 0.13-1mdk : Web development studio
bluez-pin 0.23-4mdk : Bluetooth PIN GUI
bluez-utils 2.10-1mdk : Official Bluetooth utilities for linux.
bootloader-utils 1.9-1mdk : Small utils needed for the kernel
bootparamd 0.17-5mdk : A server process which provides boot information to diskless clients.
bootsplash 2.1.12-1mdk : The Boot Splash Images and scripts
brltty 3.5-2mdk : Braille display driver for Linux/Unix.
bug-buddy 2.6.1-2mdk : Utility to ease the reporting of bugs within the GNOME Desktop Environment.
bzip2 1.0.2-18mdk : Extremely powerful file compression utility
caching-nameserver 9.2-2mdk : The configuration files for setting up a caching name server.
cdialog 0.9b-5mdk : A utility for creating TTY dialog boxes.
cdlabelgen 3.0.0-1mdk : Program for generating frontcards and traycards for CDs.
cdp 0.33-16mdk : An interactive text-mode program for controlling audio CD-ROMs.
cdparanoia IIIa9.8-9mdk : Utility to copy digital audio cd's.
cdrdao 1.1.9-6mdk : Cdrdao - Write audio CD-Rs in disk-at-once mode
cdrecord 2.01-1mdk : A command line CD/DVD-Recorder
cdrecord-cdda2wav 2.01-1mdk : CD-Audio to .wav converter
cdrecord-isotools 2.01-1mdk : Collection of ISO files related tools
cfengine 1.6.5-4mdk : Cfengine helps administer remote BSD and System-5-like systems
chbg 1.5-8mdk : ChBg - Desktop background manager/changer/screensaver
chkconfig 1.3.11-1mdk : A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchy.
chkfontpath 1.9.10-1mdk : Simple interface for editing the font path for the X font server.
chromium 0.9.12-23mdk : Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
clanbomber 1.05-3mdk : Clanbomber - free (GPL) Bomberman-like multiplayer game
cleanfeed 0.95.7b-13mdk : A spam filter for Usenet news servers.
common-licenses 1.0-8mdk : Contains the various common licenses uses by the distribution
console-tools 0.2.3-49mdk : Linux console tools
cooledit 3.17.7-7mdk : Full featured multiple window programmer's text editor
coreutils 5.2.1-4mdk : The GNU core utilities: a set of tools commonly used in shell scripts
coreutils-doc 5.2.1-4mdk : Coreutils documentation in info format
cpio 2.5-4mdk : A GNU archiving program.
cpufreq 1.0-8mdk : A initscript to probe cpufreq modules
crack-attack 1.1.10-10mdk : Tetris like game
crack-attack-music 1-2mdk : Music files for crack-attack
crack-attack-sounds 1-2mdk : Sound files for crack-attack
cracklib-dicts 2.7-18mdk : The standard CrackLib dictionaries.
crontabs 1.10-3mdk : Root crontab files used to schedule the execution of programs.
csmash 0.6.6-4mdk : CannonSmash, a 3D tabletennis game
cspctl 1.0.6-1mdk : Sound Blaster 16 ASP/CSP control program
cups 1.1.21-0.rc1.5mdk : Common Unix Printing System - Server package
cups-common 1.1.21-0.rc1.5mdk : Common Unix Printing System - Common stuff
cups-drivers 10.1-0.2mdk : Special CUPS printer drivers, PPD files for PostScript printers
curl 7.12.1-1mdk : Gets a file from a FTP, GOPHER or HTTP server.
cvs 1.11.17-2mdk : A version control system
cvsweb 2.0.6-5mdk : Visual (www) interface to explore a cvs repository
cxhextris 1.0-28mdk : An X Window System color version of xhextris.
db1 1.85-10mdk : The BSD database library for C (version 1).
db2 2.4.14-10mdk : The BSD database library for C (version 2).
dbus 0.22-1mdk : D-BUS message bus
dbus-x11 0.22-1mdk : X11-requiring add-ons for D-BUS
dhcpcd 1.3.22pl4-3mdk : DHCPC Daemon
dhcp-client 3.0.1-5mdk : The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client
dhcp-common 3.0.1-5mdk : The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server
dhcp-server 3.0.1-5mdk : The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server
dhcpxd 1.0.3-15mdk : DHCPXD Daemon
dia 0.94-2mdk : A gtk+ based diagram creation program.
diald 1.0-5mdk : Daemon that provides on demand IP links via SLIP or PPP.
diffutils 2.8.7-2mdk : A GNU collection of diff utilities
digikam 0.6.2-3mdk : GPhoto2 KDE3 frontend
dip 3.3.7o-23mdk : Handles the connections needed for dialup IP links
directory_administrator 1.5.1-2mdk : LDAP directory user/group/access control manager
dkms 2.0.0-5mdk : Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework
dkms-minimal 2.0.0-5mdk : Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework - minimal package
dmidecode 2.4-1mdk : Tool for dumping a computer's DMI table contents
docbook-dtd31-sgml 1.0-9mdk : SGML document type definition for DocBook 3.1.
docbook-dtd412-xml 1.0-16mdk : XML document type definition for DocBook 4.1.2.
docbook-dtd42-xml 1.0-4mdk : XML document type definition for DocBook 4.2.
dosfstools 2.10-2mdk : Utilities to create and check MS-DOS FAT filesystems.
drakbt 0.8.1-4mdk : The Mandrakelinux Bittorrent link and status checker
drakconf 10.1-0.6mdk : The Mandrakelinux Control Center
drakfax 0.10-2mdk : Fax configuration tool
drakfirsttime 1.1-8mdk : The Mandrakelinux First Time Wizard
drakpxelinux 1.0.0-1mdk : PXE default file configurator
draksync 9.0-4mdk : Graphical tool for directory synchronization
drakwizard 2.14-8mdk : Wizard Launcher and its collection of wizards
drakxtools 10.1-9mdk : The drakxtools (XFdrake, diskdrake, keyboarddrake, mousedrake...)
drakxtools-backend 10.1-9mdk : Drakxtools libraries and background tools
drakxtools-http 10.1-9mdk : The drakxtools via http
drakxtools-newt 10.1-9mdk : The drakxtools (XFdrake, diskdrake, keyboarddrake, mousedrake...)
dump 0.4b37-1mdk : Programs for backing up and restoring filesystems
dvd+rw-tools : Tools for burning on DVD+RW compliant burner
dynamic 0.21-1mdk : Handle dynamic creation of desktop entry for hotplug hardware
e2fsprogs 1.35-1mdk : Utilities used for the second extended (ext2) filesystem.
eagle-usb 1.9.9-6mdk : Firmware and utility of Sagem Fast 800 usb modem kernel module.
ed 0.2-31mdk : The GNU line editor.
ee 0.3.12-12mdk : The Electric Eyes image viewer application.
eel 2.6.2-1mdk : Eazel Extensions Library
efax 0.9a-2mdk : A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem.
eject 2.0.13-5mdk : A program that ejects removable media using software control.
elfutils 0.89-3mdk : A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle compiled objects.
emacs 21.3-15mdk : The libraries needed to run the GNU Emacs text editor
emacs-leim 21.3-15mdk : Emacs Lisp code for input methods for internationalization
emacs-tramp 20020411-9mdk : Transparent Remote (file) Access, Multiple Protocol
emacs-X11 21.3-15mdk : The Emacs text editor for the X Window System
enscript 1.6.4-1mdk : Converts plain ASCII to PostScript.
envy24control 1.0.6-1mdk : Control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) based soundcards
eog 2.6.1-2mdk : The Eye of GNOME image viewer
epiphany 1.2.8-4mdk : GNOME web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine.
epplets 0.7-6mdk : Applets for enlightenment
eroaster 2.2.0-0.8.2mdk : The ECLIPT Roaster is a graphical frontend to cdrecord and mkisofs
esound 0.2.35-1mdk : The Enlightened Sound Daemon
etcskel 1.63-17mdk : Mandrakelinux Linux default files for new users' home directories
Eterm 0.9.2-6mdk : Eterm Enlightened Terminal Emulator for X Window
ethtool 1.8-1mdk : Ethernet settings tool for network cards
evolution 2.0.0-1mdk : Integrated GNOME mail client, calendar and address book.
evolution-data-server 1.0.0-1mdk : Evolution Data Server
expect 8.4.5-6mdk : A tcl extension for simplifying program-script interaction.
faces 1.6.1-21mdk : A list monitor with a visual output
faces-xface 1.6.1-21mdk : Utilities needed by mailers for handling Faces' X-face images.
fam 2.7.0-2mdk : Fam, the File Alteration Monitor
FaxMail 2.3-10mdk : A program to send faxes for free via email and the TPC system
fbset 2.1-12mdk : Framebuffer utilities for changing video modes.
fetchmail 6.2.5-5mdk : Full-featured POP/IMAP mail retrieval daemon
file 4.10-1mdk : A utility for determining file types.
file-roller 2.6.2-2mdk : An archive manager for GNOME.
FileRunner 2.5.1-7mdk : A simple file manager with built-in FTP support
filesystem 2.1.5-1mdk : The basic directory layout for a Linux system.
findutils 4.1.20-4mdk : The GNU versions of find utilities (find, xargs, and locate).
finger 0.17-5mdk : The finger client.
finger-server 0.17-5mdk : The finger daemon.
flphoto 1.2-0.2mdk : All what you need for the photos from your digital camera
fmirror 0.8.4-6mdk : FTP mirroring package
fontconfig 2.2.96-6mdk : Font configuration library
fonts-bitmap-tscii 1.1-2mdk : Tamil Bitmap fonts
fonts-hebrew-elmar 3.3-9mdk : Hebrew Fonts
fonts-ttf-arabic 1.1-3mdk : Free Arabic TrueType fonts
fonts-ttf-armenian 1.1-11mdk : Free Armenian TrueType fonts
fonts-ttf-bengali 0.5-2mdk : A set of Bangla fonts under GPL
fonts-ttf-big5 1.0-20mdk : Chinese (Big5) TTF fonts
fonts-ttf-decoratives 1.3-13mdk : Free True Type Fonts (decoratives)
fonts-ttf-ethiopic 1.0-1mdk : Free Ethiopic TrueType fonts
fonts-ttf-gb2312 1.0-20mdk : Chinese (GB2312) TTF fonts
fonts-ttf-japanese 0.20040629-1mdk : Free Japanese TrueType fonts
fonts-ttf-kannada 1.0-1mdk : Kannada TTF fonts (Unicode encoded)
fonts-ttf-korean 2.1-4mdk : Baekmuk korean fonts
fonts-ttf-latex 0.1-1mdk : LaTeX TrueType fonts for LyX
fonts-ttf-tamil 1.1-2mdk : Tamil TTF fonts (Unicode encoded)
fonts-ttf-thai 0.1-9mdk : Free Thai TrueType fonts
fonts-ttf-tscii 1.1-2mdk : Tamil TTF fonts (TSCII encoded)
fonts-ttf-vera 1.10-3mdk : Bitstream Vera Fonts
fonts-ttf-west_european 1.3-13mdk : Free True Type Fonts (west eruopean charset)
fonts-type1-greek 2.0-1mdk : Greek Type1 fonts
fonts-type1-hebrew 0.100-5mdk : Free Hebrew Type1 fonts
font-tools 0.1-10mdk : Some utilities for use by drakfont
foomatic-db 3.0.1-0.20040828.1mdk : Foomatic printer/driver database
foomatic-db-engine 3.0.1-0.20040828.1mdk : Foomatic database access, printer admin, and printing utils
foomatic-filters 3.0.1-0.20040828.1mdk : Foomatic filters needed to run print queues with Foomatic PPDs
fortune-mod 1.99.1-5mdk : A program which will display a fortune.
freeciv-client 1.14.1-3mdk : FREE CIVilization clone - client
freeciv-data 1.14.1-3mdk : FREE CIVilization clone - data files
freeswan 2.06-1mdk : A Free IPSEC implemetation
freetype 1.3.1-23mdk : Free TrueType font rasterizer library.
freetype-tools 1.3.1-23mdk : Tools to manipulate TTF fonts
fribidi 0.10.4-4mdk : Library to support Bi-directional scripts
frozen-bubble 1.0.0-6mdk : Frozen Bubble arcade game
ftp-client-krb5 1.3.4-1mdk : A ftp-client with kerberos support
gabber 0.8.8-6mdk : Gabber is a GNOME client for Jabber instant messaging system.
gaddr 1.1.4-4mdk : Simple little address book
gail 1.6.6-1mdk : GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library
gaim 0.82.1-2mdk : A GTK+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
gal-2.2 2.2.1-1mdk : Library for compound documents in GNOME2
galaxy-gnome 1.0.2-5mdk : Mandrakelinux theme for GNOME
galaxy-kde 1.0.2-5mdk : Mandrakelinux theme for KDE - Widget design
galaxy-kde-kwin 1.0.2-5mdk : Mandrakelinux theme for KDE - Window Decorations
galeon 1.3.17-2mdk : GNOME Web Browser
gated 3.6-5mdk : The GateD routing daemon.
gawk 3.1.3-3mdk : The GNU version of the awk text processing utility.
gawk-doc 3.1.3-3mdk : Documentation about the GNU version of the awk text processing utility
gcc2.96-cpp 2.96-0.83mdk : The C Preprocessor
gcc 3.4.1-3mdk : GNU Compiler Collection
gcc-cpp 3.4.1-3mdk : The C Preprocessor
gcombust 0.1.55-3mdk : Gcombust is a burning cd frontend
GConf 1.0.9-15mdk : GConf is a configuration database system.
GConf2 2.6.4-2mdk : A configuration database system for GNOME 2
gconf-editor 2.6.2-1mdk : An editor for the GConf configuration system
gdb 6.2-2mdk : A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++ and Fortran
gdk-pixbuf-loaders 0.22.0-3mdk : An image loading and rendering library for Gdk.
gdm : The GNOME Display Manager.
gd-utils 2.0.27-3mdk : The Utils files for gd.
gedit 2.6.2-4mdk : GEdit is a small but powerful text editor for GNOME.
gettext 0.14.1-7mdk : GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages.
gettext-base 0.14.1-7mdk : Basic binary for showing translation of textual messages
gftp 2.0.17-3mdk : Multithreaded FTP client for X Window
ggv 2.6.2-1mdk : GNOME PostScript viewer
ghostscript 7.07-25mdk : PostScript interpreter and renderer, most printer drivers
ghostscript-fonts 8.11-3mdk : Fonts for the GhostScript PostScript(TM) interpreter
ghostscript-module-X 7.07-25mdk : PostScript interpreter and renderer (additional support for X)
gif2png 2.4.7-1mdk : Tools for converting websites from using GIFs to using PNGs
giftrans 1.12.2-13mdk : A program for making transparent GIFs from non-transparent GIFs.
gimp2_0 2.0.4-1mdk : The GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp-help-2 0.4-1mdk : Help files for Gimp2
git 4.3.20-9mdk : A set of GNU Interactive Tools.
gkrellm 2.2.2-1mdk : Multiple stacked system monitors
glibc 2.3.3-20mdk : The GNU libc libraries
glibc-devel 2.3.3-20mdk : Header and object files for development using standard C libraries
Glide_V3-DRI cvs-9mdk : Glide runtime for 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo3 boards
Glide_V5 cvs-6mdk : Glide runtime for 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo3 boards
gnomba 0.6.2-12mdk : Gnome SMB Browser
gnome2 2.6.2-1mdk : GNOME 2 desktop environment
gnome-alsamixer 0.9.6-1mdk : An ALSA mixer for GNOME written for ALSA 0.9.x.
gnome-applets : Small applications which embed themselves in the GNOME panel
gnome-audio 2.0.0-2mdk : Sounds for GNOME events.
gnome-audio-extra 2.0.0-2mdk : Optional Sounds for GNOME events.
gnome-bluetooth 0.5.1-9mdk : GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem
gnome-chess 0.3.3-5mdk : GNOME chess
gnome-control-center 2.6.1-7mdk : The GNOME control center.
gnome-desktop 2.6.2-2mdk : The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment.
gnome-iconedit 1.2.0-13mdk : Icon editor for GNOME
gnome-icon-theme 1.2.3-2mdk : GNOME default icons
gnomeicu 0.99.5-2mdk : Gnome ICQ communications program
gnome-keyring 0.2.1-1mdk : Keyring and password manager for the GNOME desktop
gnome-libs 1.4.2-8mdk : Main GNOME libraries
gnome-mag 0.10.11-2mdk : GNOME magnifier
gnome-media 2.6.2-3mdk : GNOME media programs
gnomemeeting 1.0.2-7mdk : Gnome H.323 compatible client
gnome-mime-data 2.4.1-9mdk : The GNOME virtual file-system libraries
gnome-panel 2.6.2-5mdk : The core programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment.
gnome-pilot 2.0.11-4mdk : GNOME Pilot programs
gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.11-1mdk : Gnome-pilot conduits
gnome-pim 1.4.9-6mdk : The GNOME Personal Information Manager.
gnome-print 0.37-6mdk : Printing libraries for GNOME.
gnome-python 2.0.3-1mdk : The sources for the PyGNOME Python extension module.
gnome-python-bonobo 2.0.3-1mdk : Python bindings for interacting with bonobo.
gnome-python-canvas 2.0.3-1mdk : Python bindings for the GNOME Canvas.
gnome-session 2.6.2-4mdk : The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment.
gnome-spell 1.0.5-3mdk : Gnome Spell is GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking.
gnome-system-monitor 2.6.0-2mdk : Simple process monitor
gnome-telnet 2.4-6mdk : A pretty frontend and easy to use GNOME 3-in-1 telnet/ssh/rlogin client
gnome-terminal 2.6.1-3mdk : GNOME terminal
gnome-themes 2.6.3-1mdk : Themes for GNOME
gnome-toaster 1.0-0.beta6.4mdk : CD-Recording frontend for GNOME
gnome-user-docs : GNOME User Documentation
gnome-utils 2.6.2-4mdk : GNOME utility programs such as file search and calculator.
gnome-vfs 1.0.5-10mdk : GNOME virtual file-system libraries
gnome-vfs2 2.6.2-5mdk : GNOME virtual file-system libraries
gnozip 0.1.3-7mdk : Graphical interface for compression utilities
gnucash 1.8.9-2mdk : GnuCash is an application to keep track of your finances.
gnucash-hbci 1.8.9-2mdk : Enables HBCI importing in GnuCash
gnucash-ofx 1.8.9-2mdk : Enables OFX importing in GnuCash
gnuchess 5.07-4mdk : The GNU chess program
gnumeric 1.2.13-3mdk : A full-featured spreadsheet for GNOME.
gnupg 1.2.4-1mdk : GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement.
gnuplot 4.0.0-4mdk : A program for plotting mathematical expressions and data.
gocr 0.39-1mdk : Gocr is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program.
gok 0.10.2-3mdk : GNOME On-screen Keyboard
gphoto 0.4.3-20mdk : Gphoto - the GNU Digital Camera Program
gphoto2 2.1.4-2mdk : Command line utilities to access digital cameras
gpm 1.20.1-11mdk : A mouse server for the Linux console
gpr 0.9-5mdk : GPR - PPD-based graphical printing frontend.
gps 1.1.0-3mdk : Another task manager applet
gqview 1.5.2-1mdk : Graphics file browser utility
grep 2.5.1-5mdk : The GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities.
grip 3.2.0-3mdk : Grip, a CD player and ripper/MP3-encoder front-end
groff 1.19-6mdk : A document formatting system
groff-for-man 1.19-6mdk : Parts of the groff formatting system that is required for viewing manpages
groff-gxditview 1.19-6mdk : An X previewer for groff text processor output
grub 0.95-7mdk : GRand Unified Bootloader
grub-doc 0.95-7mdk : More doc for grub
gstreamer-audio-formats 0.8.4-1mdk : GStreamer audio format plugin
gstreamer-plugins 0.8.4-1mdk : GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins
gstreamer-tools 0.8.5-2mdk : GStreamer Streaming-media framework runtime
gtk+2.0 2.4.9-4mdk : The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs
gtkam 0.1.12-6mdk : GPhoto2 GTK frontend
gtkdialogs 2.1-1mdk : Ready-to-use gtk+ dialog boxes
gtk-engines 0.12-9mdk : Default GTK+ theme engines.
gtk-engines2 2.2.0-6mdk : Default GTK+ 2.0 theme engines.
gtkeyboard 1.1.8-8mdk : Graphical Keyboard
gtkhtml-3.1 3.2.1-1mdk : GtkHTML is a HTML rendering/editing library.
gtk+licq 0.51-12mdk : Gtk+Licq is a gtk based GUI plugin for Licq
gtksourceview 1.0.1-2mdk : Source code viewing library.
gtktalog 1.0.4-4mdk : The Gnome disk catalog.
gtk-themes 1.0-10mdk : Themes for GTK
gtm 0.4.12-6mdk : GNOME TransferManager allows the user to retrieve multiple files from the web
gucharmap 1.4.1-2mdk : A Unicode character map and font viewer.
guile 1.6.4-3mdk : A GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility
Guppi 0.40.3-8mdk : GNOME Data Analysis and Visualization
gurpmi 4.5-25mdk : User mode rpm GUI install
gv 3.5.8-32mdk : An enhanced front-end for the ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter.
g-wrap 1.3.4-10mdk : A tool for creating Scheme interfaces to C libraries.
GXedit 1.23-9mdk : A multi-function text editor using GTK+
gzip 1.2.4a-13mdk : The GNU data compression program
harddrake 10.1-9mdk : Main Hardware Configuration/Information Tool
harddrake-ui 10.1-9mdk : Main Hardware Configuration/Information Tool
hdparm 5.6-1mdk : A utility for displaying and/or setting hard disk parameters.
hdsploader 1.0.6-1mdk : Firmware loader for the RME Hammerfall DSP cards
hdspmixer 1.0.6-1mdk : Mixer for the RME Hammerfall DSP cards
hexedit 1.2.10-1mdk : View and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII
hicolor-icon-theme 0.5-1mdk : Basic requirement for icon themes
hotplug 2004_04_01-6mdk : Linux Hotplug Scripts
hpoj 0.91-5mdk : HP OfficeJet low level driver infrastructure
HTML-Embperl 1.3.31_1.3.6-3mdk : HTML::Embperl module
hwdb-clients 0.15.2-1mdk : Hardware database clients
hylafax 4.2.0-1mdk : HylaFAX(tm) is a sophisticated enterprise strength fax package
hylafax-client 4.2.0-1mdk : The files for the HylaFAX(tm) fax client.
hylafax-server 4.2.0-1mdk : The files for the HylaFAX(tm) fax server.
ibod 1.4-4mdk : Ibod - ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon
ical 2.2-31mdk : An X Window System-based calendar program
icepref 1.1-7mdk : IceWm configurator
icewm 1.2.15-0.pre3.1mdk : X11 Window Manager
icewm-light 1.2.15-0.pre3.1mdk : A light version of Icewm
ifplugd 0.25-1mdk : Detect and perform actions when an ethernet cable is (un)plugged.
ImageMagick : An X application for displaying and manipulating images
imap 2004-1mdk : Server daemons for IMAP and POP network mail protocols.
imlib 1.9.14-9mdk : An image loading and rendering library for X11R6.
imlib-cfgeditor 1.9.14-9mdk : A configuration editor for the Imlib library.
indexhtml 10.1-3mdk : Mandrakelinux html welcome page
inews 2.4.1-5mdk : Sends Usenet articles to a local news server for distribution.
info-install 4.7-2mdk : Program to update the GNU texinfo documentation main page.
initscripts 7.61.1-11mdk : The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts.
inn 2.4.1-5mdk : The InterNetNews (INN) system, an Usenet news server.
intimed 2.00-4mdk : A time server for synchronizing networked machines' clocks.
iplog 2.2.3-8mdk : Logs TCP, UDP, and ICMP connections to syslog.
iproute2 2.6.8-3mdk : Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools.
iptables 1.2.9-7mdk : Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities
iputils 20020927-5mdk : Network monitoring tools including ping.
ipvsadm 1.24-2mdk : Administration tool for Linux Virtual Server
ipxutils 2.2.4-2mdk : Tools for configuring and debugging IPX interfaces and networks
irda-utils 0.9.16-3mdk : Utilities for infrared communication between devices
irssi 0.8.9-4mdk : Irssi is an IRC client
isapnptools 1.26-6mdk : Utilities for configuring ISA Plug-and-Play (PnP) devices
isdn4k-utils 3.2p3-15mdk : Bundled Utilities for configuring ISDN4Linux
isdn4net 1.4.6-12mdk : Networking with the isdn subsystem
isdn-light 0.8-11mdk : Networking with the isdn subsystem, light version
ispell 3.2.06-11mdk : The GNU interactive spelling checker program
jabber 1.4.3-8mdk : Jabber is an instant messaging System.
jackit 0.98.1-1mdk : The Jack Audio Connection Kit
jadetex 3.12-98mdk : TeX macros used by Jade TeX output.
jed-common 0.99.16-5mdk : Files needed by any Jed editor.
jed-xjed 0.99.16-5mdk : The X Window System version of the Jed text editor.
jfsprogs 1.1.7-1mdk : IBM JFS utility programs
joe 3.1-3mdk : An easy to use, modeless text editor
jpilot 0.99.7-2mdk : Palm pilot desktop for Linux
k3b 0.11.14-7mdk : CD-Burner for KDE3
kaffeine 0.4.3b-6mdk : A Xine-based Media Player for KDE3
kbear 2.1.1-12mdk : KDE Grapical FTP Client
kdeaccessibility 3.2.3-6mdk : K Desktop Environment - Accessibility program
kdeaddons 3.2.3-17mdk : Kdeaddons
kdeaddons-atlantik 3.2.3-17mdk : Atantik generator
kdeaddons-konqimagegallery 3.2.3-17mdk : Konqueror plugins to create an image gallery
kdeaddons-noatun 3.2.3-17mdk : Noatun plugins
kdeaddons-searchbar 3.2.3-17mdk : Searchbar
kdeartwork 3.2.3-13mdk : Kdeartwork
kdeartwork-kde-classic 3.2.3-13mdk : Default Icons from kde3.0
kdebase 3.2.3-99mdk : K Desktop Environment - Core files
kdebase-common 3.2.3-99mdk : Config file and icons file for kdebase.
kdebase-kate 3.2.3-99mdk : Kate
kdebase-kdeprintfax 3.2.3-99mdk : Kdeprintfax
kdebase-kdm 3.2.3-99mdk : kdm for kdebase
kdebase-kdm-config-file 3.2.3-99mdk : kdm config file for kdebase and mdkkdm
kdebase-kmenuedit 3.2.3-99mdk : kmenuedit
kdebase-konsole 3.2.3-99mdk : Konsole
kdebase-nsplugins 3.2.3-99mdk : Netscape Plugins for kdebase
kdebase-progs 3.2.3-99mdk : K Desktop Environment - Core files
kdebase-servicemenu 10.1-2mdk : Service Menu for kdebase.
kdebluetooth 0.0.cvs20040914-1mdk : Access and control bluetooth devices in KDE
kdegames 3.2.3-9mdk : KDE - Games
kdegraphics-common 3.2.3-15mdk : Common files for kdegraphics
kdegraphics-kdvi 3.2.3-15mdk : Kdvi is a DVI Viewer.
kdegraphics-kfax 3.2.3-15mdk : Kfax package
kdegraphics-kghostview 3.2.3-15mdk : Kghostview package
kdegraphics-kooka 3.2.3-15mdk : Kooka is a raster image scan program for the KDE system.
kdegraphics-kpaint 3.2.3-15mdk : Kpaint kcolorchooser kcoloredit package
kdegraphics-kruler 3.2.3-15mdk : Kruler package
kdegraphics-ksnapshot 3.2.3-15mdk : Ksnaphot package
kdegraphics-kuickshow 3.2.3-15mdk : Kuickshow package
kdegraphics-kview 3.2.3-15mdk : Kview package
kdegraphics-mrmlsearch 3.2.3-15mdk : MRML is short for Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language.
kde-i18n-af 3.2.3-2mdk : Afrikaans language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ar 3.2.3-3mdk : Arabic language support for KDE
kde-i18n-az 3.2.3-3mdk : Azeri language support for KDE
kde-i18n-be 3.2.3-3mdk : Belarusian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-bg 3.2.3-3mdk : Bulgarian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-bn 3.2.3-3mdk : Bengali language support for KDE
kde-i18n-br 3.2.3-3mdk : Breton language support for KDE
kde-i18n-bs 3.2.3-3mdk : Bosnian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ca 3.2.1-2mdk : Catalan language support for KDE
kde-i18n-cs 3.2.3-3mdk : Czech language support for KDE
kde-i18n-cy 3.2.3-3mdk : Welsh language support for KDE
kde-i18n-da 3.2.3-3mdk : Danish language support for KDE
kde-i18n-de 3.2.3-3mdk : German language support for KDE
kde-i18n-el 3.2.3-3mdk : Greek language support for KDE
kde-i18n-en_GB 3.2.3-3mdk : English language support for KDE
kde-i18n-eo 3.2.3-3mdk : Esperanto language support for KDE
kde-i18n-es 3.2.3-3mdk : Spanish language support for KDE
kde-i18n-et 3.2.3-3mdk : Estonian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-eu 3.2.3-3mdk : Basque language support for KDE
kde-i18n-fa 3.2.3-3mdk : Farsi language support for KDE
kde-i18n-fi 3.2.3-3mdk : Finnish language support for KDE
kde-i18n-fo 3.2.3-3mdk : Faroese language support for KDE
kde-i18n-fr 3.2.3-3mdk : French language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ga 3.2.0-4mdk : Irish language support for KDE
kde-i18n-gl 3.2.3-3mdk : Galician language support for KDE
kde-i18n-he 3.2.3-3mdk : Hebrew language support for KDE
kde-i18n-hi 3.2.3-3mdk : Hindi language support for KDE
kde-i18n-hr 3.2.3-3mdk : Croatian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-hsb 3.2.3-4mdk : Upper Sorbian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-hu 3.2.3-3mdk : Hungarian language support for KDE.
kde-i18n-id 3.2.0-4mdk : Indonesian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-is 3.2.3-3mdk : Icelandic language support for KDE
kde-i18n-it 3.2.3-3mdk : Italian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ja 3.2.3-1mdk : Japanese language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ko 3.2.3-3mdk : Korean language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ku 3.2.3-4mdk : Kurdish language support for KDE
kde-i18n-lo 3.2.0-4mdk : Lao language support for KDE
kde-i18n-lt 3.2.3-3mdk : Lithuanian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-lv 3.2.3-3mdk : Latvian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-mi 3.2.0-4mdk : Maori language support for KDE
kde-i18n-mk 3.2.3-3mdk : Macedonia language support for KDE
kde-i18n-mn 3.2.3-4mdk : Mongolian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ms 3.2.3-3mdk : Malay language support for KDE
kde-i18n-mt 3.2.3-3mdk : Maltese language support for KDE
kde-i18n-nb 3.2.3-3mdk : Norwegian Bokmaal language support for KDE
kde-i18n-nds 3.2.3-3mdk : Low Saxon language support for KDE
kde-i18n-nl 3.2.3-3mdk : Dutch language support for KDE
kde-i18n-nn 3.2.3-3mdk : Norwegian-Nynorsk language support for KDE
kde-i18n-nso 3.2.3-3mdk : Northern Sotho language support for KDE
kde-i18n-oc 3.2.0-4mdk : Occitan language support for KDE
kde-i18n-pl 3.2.3-3mdk : Polish language support for KDE
kde-i18n-pt 3.2.3-3mdk : Portuguese language support for KDE
kde-i18n-pt_BR 3.2.3-3mdk : Brazil Portuguese language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ro 3.2.3-3mdk : Romanian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ru 3.2.3-3mdk : Russian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-se 3.2.2-1mdk : Northern Sami language support for KDE
kde-i18n-sk 3.2.3-3mdk : Slovak language support for KDE
kde-i18n-sl 3.2.3-3mdk : Slovenian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-sr 3.2.3-3mdk : Serbian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ss 3.2.3-3mdk : Swati language support for KDE
kde-i18n-sv 3.2.3-3mdk : Swedish language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ta 3.2.3-3mdk : Tamil language support for KDE
kde-i18n-tg 3.2.3-3mdk : Tajik language support for KDE
kde-i18n-th 3.2.3-3mdk : Thai language support for KDE
kde-i18n-tr 3.2.3-3mdk : Turkish language support for KDE
kde-i18n-uk 3.2.3-3mdk : Ukrainian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-uz 3.2.3-3mdk : Uzbek language support for KDE
kde-i18n-ven 3.2.3-3mdk : Venda language support for KDE
kde-i18n-vi 3.2.3-3mdk : Vietnamese language support for KDE
kde-i18n-wa 3.2.0-4mdk : Walloon language support for KDE
kde-i18n-wen 3.2.0-4mdk : Upper Sorbian language support for KDE
kde-i18n-xh 3.2.0-5mdk : Xhosa language support for KDE
kde-i18n-zh_CN.GB2312 3.2.3-3mdk : Chinese (Simplified Chinese) language support for KDE
kde-i18n-zh_TW.Big5 3.2.3-1mdk : Chinese (Big5) language support for KDE
kde-i18n-zu 3.2.3-3mdk : Zulu language support for KDE
kdelibs-common 3.2.3-74mdk : Config file and icons file for kdelibs.
kdemultimedia-common 3.2.3-14mdk : Common files for kdemultimedia
kdemultimedia-kaudiocreator 3.2.3-14mdk : kaudiocreator program
kdemultimedia-kmid 3.2.3-14mdk : kmid program
kdemultimedia-kmidi 3.2.3-14mdk : midi player, can use sound patch files and create a WAV file
kdemultimedia-kmix 3.2.3-14mdk : kmix, kmixctrl program
kdemultimedia-kscd 3.2.3-14mdk : kscd program
kdemultimedia-noatun 3.2.3-14mdk : noatun program
kdenetwork-common 3.2.3-15mdk : Common files for kdenetwork
kdenetwork-kdict 3.2.3-15mdk : Kdict program
kdenetwork-kget 3.2.3-15mdk : Kget program
kdenetwork-knewsticker 3.2.3-15mdk : RDF newsticker applet
kdenetwork-kopete 3.2.3-15mdk : Kopete
kdenetwork-kppp 3.2.3-15mdk : Dialer and front end for pppd
kdenetwork-kppp-provider 3.2.3-15mdk : List of providers for pppd
kdenetwork-krfb 3.2.3-15mdk : Krfb, Krdc program
kdenetwork-ksirc 3.2.3-15mdk : KDE IRC
kdenetwork-ktalk 3.2.3-15mdk : Ktalk program
kdenlive 0.2.3-9mdk : A non-linear video editing application for KDE
kdepim-common 3.3.0-7mdk : Common files for kdepim
kdepim-kaddressbook 3.3.0-7mdk : Kaddressbook program
kdepim-karm 3.3.0-7mdk : Karm program
kdepim-kmail 3.3.0-7mdk : KDE Mailer
kdepim-knode 3.3.0-7mdk : KDE News Reader
kdepim-knotes 3.3.0-7mdk : Knotes program
kdepim-kontact 3.3.0-7mdk : Kontact program
kdepim-korganizer 3.3.0-7mdk : Korganizer program
kdepim-korn 3.3.0-7mdk : korn
kdepim-kpilot 3.3.0-7mdk : Kpilot program
kdetoys 3.2.3-10mdk : K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements
kdetoys-kweather 3.2.3-10mdk : kweather
kdetrayproxy 0.2-5mdk : KDE systray icons work with all window managers.
kdetv 0.8.2-5mdk : Kdetv - KDE Video4Linux Stream Capture Viewer
kdeutils-ark 3.2.3-26mdk : Ark program
kdeutils-kcalc 3.2.3-26mdk : Kcalc program
kdeutils-kcharselect 3.2.3-26mdk : Kcharselect program
kdeutils-kdepasswd 3.2.3-26mdk : Kdepasswd program
kdeutils-kdessh 3.2.3-26mdk : Kdessh program
kdeutils-kdf 3.2.3-26mdk : Kdf program
kdeutils-kedit 3.2.3-26mdk : Kedit program
kdeutils-kfloppy 3.2.3-26mdk : Kfloppy program
kdeutils-khexedit 3.2.3-26mdk : Khexedit program
kdeutils-kjots 3.2.3-26mdk : Kjots program
kdeutils-klaptop 3.2.3-26mdk : Battery and power management
kdeutils-ksim 3.2.3-26mdk : Ksim program
kdeutils-ktimer 3.2.3-26mdk : Ktimer program
kdeutils-kwalletmanager 3.2.3-26mdk : kwalletmanager program
kernel- 1-1mdk : The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system).
kernel-enterprise- 1-1mdk : The Linux Kernel compiled with options for Enterprise server usage.
kernel-i586-up-1GB- 1-1mdk : The Linux Kernel compiled for smp with 4GB.
kernel-smp- 1-1mdk : The Linux Kernel compiled for SMP machines.
kernel-source-2.6 : The source code for the Linux kernel.
kon2 0.3.9b-6mdk : KON - Kanji ON Linux console
kover 2.9.5-3mdk : WYSIWYG CD cover printer with CDDB support
kphone 4.0.3-1mdk : KPhone - SIP user agent
krootwarning 10.1-1mdk : Warning box displayed when you are using KDE with system administrator permissions.
krozat 10.1-1mdk : Default Mandrake Linux screensaver for KDE
kterm 6.2.0-21mdk : A Kanji (Japanese character set) terminal emulator for X.
lads 0.8-1mdk : Login anomaly detection system
latex2html 2002-10mdk : LaTeX to HTML converter.
lbreakout2 2.5-2mdk : Breakout-style arcade game
ldconfig 2.3.3-20mdk : Creates a shared library cache and maintains symlinks for ld.so
ldetect 0.5.2-1mdk : Light hardware detection library
ldetect-lst 0.1.16-6mdk : Hardware list for the light detection library
leafnode 1.10.4-1mdk : Leafnode - a leafsite NNTP server
less 382-5mdk : A text file browser similar to more, but better.
lesstif 0.93.94-1mdk : A free Motif clone
lftp 3.0.7-1mdk : Commandline ftp client
libaa1 1.4.0-0.rc5.12mdk : AA (Ascii Art) library
libacl1 2.2.23-2mdk : Main library for libacl
libadns1 1.1-3mdk : Libraries needed to run applications using adns.
libalsa2 1.0.6-1mdk : Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library
libalsa-data 1.0.6-1mdk : Config files for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
libanthy0 5714-1mdk : Anthy library.
libao2 0.8.5-2mdk : Main library for libao
libapm1 3.1.0-6mdk : Main library for libapm
libapr0 0.9.5-11mdk : Apache Portable Runtime library
libapr-util0 0.9.5-7mdk : Apache Portable Runtime Utility library
libart_lgpl2 2.3.16-2mdk : Libart is a library for high-performance 2D graphics.
libarts1 1.2.3-8mdk : The libraries for arts
libaspell15 0.50.5-3mdk : Shared library files for aspell
libaspell15-devel 0.50.5-3mdk : Development files for aspell
libast1 0.5-4mdk : LibAST is the Library of Assorted Spiffy Things
libatk1.0_0 1.6.1-2mdk : Accessibility features for Gtk+.
libat-spi0 1.4.2-3mdk : GNOME Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
libattr1 2.4.16-1mdk : Main library for libattr
libaudiofile0 0.2.6-2mdk : Main library for audiofile
libavc1394_0 0.4.1-4mdk : FireWire interface
libbeecrypt6 3.1.0-3mdk : An open source cryptography library.
libbinutils2 : Main library for binutils
libbluez1 2.9-1mdk : Official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack.
libbonobo2_0 2.6.2-1mdk : Library for compound documents in GNOME
libbonobo2 1.0.22-5mdk : Libraries for Bonobo
libbonobo 2.6.2-1mdk : Library for compound documents in GNOME
libbonoboui2_0 2.6.1-1mdk : Library for compound documents in GNOME
libbonoboui 2.6.1-1mdk : Library for compound documents in GNOME
libbtctl1 0.4.1-4mdk : GNOME bluetooth control library
libbzip2_1 1.0.2-18mdk : Libraries for developing apps which will use bzip2.
libcairo1 0.1.23-1mdk : Cairo - multi-platform 2D graphics library.
libcap1 1.10-4mdk : Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities
libc-client-php0 2004-1mdk : C-client mail access routines for IMAP and POP protocols
libcdaudio1 0.99.10-1mdk : A library for controlling CD-ROM devices
libcdda0 IIIa9.8-9mdk : Libraries for cdparanoia
libcddb-slave2_0 2.6.2-3mdk : GNOME media programs
libclanlib2 0.6.5-17mdk : Main library for clanlib0.6
libclanlib2-mikmod 0.6.5-17mdk : ClanLib MikMod module
libclanlib2-sound 0.6.5-17mdk : ClanLib Sound module
libconsole0 0.2.3-49mdk : Libraries for console tools
libcrack2 2.7-18mdk : A password-checking library.
libcroco2 0.5.1-1mdk : CSS2 parser library
libcups2 1.1.21-0.rc1.5mdk : Common Unix Printing System - CUPS library
libcurl3 7.12.1-1mdk : A library of functions for file transfer
libCw1 3.17.7-7mdk : Shared library files for cooledit
libdb3.3 3.3.11-19mdk : The Berkeley DB database library for C.
libdb4.1 4.1.25-7mdk : The Berkeley DB database library for C.
libdb4.2 4.2.52-5mdk : The Berkeley DB database library for C.
libdbcxx4.2 4.2.52-5mdk : The Berkeley DB database library for C++.
libdbnss4.2 4.2.52-5mdk : The Berkeley DB database library for NSS modules
libdbus-1_0 0.22-1mdk : Shared library for using D-BUS
libdbus-glib-1_0 0.22-1mdk : GLib-based library for using D-BUS
libdevmapper1.00 1.00.19-2mdk : Device mapper library
libdha1.0 1.0-0.pre5.4mdk : Support library for MPlayer's vidix video drivers
libdiffie1 0.10.49-6mdk : The diffie library, necessary to run mirrordir.
libdigikam0 0.6.2-3mdk : GPhoto2 KDE3 frontend libraries
libdirectfb0.9_20 0.9.20-1mdk : Shared library part of DirectFB
libdnet1 1.8-2mdk : Portable interface to several low-level networking routines
libdv4 0.103-1mdk : Libraries from libdv
libdvdread3 0.9.4-3mdk : Library to read DVD images
libeel2_2 2.6.2-1mdk : Eazel Extensions shared Libraries
libelfutils1 0.89-3mdk : Libraries to read and write ELF files.
libenca0 1.5-2mdk : A library detecting encoding of text files.
libepplet0 0.7-6mdk : Shared library needed by Enlightenment applets
libesound0 0.2.35-1mdk : Libraries for EsounD.
libevent0 0.9-1mdk : Abstract asynchronous event notification library
libevolution-data-server3 1.0.0-1mdk : Shared libraries for using Evolution Data Server
libexif9 0.5.12-3mdk : Library to access EXIF files (extended JPEG files)
libexif-gtk4 0.3.3-6mdk : Library to access EXIF files (extended JPEG files)
libexpat0 1.95.7-1mdk : Main library for expat
libext2fs2 1.35-1mdk : The librairies for Ext2fs
libfam0 2.7.0-2mdk : Libraries for FAM
libflac++4 1.1.1-0.beta1.1mdk : Shared C++ libraries for FLAC.
libflac6 1.1.1-0.beta1.1mdk : Shared libraries for FLAC.
libfltk1.1 1.1.4-3mdk : Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK) - main library
libfontconfig1 2.2.96-6mdk : Font configuration and customization library
libforms1 1.0-1mdk : Libraries for the xforms toolkit.
libfreetype6 2.1.9-2mdk : Shared libraries for a free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
libfribidi0 0.10.4-4mdk : Library to support Bi-directional scripts
libgail17 1.6.6-1mdk : GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library
libgail-gnome 1.0.6-1mdk : GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library
libgaim-remote0 0.82.1-2mdk : Library for providing remote control ability for gaim
libgal-2.2_1 2.2.1-1mdk : Library for compound documents in GNOME2
libgal23 0.24-2mdk : Library for compound documents in GNOME
libgcc1 3.4.1-3mdk : GNU C library
libGConf1 1.0.9-15mdk : GConf is a configuration database system.
libGConf2_4 2.6.4-2mdk : A configuration database system for GNOME 2
libgcrypt11 1.2.0-2mdk : Libraries needed by libgcrypt
libgd2 2.0.27-3mdk : A library used to create PNG, JPEG, or WBMP images
libgda2.0_1 1.1.6-1mdk : GNU Data Access Development
libgdbm2 1.8.0-25mdk : Main library for gdbm
libgdk_pixbuf2.0_0 2.4.9-4mdk : Image loading and manipulation library for GTK+
libgdk-pixbuf2 0.22.0-3mdk : An image loading and rendering library for Gdk.
libgdk-pixbuf-gnomecanvas1 0.22.0-3mdk : An image loading and rendering library for Gdk.
libgettextmisc 0.14.1-7mdk : Other gettext libraries needed by gettext utilities
libggi 2.0.5-1mdk : A fast, simple, small and flexible user-space graphics library
libggi2 2.0.5-1mdk : Main library for libggi
libghttp1 1.0.9-7mdk : GNOME http client library.
libgii0 0.8.5-1mdk : Main library for libgii
libgii 0.8.5-1mdk : A flexible library for input handling
libgimp2.0_0 2.0.4-1mdk : GIMP libraries
libgimpprint1 4.2.7-8mdk : Shared library for high-quality image printing
libglade0 0.17-10mdk : Libglade allows dynamic load of user interface from am XML description.
libglade2.0_0 2.4.0-1mdk : Library for dynamically loading GLADE interface files
libglade-gnome0 0.17-10mdk : GNOME part of the libglade
libglib1.2 1.2.10-13mdk : Main library for glib
libglib2.0_0 2.4.6-1mdk : GIMP Toolkit and GIMP Drawing Kit support library
libgmp3 4.1.3-2mdk : A GNU arbitrary precision library
libgnet-2.0_0 2.0.5-3mdk : Libgnet, a network library
libgnome2_0 : Dynamic libraries for GNOME applications.
libgnome2 : GNOME libraries
libgnome32 1.4.2-8mdk : Libraries and headers for GNOME application development
libgnomebt0 0.5.1-9mdk : GNOME bluetooth library
libgnomecanvas2_0 : GnomeCanvas widget
libgnome-db2.0_3 1.1.6-1mdk : GNOME DB libraries
libgnome-desktop-2_2 2.6.2-2mdk : The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment.
libgnome-keyring0 0.2.1-1mdk : Library for integration with the gnome keyring system.
libgnome-mag1 0.10.11-2mdk : GNOME magnifier shared library
libgnomemm-1.2_9 1.2.4-5mdk : A C++ interface for Gnome libs (a GUI library for X).
libgnome-pilot2 2.0.11-4mdk : GNOME pilot libraries
libgnomeprint15 0.37-6mdk : Libraries for Gnome-Print
libgnomeprint2-2_0 2.6.2-1mdk : Library for GNOME print support
libgnomeprint 2.6.2-1mdk : GNOME print library
libgnomeprintui2-2_0 2.6.2-1mdk : Library for GNOME print support
libgnomeui2_0 : GNOME libraries
libgnomeui2 : Main GNOME libraries
libgnome-vfs0 1.0.5-10mdk : GNOME virtual file-system libraries
libgnome-vfs2_0 2.6.2-5mdk : GNOME virtual file-system libraries
libgnome-window-settings1 2.6.1-7mdk : The GNOME control center.
libgnucash0 1.8.9-2mdk : Libraries for gnucash
libgnutls11 1.0.13-1mdk : Library providing a secure layer (SSL).
libgoom2_0 1.8.0-6mdk : Shared library part of the Goom visualization plugin
libgpg-error0 1.0-1mdk : Library containing common error values for GnuPG components
libgphoto2 2.1.4-2mdk : Library to access to digital cameras
libgphoto-hotplug 2.1.4-2mdk : Hotplug support from libgphoto
libgpm1 1.20.1-11mdk : Libraries and header files for developing mouse driven programs.
libgpm1-devel 1.20.1-11mdk : Libraries and header files for developing mouse driven programs.
libgsf-1_1 1.10.1-1mdk : GNOME Structured File library
libgstgconf0.8 0.8.4-1mdk : GStreamer GConf shared library
libgstreamer0.8 0.8.5-2mdk : Libraries for GStreamer streaming-media framework
libgstreamer-plugins0.8 0.8.4-1mdk : GStreamer plugin libraries.
libgtk+1.2 1.2.10-40mdk : Main library for gtk+
libgtk+2.0_0 2.4.9-4mdk : The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs
libgtkglarea5 1.2.3-7mdk : GtkGLArea is an OpenGL widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit
libgtkhtml1.1_3 1.1.10-6mdk : Libraries for GtkHTML
libgtkhtml2_0 2.6.2-1mdk : GtkHTML 2
libgtkhtml-3.1_11 3.2.1-1mdk : Libraries for GtkHTML
libgtkmm1.2 1.2.10-11mdk : Main library for gtkmm
libgtksourceview-1.0_0 1.0.1-2mdk : Source code viewing library
libgtkspell0 2.0.5-2mdk : Spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView widget
libgtk+-x11-2.0_0 2.4.9-4mdk : X11 backend of The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+)
libgtop2.0_2 2.6.0-2mdk : The LibGTop library
libgtop2 2.6.0-2mdk : The LibGTop library
libgucharmap4 1.4.1-2mdk : Main library for gucharmap
libguile12 1.6.4-3mdk : Libraries for Guile 1.6.4
libguppi16 0.40.3-8mdk : Libraries for Guppi
libg-wrap1 1.3.4-10mdk : A tool for creating Scheme interfaces to C libraries.
libhermes1 1.3.3-2mdk : Main library for hermes
libhpojip0 0.91-5mdk : Dynamic library for the "hpoj" HP Officejet low level drivers
libhylafax4.2.0 4.2.0-1mdk : Hylafax libraries
libhz0 0.3.13-4mdk : Main libraries of zh-autoconvert
libid3_3.8_3 3.8.3-7mdk : Id3lib libraries
libid3tag0 0.15.1b-2mdk : Library for reading and writing ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
libIDL2_0 0.8.4-1mdk : IDL parsing library
libidn11 0.5.4-1mdk : Internationalized string processing library
libieee1284_3 0.2.8-1mdk : libieee1284 is a cross-platform library for parallel port access
libijs0 0.34-82mdk : Dynamic library for the IJS printer driver plug-in interface
libimlib1 1.9.14-9mdk : Main library for imlib
libimlib2_1 1.1.0-3mdk : Powerful image loading and rendering library
libimlib2_1-filters 1.1.0-3mdk : Imlib2 basic plugin filters set
libimlib2_1-loaders 1.1.0-3mdk : Imlib2 loader for various graphic formats
libintl3 0.14.1-7mdk : Basic libintl library for internationalization
libisdn4k-utils2 3.2p3-15mdk : Main library for isdn4k-utils
libiw27 27-0.pre23.2mdk : Wireless_tools library
libjack0 0.98.1-1mdk : Library associated with jack kit , needed for jackd
libjpeg62 6b-33mdk : A library for manipulating JPEG image format files.
libjpeg-progs 6b-33mdk : Programs for manipulating JPEG format image files
libjpilot_plugin0 0.99.7-2mdk : Shared libraries for jpilot.
libk3b2 0.11.14-7mdk : Libraries for k3b
libkbear2 2.1.1-12mdk : Libraries needed by kbear
libkdeaddons1 3.2.3-17mdk : Librairies for kdeaddons
libkdeaddons1-konqimagegallery 3.2.3-17mdk : Librairies files for image Konqueror plugins
libkdeaddons1-noatun 3.2.3-17mdk : Librairies files for noatun plugins
libkdebase4 3.2.3-99mdk : Libraries for kdebase
libkdebase4-kate 3.2.3-99mdk : Librairies for Kate
libkdebase4-kmenuedit 3.2.3-99mdk : Librairie for KMenuedit for kdebase
libkdebase4-konsole 3.2.3-99mdk : Librairies for Konsole
libkdebase4-nsplugins 3.2.3-99mdk : Librairie for Netscape Plugins for kdebase
libkdecore4 3.2.3-74mdk : Core libraries for KDE
libkdeedu1 3.2.3-7mdk : Header files for kdeedu
libkdegames1 3.2.3-9mdk : Libraries for kdegame
libkdegraphics0-common 3.2.3-15mdk : Librairies files for kdegraphics
libkdegraphics0-kghostview 3.2.3-15mdk : Librairie for kghostview
libkdegraphics0-kooka 3.2.3-15mdk : Librairie for Kooka
libkdegraphics0-kuickshow 3.2.3-15mdk : Librarie for Kuickshow package
libkdegraphics0-kview 3.2.3-15mdk : Librarie for Kview package
libkdegraphics0-mrmlsearch 3.2.3-15mdk : Librairies files for mrmlsearch
libkdemultimedia1-common 3.2.3-14mdk : Librairies files for kdemultimedia
libkdemultimedia1-kmix 3.2.3-14mdk : Librairies kmix, kmixctrl
libkdemultimedia1-kscd 3.2.3-14mdk : Librairie for kscd program
libkdemultimedia1-kscd-devel 3.2.3-14mdk : Devel files for kscd program
libkdemultimedia1-noatun 3.2.3-14mdk : Librarie for Noatun program
libkdenetwork2-common 3.2.3-15mdk : Libraries for kdenetwork
libkdenetwork2-knewsticker 3.2.3-15mdk : Librarie for knewsticker
libkdenetwork2-kopete 3.2.3-15mdk : Multi-protocol plugin-based instant messenger
libkdenetwork2-ksirc 3.2.3-15mdk : Librairies for ksirc
libkdepim2-common 3.3.0-7mdk : Librairie for kdepim
libkdepim2-kaddressbook 3.3.0-7mdk : Library file for Kaddressbook
libkdepim2-kmail 3.3.0-7mdk : Library for kmail
libkdepim2-knode 3.3.0-7mdk : Librairie files for knode
libkdepim2-knode-devel 3.3.0-7mdk : Devel files for knode
libkdepim2-kontact 3.3.0-7mdk : Librairy for kontact program
libkdepim2-korganizer 3.3.0-7mdk : Librairy for korganizer program
libkdepim2-kpilot 3.3.0-7mdk : Librairy for kpilot program
libkdesdk1 3.2.3-14mdk : Lib files for kdesdk
libkdetoys1-devel 3.2.3-10mdk : Headers files for kdetoys
libkdetoys1-kweather 3.2.3-10mdk : Libraries for kdetoys
libkdeutils1-ark 3.2.3-26mdk : Libraries for Ark program
libkdeutils1-kcalc 3.2.3-26mdk : Librairies for Kcalc program
libkdeutils1-kedit 3.2.3-26mdk : Librairies for kedit program
libkdeutils1-klaptop 3.2.3-26mdk : Library for klaptop
libkdeutils1-ksim 3.2.3-26mdk : Librarie files for kdeutils
libkdevideo1 0.8.2-5mdk : kdevideo libraries
libkrb53 1.3.4-1mdk : The shared libraries used by Kerberos 5.
liblcms1 1.13-1mdk : Little cms color engine
libldap2 2.1.30-3mdk : OpenLDAP libraries.
liblinux-atm1 2.4.1-4mdk : Libraries for linux-atm
liblirc0 0.6.6-7mdk : LIRC libraries
liblm_sensors3 2.8.7-4mdk : Libraries needed for lm_sensors
liblo0 0.8-1mdk : Dynamic libraries from liblo
liblrdf2 0.3.7-1mdk : Main library for liblrdf
libltdl3 1.5.6-4mdk : Shared library files for libtool
liblzo1 1.08-4mdk : Data compression library with very fast (de-)compression
libm17n-lib0 1.1.0-2mdk : The m17n library.
libmad0 0.15.1b-1mdk : Libmad is a high-quality MPEG Audio Decoder
libmagic1 4.10-1mdk : Shared library for handling magic files.
libMagick6.4.0 : ImageMagick libraries
libmal0 0.31-6mdk : MAL library for AvantGo
libMesaGL1 5.0.2-7mdk : Files for Mesa (GL and GLX libs)
libMesaGLU1 5.0.2-7mdk : Files for Mesa (GLU libs)
libMesaglut3 5.0.2-7mdk : Files for Mesa (glut libs)
libmetacity-private0 2.8.1-6mdk : Libraries for Metacity
libmikmod2 3.1.11-1mdk : A portable sound library for Unix.
libmirrordirz1 0.10.49-6mdk : The mirrordirz library, necessary to run mirrordir.
libmm1 1.3.0-4mdk : Shared Memory Abstraction Library
libmng1 1.0.7-1mdk : A library for handling MNG files
libmodplug0 0.7-5mdk : Modplug shared library
libmysql12 4.0.20-3mdk : MySQL - Shared libraries
libnas2 1.6d-1mdk : Libraries needed for nasd
libnautilus2 2.6.3-10mdk : Libraries for Nautilus File manager
libncpfs2.3 2.2.4-2mdk : Library associated with ncpfs.
libncurses5 5.4-1.20040529.1mdk : The development files for applications which use ncurses
libncurses5-devel 5.4-1.20040529.1mdk : The development files for applications which use ncurses
libnet2 : A C library for portable packet creation
libnetpbm9 9.24-8mdk : A library for handling different graphics file formats
libnet-snmp5 5.1.2-5mdk : Librairies for Network management (SNMP), from the NET-SNMP project.
libnewt0.51 0.51.6-9mdk : Newt windowing toolkit development files library.
libnspr4 1.7.2-8mdk : Netscape Portable Runtime Library
libnss3 1.7.2-8mdk : Network Security Services (NSS)
libnvtvsimple0 0.4.7-0.20040408.5mdk : Library to enable TV-Out on Linux for NVidia cards
liboaf0 0.6.10-10mdk : GNOME Object Activation Framework
libofx0 0.6.6-2mdk : Libraries for libofx
libofx 0.6.6-2mdk : LibOFX library provides support for OFX command responses
libogg0 1.1-4mdk : Main library for libogg
liboggflac1 1.1.1-0.beta1.1mdk : Shared libraries for OggFLAC.
liboil0.1 0.1-0.20040401.3mdk : Optimized functions for multimedia calculations
libopencdk8 0.5.4-2mdk : Open Crypto Development Kit
libopenh323_1 1.13.5-2mdk : OpenH323 Library
libopenhbci14 0.9.14-2mdk : Libraries for openhbci
libopenjade0 1.3.2-11mdk : Shared library files for openjade
libopenobex1.0 1.0.1-3mdk : Library for using OBEX
libopenslp1 1.0.11-5mdk : OpenSLP implementation of Service Location Protocol V2
libOpenSP3 1.5-8mdk : Runtime library for the OpenJade group's SP suite
libopenssl0.9.7 0.9.7d-1mdk : Secure Sockets Layer communications libs
libORBit0 0.5.17-7mdk : Libraries for high-performance CORBA Object Request Broker
libORBit2_0 2.10.4-1mdk : High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker.
libpam0 0.77-23mdk : Libraries for pam
libpanel-applet-2_0 2.6.2-5mdk : The core programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment.
libpango1.0_0 1.4.1-1mdk : System for layout and rendering of internationalized text
libpango1.0_0-modules 1.4.1-1mdk : System for layout and rendering of internationalized text
libpaper1 1.1.8-4mdk : Library for handling paper characteristics
libpcap0 0.8.3-2mdk : A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture
libpcre0 4.5-5mdk : PCRE is a Perl-compatible regular expression library
libpgtcl2 7.4.5-1mdk : Tcl/Tk library and front-end for PostgreSQL.
libphp_common432 4.3.8-3mdk : Shared library for php
libpiave0 0.2.3-9mdk : Libraries from piave
libpisock++0 0.11.8-6mdk : Libraries needed to use pilot-link
libpisock8 0.11.8-6mdk : Libraries needed to use pilot-link
libpisync0 0.11.8-6mdk : Libraries needed to use pilot-link
libpixman1 0.1.1-1mdk : Libpixman - Pixel manipulation library.
libplanner-1_0 0.12.1-1mdk : Python binding for Planner library
libpng3 1.2.6-1mdk : A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files.
libpostfix1 2.1.4-2mdk : Shared libraries required to run Postfix
libpostproc0 1.0-0.pre5.4mdk : Video postprocessing library for MPlayer.
libppd1 0.10-5mdk : Library for handling PPD (PostScript Printer Description) files
libpq3 7.4.5-1mdk : The shared libraries required for any PostgreSQL clients.
libprelude0 0.8.10-1mdk : Prelude Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Library
libPropList0 0.10.1-9mdk : Lib for configuration or preference files compatible GNUstep/OPENSTEP
libptal0 0.91-5mdk : Dynamic library for the "hpoj" HP Officejet low level drivers
libpth20 2.0.0-2mdk : GNU Pth - GNU Portable Threads
libpwdb0 0.62-1mdk : The password database library
libpwlib1 1.6.6-3mdk : Portable Windows Libary
libpwlib1-plugins-oss 1.6.6-3mdk : Oss plugin for pwlib
libpwlib1-plugins-v4l 1.6.6-3mdk : V4L plugin for pwlib
libpython2.3 2.3.4-6mdk : Shared libraries for Python 2.3.4
libqt3 3.3.3-23mdk : Qt3 - Shared libraries
libquanta0 3.2.3-11mdk : Library for quanta
libquanta0-kfilereplace 3.2.3-11mdk : Librairie for Kfilereplace
libquanta0-kfilereplace-devel 3.2.3-11mdk : Librairie for Kfilereplace
libquanta0-kommander 3.2.3-11mdk : Librairie for Kommander
libquicktime0 0.9.3-1mdk : Shared library of libquicktime
libquicktime 0.9.3-1mdk : A library for manipulating QuickTime files
libraptor1 1.3.1-2mdk : Dynamic libraries from raptor
libraw1394_5 0.10.1-2mdk : FireWire interface shared library
libreadline4 4.3-7mdk : Shared libraries for readline
librecode0 3.6-6mdk : Shared GNU recode library
libRosegarden0 0.9.9-1mdk : Library for Rosegarden-4
librrdtool0 1.0.49-1mdk : RRDTool - round robin database shared libraries
librsvg2_2 2.6.5-2mdk : Raph's SVG library
librsvg 2.6.5-2mdk : Raph's SVG library
libsafe 2.0.13-3mdk : Stack Overflow protection
libsamplerate0 0.1.1-1mdk : Audio Sample Rate Converter shared library
libsane1 1.0.14-3mdk : SANE - local and remote scanner access. This package contains the sane library.
libsane-hpoj1 0.91-5mdk : SANE driver for scanners in HP's multi-function devices (from HPOJ)
libsasl2 2.1.19-1mdk : Libraries for SASL a the Simple Authentication and Security Layer.
libsasl2-plug-gssapi 2.1.19-1mdk : SASL GSSAPI mechanism plugin
libscim0 0.99.9-1mdk : SCIM library.
libscim-chinese0 0.4.2-2mdk : Scim-chinese library
libscim-hangul0 0.1.2-1mdk : Scim-hangul library.
libscim-uim0 0.1.3-1mdk : Scim-uim library.
libscribus0 1.2-2mdk : Main libraries for scribus.
libscrollkeeper0 0.3.14-4mdk : Libraries for scrollkeeper.
libSDL1.2 1.2.7-7mdk : Main library for SDL12
libSDL_gfx11 2.0.11-3mdk : SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions
libSDL_image1.2 1.2.3-3mdk : Main library for SDL_image
libSDL_mixer1.2 1.2.5-4mdk : Main library for SDL_mixer
libSDL_net1.2 1.2.5-3mdk : Main library for SDL_net
libSDL_ttf2.0 2.0.6-4mdk : Main library for SDL_ttf
libselinux1 1.15.4-2mdk : SELinux library and simple utilities
libsigc++1.0_0 1.0.4-8mdk : Main library for libsigc++1.0
libslang1 1.4.9-6mdk : The shared library for the S-Lang extension language.
libsmbclient0 3.0.7-2mdk : SMB Client Library
libsmpeg0.4 0.4.4-24mdk : Main library for smpeg
libsndfile1 1.0.10-1mdk : Shared library of sndfile
libsnmp0 4.2.3-11mdk : Librairies for Network management (SNMP), from the NET-SNMP project.
libsoup-2.2_7 2.2.0-1mdk : Libraries for soup
libspeex1 1.1.6-1mdk : Shared library of the Speex codec
libstartup-notification-1_0 0.7-1mdk : Library used to monitor application startup
libstdc++5 3.3.4-1mdk : GNU C++ library
libstdc++6 3.4.1-3mdk : GNU C++ library
libstdc++6-devel 3.4.1-3mdk : Header files and libraries for C++ development
libsysfs1 1.1.0-2mdk : Main library for sysfsutils
libtaglib0 1.2-1mdk : TagLib, is well, a library for reading and editing audio meta data.
libtcl8.4 8.4.5-6mdk : An embeddable scripting language, shared libraries
libtermcap2 2.0.8-36mdk : Development tools for programs which will access the termcap database
libtiff3 3.6.1-3mdk : A library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files
libtiff-progs 3.6.1-3mdk : Binaries needed to manipulate TIFF format image files
libtk8.4 8.4.5-6mdk : Tk GUI toolkit for Tcl, shared libraries
libtool 1.5.6-4mdk : The GNU libtool, which simplifies the use of shared libraries
libuim0 0.4.3-1mdk : UIM library.
libungif4 4.1.2-2mdk : A library for manipulating GIF format image files.
libunicode0 0.4.gnome-7mdk : Unicode library
libunixODBC2 2.2.8-2mdk : Libraries unixODBC
libusb0.1_4 0.1.8-2mdk : Libusb is a library which allows userspace access to USB devices
libuser 0.51.7-10mdk : A user and group account administration library.
libuser1 0.51.7-10mdk : The actual libraries for libuser.
libutempter0 0.5.2-13mdk : Library used by utempter
libvorbis0 1.0.1-5mdk : Main library for libvorbis
libvorbisenc2 1.0.1-5mdk : Encoder specialized library for libvorbis
libvorbisfile3 1.0.1-5mdk : File operations specialized library for libvorbis
libvte4 0.11.11-3mdk : An experimental terminal emulator.
libwine1 20040813-2mdk : Libraries for wine}
libwmf0.2_7 : A library to convert wmf files. - library files
libwmf : A library to convert wmf files.
libwnck-1_4 : Libwnck is Window Navigator Construction Kit
libwnck : Libwnck is Window Navigator Construction Kit
libwraster2 0.90.0-0.4cvs20040826.1mdk : Window Maker Raster Graphics Library
libwv-1.0_2 1.0.2-1mdk : Library used by wv
libwxgtk2.5_1 2.5.1-5mdk : Base shared library part of wxGTK
libwxPythonGTK2.5_2 : Shared library of wxGTK for wxPythonGTK
libXaw3d7 1.5-13mdk : A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X
libxclass0 0.6.3-13mdk : Xclass is a Win95-looking GUI toolkit
libxine1 1-0.rc5.6mdk : A Free Video Player (Libraries).
libxklavier8 1.03-1mdk : X Keyboard support library
libxklavier-data 1.03-1mdk : Keyboard description data
libxml1 1.8.17-7mdk : The libXML library.
libxml2 2.6.13-1mdk : Library providing XML and HTML support
libxml2-devel 2.6.13-1mdk : Libraries, includes, etc. to develop XML and HTML applications
libxml2-utils 2.6.13-1mdk : Utilities to manipulate XML files
libxmms1 1.2.10-10mdk : Library associated with xmms, needed for xmms and its plugins.
libxorg-x11 6.7.0-2mdk : Shared libraries needed by the X Window System version 11 release 6.
libxpm4 3.4k-27mdk : A pixmap library for the X Window System
libxslt1 1.1.10-1mdk : Library providing XSLT support
libzvbi0 0.2.8-3mdk : Raw VBI, Teletext and Closed Caption decoding library
licq 1.2.7-3mdk : ICQ clone written in C++, and the default plugin in Qt.
licq-console 1.2.7-3mdk : Console based plugin for Licq that uses ncurses.
licq-rms 1.2.7-3mdk : Remote management service Licq plugin.
lilo 22.5.9-7mdk : The boot loader for Linux and other operating systems.
lilo-doc 22.5.9-7mdk : More doc for lilo
links 2.1-0.pre13.3mdk : Lynx-like text WWW browser
LinNeighborhood 0.6.5-6mdk : Samba share browser
lisa 3.2.3-15mdk : Lisa server
lm_sensors 2.8.7-4mdk : Utilities for lm_sensors
locales 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization
locales-af 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Afrikaans)
locales-am 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Amharic)
locales-ar 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Arabic)
locales-as 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Assamese)
locales-az 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Azeri)
locales-be 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Belarussian)
locales-bg 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Bulgarian)
locales-bn 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Bengali)
locales-br 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Breton)
locales-bs 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Bosnian)
locales-ca 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Catalan)
locales-cs 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Czech)
locales-cy 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Welsh)
locales-da 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Danish)
locales-de 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (German)
locales-el 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Greek)
locales-en 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (English)
locales-eo 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Esperanto)
locales-es 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Spanish)
locales-et 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Estonian)
locales-eu 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Basque)
locales-fa 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Farsi)
locales-fi 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Finnish)
locales-fo 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Faroese)
locales-fr 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (French)
locales-fur 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Friulan)
locales-fy 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Frisian)
locales-ga 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Irish)
locales-gd 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Scottish Gaelic)
locales-gl 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Galician)
locales-gu 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Gujarati)
locales-gv 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Manx Gaelic)
locales-he 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Hebrew)
locales-hi 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Hindi)
locales-hr 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Croatian)
locales-hu 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Hungarian)
locales-hy 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Armenian)
locales-id 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Indonesian)
locales-ik 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Inupiaq)
locales-is 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Icelandic)
locales-it 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Italian)
locales-iu 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Inuktitut)
locales-ja 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Japanese)
locales-ka 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Georgian)
locales-kl 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Greenlandic)
locales-km 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Khmer)
locales-kn 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Kannada)
locales-ko 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Korean)
locales-ku 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Kurdish)
locales-kw 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Cornish)
locales-ky 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Kyrgyz)
locales-li 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Limburguish)
locales-lo 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Laotian) [INCOMPLETE]
locales-lt 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Lithuanian)
locales-lv 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Latvian)
locales-mi 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Maori)
locales-mk 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Macedonian)
locales-ml 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Malayalam)
locales-mn 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Mongolian)
locales-mr 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Marathi)
locales-ms 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Malay)
locales-mt 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Maltese)
locales-nds 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Lower Saxon)
locales-ne 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Nepali)
locales-nl 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Dutch)
locales-no 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Norwegian)
locales-oc 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Occitan)
locales-pa 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Punjabi)
locales-ph 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Pilipino)
locales-pl 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Polish)
locales-pt 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Portuguese)
locales-ro 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Romanian)
locales-ru 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Russian)
locales-sc 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Sardinian)
locales-se 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Saami)
locales-sk 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Slovak)
locales-sl 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Slovenian)
locales-sq 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Albanian)
locales-sr 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Serbian)
locales-st 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Sotho)
locales-sv 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Swedish)
locales-sw 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Swahili)
locales-ta 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Tamil)
locales-te 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Telugu)
locales-tg 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Tajik)
locales-th 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Thai)
locales-tk 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Turkmen)
locales-tr 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Turkish)
locales-tt 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Tatar)
locales-uk 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Ukrainian)
locales-ur 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Urdu)
locales-uz 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Uzbek)
locales-vi 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Vietnamese)
locales-wa 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Walloon)
locales-xh 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Xhosa)
locales-yi 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Yiddish)
locales-zh 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Chinese)
locales-zu 2.3.3-7mdk : Base files for localization (Zulu)
logrotate 3.7-1mdk : Rotates, compresses, and mails system logs
losetup 2.12a-4mdk : Programs for setting up and configuring loopback devices.
lout 3.29-1mdk : The Lout document formatting language.
lrzsz 0.12.21-5mdk : The lrz and lsz modem communications programs.
lshw 1.08-1mdk : A hardware lister
lslk 1.29-6mdk : A lock file lister.
lsof 4.71-1mdk : Lists files open by processes
ltrace 0.3.31-3mdk : Track runtime library calls from dynamically linked executables
lvm2 2.00.22-1mdk : Logical Volume Manager administration tools
lynx 2.8.5-1mdk : Text based browser for the world wide web
lyx 1.3.4-5mdk : A word processor for the Desktop Environment
m17n-db 1.1.0-1mdk : The m17n database
m17n-lib 1.1.0-2mdk : The m17n library is a multilingual text processing library
m4 1.4.1-1mdk : The GNU macro processor.
macutils 2.0b3-15mdk : Utilities for manipulating Macintosh file formats.
Maelstrom 3.0.6-9mdk : Maelstrom
magicdev 1.1.7-2mdk : A daemon for automatically mounting/playing CDs.
mailcap 2.0.4-12mdk : Associates helper applications with particular file types.
mailman 2.1.5-7mdk : The GNU Mailing List Management System
mailx 8.1.1-24mdk : The /bin/mail program, which is used to send mail via shell scripts.
make 3.80-5mdk : A GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users
makedev 4.1-1mdk : A program used for creating the device files in /dev.
man 1.5m2-1mdk : A set of documentation tools: man, apropos and whatis.
mandrake_desk 10.1-10mdk : The Desktop configuration files for Mandrakelinux
mandrake-doc-common 10.1-0.2mdk : Common data for all Mandrakelinux specific documentation
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-de 10.1-0.2mdk : The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in German
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-en 10.1-0.2mdk : The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in English
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-es 10.1-0.2mdk : The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in Spanish
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-fr 10.1-0.2mdk : The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in French
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-it 10.1-0.2mdk : The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in Italian
mandrake-doc-drakxtools-zh_cn 10.1-0.2mdk : The Mandrakelinux Tools User Guide in Chinese
mandrakegalaxy 10.1-7mdk : Mandrakegalaxy
mandrakelinux-kde-config-file 10.1-4mdk : All specific config file for Mandrakelinux for KDE.
mandrakelinux-release 10.1-1mdk : Mandrakelinux release file
mandrakelinux-theme 0.2.11-1mdk : The default mandrakelinux theme for bootsplash and desktop background
mandrake-menu-directory 10.1-4mdk : Directory for MDK menu
mandrake-mime 0.4-9mdk : Mandrake MIME database
man-pages-cs 0.16-1mdk : Czech Linux Manual Pages
man-pages-da 0.1.1-4mdk : Danish man pages from the Linux Documentation Project.
man-pages-de 0.4-4mdk : German man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project.
man-pages-es 1.28-6mdk : Spanish man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project.
man-pages-fr 1.58.0-14mdk : French man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project.
man-pages-hu 0.2.2-6mdk : Hungarian manual pages
man-pages-id 0.1-9mdk : Man pages in Indonesian language
man-pages-it 0.3.4-1mdk : Italian manual pages
man-pages-ko 1.48-4mdk : Korean(Hangul) Man Pages
man-pages-pl 0.4-8mdk : Man pages in polish language
man-pages-pt_BR 0.1-1mdk : Brazilian man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project.
man-pages-ru 0.97-1mdk : Russian man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project.
man-pages-zh 0.2.24-5mdk : Chinese Man Pages
mathplot 0.8.3-5mdk : Interactive function grapher
mawk 1.3.3-6mdk : An interpreter for the awk programming language
mc 4.6.0-12mdk : A user-friendly file manager and visual shell
mdadm 1.7.0-3mdk : A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux
mdklaunchhelp 10.0-1mdk : khelpcenter launcher for mandrake tools
mdk-menu-messages 10.1-4mdk : Localization files for Menu system
mdkonline 1.1-9mdk : The MandrakeOnline Tool
mdkonline-backend 1.1-9mdk : MandrakeOnline libraries and background tools
mdkwebadmin 10.0-0.3mdk : Mandrake frontend html browser to webmin
menu 2.1.12-10mdk : Menu system
menudrake 0.7.6-3mdk : Menudrake is a little application for editing menu.
Mesa 5.0.2-7mdk : OpenGL 1.4 compatible 3D graphics library
metacity 2.8.1-6mdk : Metacity window manager
metamail 2.7-11mdk : A program for handling multimedia mail using the mailcap file.
methane 1.4.6-5mdk : Super Methane Brothers
mgetty 1.1.30-6mdk : A getty replacement for use with data and fax modems.
mgetty-contrib 1.1.30-6mdk : User contributed stuff that comes with mgetty.
mgetty-sendfax 1.1.30-6mdk : Provides support for sending faxes over a modem.
mgetty-viewfax 1.1.30-6mdk : An X Window System fax viewer.
mgetty-voice 1.1.30-6mdk : A program for using your modem and mgetty as an answering machine.
mikmod 3.2.1-1mdk : A MOD music file player.
mingetty 1.07-1mdk : A compact getty program for virtual consoles only.
minicom 2.1-2mdk : A text-based modem control and terminal emulation program.
mirrordir 0.10.49-6mdk : Easy to use ftp mirroring package
mixartloader 1.0.6-1mdk : Firmware loader for Digigram miXart
mkinitrd 4.1.9-2mdk : Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules
mkisofs 2.01-1mdk : Creates an image of an ISO9660 filesystem.
mktemp 1.5-11mdk : A small utility for safely making /tmp files.
mkxauth 1.7-8mdk : A utility for managing .Xauthority files.
mod_perl-common 1.3.31_1.29-3mdk : The mod_perl and apache-mod_perl common files
mod_ssl 2.8.19-1mdk : An SSL module for the Apache Web server
mod_sxnet 1.2.4-27mdk : Strong Extranet module for mod_ssl and apache
module-init-tools 3.0-4mdk : Tools for managing Linux kernel modules
modutils 2.4.26-3mdk : The kernel daemon (kerneld) and kernel module utilities.
mon 0.99.2-4mdk : A general-purpose resource monitoring system.
mount 2.12a-4mdk : Programs for mounting and unmounting filesystems.
mountloop 0.12.4-1mdk : Allow users to mount files via loopback
mozilla 1.7.2-8mdk : Mozilla, open-source web browser
mozilla-irc 1.7.2-8mdk : IRC support for Mozilla.
mozilla-mail 1.7.2-8mdk : Mozilla-based mail system
mozplugger 1.6.1-1mdk : A generic mozilla plug-in
mp3info 0.8.4-11mdk : Mp3info - Utility for MP3 information and tag modification
mpage 2.5.4-1mdk : A tool for printing multiple pages of text on each printed page.
mpg123 0.59r-21mdk : MPEG audio player
mpgtx 1.3-3mdk : Manipulate tags, split, join, demultiplex, and fetch information on MPEG files.
mplayer 1.0-0.pre5.4mdk : Movie player for linux
mplayer-gui 1.0-0.pre5.4mdk : GUI for mplayer
msec 0.44.1-1mdk : Security Level management for the Mandrakelinux distribution
mtools 3.9.9-3mdk : Programs for accessing MS-DOS disks without mounting the disks
mtoolsfm 1.9.3-5mdk : Graphical frontend for the mtools floppy utilities
mt-st 0.8-1mdk : Programs to control tape device operations
mures 0.5-4mdk : Clone of Sega's "Chu Chu Rocket", a multi-player puzzle game
mutt 1.5.6i-2mdk : Text mode mail user agent
myspell-af_ZA 1.0.2-0.20040727.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Afrikaans (Africa)
myspell-bg_BG 1.0.2-0.20040402.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
myspell-ca_ES 1.0.2-0.20030907.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Catalan
myspell-cs_CZ 1.0.2-0.20030907.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Czech (Czech Republic)
myspell-cy_GB 1.0.2-0.20040425.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Welsh (Wales)
myspell-da_DK 1.0.2-0.20040609.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Danish (Denmark)
myspell-de_AT 1.0.2-0.20030905.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for German (Austria)
myspell-de_CH 1.0.2-0.20030905.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for German (Switzerland)
myspell-de_DE 1.0.2-0.20030905.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for German (Germany)
myspell-el_GR 1.0.2-0.20040424.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Greek (Greece)
myspell-en_AU 1.0.2-0.20030329.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for English (Australian)
myspell-en_CA 1.0.2-0.20020315.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for English (Canada)
myspell-en_GB 1.0.2-0.20040208.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for English (United Kingdom)
myspell-en_NZ 1.0.2-0.20030907.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for English (New Zealand)
myspell-en_US 1.0.2-0.20040623.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for English (US)
myspell-es_ES 1.0.2-0.20040626.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Spanish (Spain)
myspell-es_MX 1.0.2-0.20030818.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Spanish (Mexico)
myspell-et_EE 1.0.2-0.20040621.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Estonian (Estonia)
myspell-fo_FO 1.0.2-0.20040403.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Faroese (Faroe Islands)
myspell-fr_BE 1.0.2-0.20030619.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for French (Belgium)
myspell-fr_FR 1.0.2-0.20020608.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for French (France)
myspell-ga_IE 1.0.2-0.20040404.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Irish (Ireland)
myspell-gl_ES 1.0.2-0.20030905.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Galician (Spain)
myspell-hr_HR 1.0.2-0.20020411.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Croatian (Croatia)
myspell-hu_HU 1.0.2-0.20040331.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Hungarian (Hungary)
myspell-hyph-bg 1.0.2-0.20040417.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Bulgarian
myspell-hyph-cs 1.0.2-0.20030101.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Czech
myspell-hyph-da 1.0.2-0.20020727.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Danish
myspell-hyph-de 1.0.2-0.20020727.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for German
myspell-hyph-el 1.0.2-0.20040409.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Greek
myspell-hyph-en 1.0.2-0.20020727.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for English
myspell-hyph-es 1.0.2-0.20040602.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Spanish
myspell-hyph-et 1.0.2-0.20040621.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Estonian
myspell-hyph-fi 1.0.2-0.20031125.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Finnish
myspell-hyph-fr 1.0.2-0.20020727.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for French
myspell-hyph-ga 1.0.2-0.20040212.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Irish
myspell-hyph-hu 1.0.2-0.20031107.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Hungarian
myspell-hyph-id 1.0.2-0.20040810.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Indonesian
myspell-hyph-is 1.0.2-0.20030918.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Icelandic
myspell-hyph-it 1.0.2-0.20030904.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Italian
myspell-hyph-lt 1.0.2-0.20040111.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Lithuanian
myspell-hyph-nl 1.0.2-0.20040222.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Dutch
myspell-hyph-pl 1.0.2-0.20030913.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Polish
myspell-hyph-pt 1.0.2-0.20030904.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Portuguese
myspell-hyph-ru 1.0.2-0.20020727.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Russian
myspell-hyph-sk 1.0.2-0.20030101.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Slovak
myspell-hyph-sl 1.0.2-0.20021003.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Slovenian
myspell-hyph-sv 1.0.2-0.20030814.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Swedish
myspell-hyph-uk 1.0.2-0.20021219.7mdk : MySpell hyphenation dictionaries for Ukrainian
myspell-id_ID 1.0.2-0.20040810.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Indonesian (Indonesia)
myspell-it_IT 1.0.2-0.20040624.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Italian (Italy)
myspell-lt_LT 1.0.2-0.20031231.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Lithuanian (Lithuania)
myspell-mi_NZ 1.0.2-0.20030909.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Maori (New Zealand)
myspell-ms_MY 1.0.2-0.20040907.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Malay (Malaysia)
myspell-nb_NO 1.0.2-0.20031013.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Norwegian/Bokmål (Norway)
myspell-nl_NL 1.0.2-0.20040222.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Dutch (Netherland)
myspell-nn_NO 1.0.2-0.20031013.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Norwegian/Nynorsk (Norway)
myspell-pl_PL 1.0.2-0.20040816.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Polish (Poland)
myspell-pt_BR 1.0.2-0.20030110.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Portuguese (Brasil)
myspell-pt_PT 1.0.2-0.20020629.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Portuguese (Portugal)
myspell-ro_RO 1.0.2-0.20031023.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Romanian (Romania)
myspell-ru_RU 1.0.2-0.20040406.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Russian (Russia)
myspell-sk_SK 1.0.2-0.20040118.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Slovak (Slovak Republic)
myspell-sl_SI 1.0.2-0.20030907.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Slovenian (Slovenia)
myspell-sv_SE 1.0.2-0.20030814.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Swedish (Sweden)
myspell-sw_KE 1.0.2-0.20040516.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Kiswahili (Africa)
myspell-uk_UA 1.0.2-0.20031016.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Ukrainian (Ukraine)
myspell-zu_ZA 1.0.2-0.20040604.7mdk : MySpell spelling dictionaries for Zulu (South Africa)
MySQL 4.0.20-3mdk : MySQL: a very fast and reliable SQL database engine
MySQL-client 4.0.20-3mdk : MySQL - Client
MySQL-common 4.0.20-3mdk : MySQL: common files
nautilus 2.6.3-10mdk : Nautilus is a file manager for the GNOME desktop environment.
nautilus-cd-burner 2.6.1-5mdk : CD Burner extension for Nautilus
nc 1.10-18mdk : Reads and writes data across network connections using TCP or UDP.
ncftp 3.1.8-1mdk : An improved FTP client
ncpfs 2.2.4-2mdk : Utilities for the ncpfs filesystem, a NetWare client for Linux
ncurses 5.4-1.20040529.1mdk : A CRT screen handling and optimization package
ndiswrapper 0.9-1mdk : NdisWrapper binary loader utility
nedit 5.4-2mdk : A text editor for the X Window System
netpbm 9.24-8mdk : Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats
netprofile 0.7.1-1mdk : Manage network profiles
net-tools 1.60-11mdk : The basic tools for setting up networking.
newt 0.51.6-9mdk : A development library for text mode user interfaces.
nfs-utils 1.0.6-1mdk : The utilities for Linux NFS server.
nfs-utils-clients 1.0.6-1mdk : The utilities for Linux NFS client.
nmap 3.55-1mdk : Network exploration tool and security scanner
nmap-frontend 3.55-1mdk : Gtk+ frontend for nmap
nscd 2.3.3-20mdk : A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd)
nss_ldap 220-3mdk : NSS library and PAM module for LDAP.
ntp 4.2.0-9mdk : Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
ntp-client 4.2.0-9mdk : The ntpdate client for setting system time from NTP servers
numlock 2.0-8mdk : Numlock key locker
nut 2.0.0-1mdk : Network UPS Tools Client Utilities
nut-server 2.0.0-1mdk : Network UPS Tools server
oaf 0.6.10-10mdk : GNOME Object Activation Framework
open 1.4-14mdk : A tool which will start a program on a virtual console.
openjade 1.3.2-11mdk : Jade and SP -- parser and tools for SGML + DSSSL
openldap 2.1.30-3mdk : LDAP servers and sample clients.
openldap-clients 2.1.30-3mdk : OpenLDAP clients and related files.
OpenOffice.org 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Open source office suite
OpenOffice.org-help-cs 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Czech help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-de 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : German help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-en 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : English US help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-es 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Spanish help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-eu 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Basque help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-fi 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Finnish help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-fr 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : French help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-it 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Italian help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-ja 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Japanese help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-ko 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Korean help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-nl 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Dutch help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-ru 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Russian help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-sk 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Slovak help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-sl 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Slovenian help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-sv 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Swedish help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-zh_CN 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Chinese Simplified help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-help-zh_TW 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Chinese Traditional help data for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-af 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Afrikaans language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-ar 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Arabic language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-ca 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Catalan language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-cs 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Czech language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-cy 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Welsh language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-da 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Danish language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-de 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : German language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-el 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Greek language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-en 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : English US language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-es 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Spanish language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-et 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Estonian language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-eu 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Basque language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-fi 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Finnish language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-fr 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : French language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-it 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Italian language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-ja 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Japanese language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-ko 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Korean language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-nb 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Norwegian Bokmal language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-nl 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Dutch language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-nn 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Norwegian Nynorsk language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-pl 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Polish language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-pt 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Portuguese language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-pt_BR 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Português do Brasil language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-ru 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Russian language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-sk 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Slovak language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-sl 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Slovenian language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-sv 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Swedish language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-tr 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Turkish language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-zh_CN 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Chinese Simplified language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-zh_TW 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Chinese Traditional language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-l10n-zu 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : Zulu language support for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org-libs 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk : OpenOffice.org shared libraries
OpenSP 1.5-8mdk : The OpenJade Group's SGML and XML parsing tools
openssh 3.9p1-3mdk : OpenSSH free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation
openssh-askpass-gnome 3.9p1-3mdk : OpenSSH GNOME passphrase dialog
openssh-clients 3.9p1-3mdk : OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol clients
openssh-server 3.9p1-3mdk : OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol server (sshd)
openssl 0.9.7d-1mdk : Secure Sockets Layer communications libs & utils
ORBit 0.5.17-7mdk : High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker.
ORBit2 2.10.4-1mdk : High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker.
pam 0.77-23mdk : A security tool which provides authentication for applications.
pam_krb5 2.1.1-1mdk : A Pluggable Authentication Module for Kerberos 5.
pam_ldap 170-3mdk : NSS library and PAM module for LDAP.
pan : A USENET newsreader for GNOME
pango 1.4.1-1mdk : System for layout and rendering of internationalized text
park-rpmdrake 2.1.5-8mdk : Configure and update rpms on a park
passwd 0.68-3mdk : The passwd utility for setting/changing passwords using PAM
patch 2.5.9-2mdk : The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files.
pciutils 2.1.11-6mdk : PCI bus related utilities.
pcmcia-cs 3.2.8-1mdk : The daemon for using PCMCIA adapters.
pdksh 5.2.14-16mdk : A public domain clone of the Korn shell (ksh).
perl 5.8.5-3mdk : The Perl programming language.
perl-Apache-Session 1.6-1mdk : Apache-Session: Apache persistent user sessions
perl-Authen-PAM 0.14-4mdk : Perl interface to the PAM library
perl-Authen-SASL 2.08-1mdk : Authen-SASL module for perl
perl-Authen-Smb 0.91-4mdk : Authen::Smb Perl module
perl-base 5.8.5-3mdk : The Perl programming language (base).
perl-Bit-Vector 6.3-4mdk : Bit-Vector module for perl
perl-BSD-Resource 1.24-1mdk : BSD-Resource module for perl
perl-Carp-Clan 5.3-1mdk : Carp-Clan module for perl
perl-CGI 3.05-1mdk : Simple Common Gateway Interface class for Perl.
perl-Convert-ASN1 0.18-1mdk : ASN.1 Encode/Decode library for perl
perl-Convert-BER 1.31.01-3mdk : Convert-BER (module for perl)
perl-Crypt-SSLeay 0.51-4mdk : Support for the https protocol under LWP
perl-Data-ShowTable 3.3-9mdk : Perl 5 module to print arrays of data
perl-Date-Calc 5.3-8mdk : Gregorian calendar date calculations
perl-DateManip 5.42a-1mdk : DateManip module for perl
perl-DB_File 1.810-1mdk : Perl module for use of the Berkeley DB version 1
perl-DBI 1.43-2mdk : The Perl Database Interface
perl-Devel-Symdump 2.03-4mdk : Devel-Symdump module for perl
perl-Digest-HMAC 1.01-11mdk : Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
perl-Digest-SHA1 2.10-1mdk : Perl interface to the SHA1 Algorithm
perl-Expect 1.15-6mdk : Expect perl module
perl-File-Tail 0.98-5mdk : File-Tail module for perl (File_Names_Systems_Locking/File)
perl-Glib 1.054-1mdk : Perl module for the glib-2.x library
perl-Gnome2-Vte 0.04-1mdk : Perl binding for the vte widget
perl-Gtk2 1.054-1mdk : Perl module for the gtk+-2.x library
perl-Gtk2-TrayIcon 0.04-1mdk : Perl module interface to the EggTrayIcon library
perl-HTML-Parser 3.36-1mdk : HTML-Parser module for perl (World_Wide_Web_HTML_HTTP_CGI/HTML)
perl-HTML-Tagset 3.03-7mdk : This module contains data tables useful in dealing with HTML.
perl-IO-Tty 1.02-9mdk : IO-Tty perl module: interface to pseudo tty's
perl-ldap 0.31-2mdk : Perl module for ldap
perl-Libconf 0.33-2mdk : Configuration file abstraction layer
perl-libwww-perl 5.800-1mdk : Libwww-perl module for perl
perl-Locale-gettext 1.01-13mdk : Internationalization for Perl.
perl-Mail-Sendmail 0.79-3mdk : Simple platform-independent mailer
perl-Mail-SpamAssassin 3.0.0-0.rc4.1mdk : Mail::SpamAssassin -- SpamAssassin e-mail filter Perl modules
perl-MailTools 1.62-1mdk : This is MailTools, a set of perl modules related to mail applications
perl-MDK-Common 1.1.18-1mdk : Various simple functions
perl-MIME-Lite 3.01-5mdk : MIME-Lite module for perl
perl-Mon 0.11-8mdk : Perl-Mon module
perl-Mysql 1.22_19-9mdk : DBD Mysql perl Emulation Layer
perl-Net-DNS 0.48-2mdk : Net-DNS module for perl
perl-Net-Jabber 1.30-1mdk : Net-Jabber perl module
perl-Net_SSLeay 1.25-3mdk : Net::SSLeay (module for perl)
perl-Net-Telnet 3.03-4mdk : Net::Telnet (module for perl) Jay Rogers - jay@rgrs.com
perl-Period 1.20-9mdk : Time::Period module for perl
perl-SDL 1.20.0-10mdk : Wrapper around the cross platform Simple DirectMedia Layer game library.
perl-SOAP-Lite 0.60-0.a.2mdk : SOAP-Lite module for perl
perl-Term-ReadKey 2.21-4mdk : Term::ReadKey Perl module
perl-TimeDate 1.16-3mdk : TimeDate module for perl (Data_Type_Utilities/Time)
perl-Tk 804.027-2mdk : Tk modules for Perl
perl-URI 1.31-2mdk : URI module for perl (World_Wide_Web_HTML_HTTP_CGI/URI)
perl-URPM 1.03-1mdk : URPM module for perl
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport 1.08-3mdk : XML-NamespaceSupport module for perl
perl-XML-Parser 2.34-2mdk : A perl module for parsing XML documents
perl-XML-SAX 0.12-3mdk : XML-SAX module for perl
perl-XML-Stream 1.21-2mdk : XML-Stream perl module
php-gd 4.3.8-2mdk : The GD module for PHP
php-imap 4.3.8-1mdk : The IMAP module for PHP
php-ini 4.3.8-1mdk : INI files for PHP
php-ldap 4.3.8-1mdk : The LDAP module for PHP
php-manual-de 4.3.8-1mdk : PHP Manual
php-manual-en 4.3.8-1mdk : PHP Manual
php-manual-es 4.3.8-1mdk : PHP Manual
php-manual-fr 4.3.8-1mdk : PHP Manual
php-manual-it 4.3.8-1mdk : PHP Manual
php-mysql 4.3.8-1mdk : The MySQL module for PHP
php-pgsql 4.3.8-1mdk : The PostgreSQL module for PHP
php-readline 4.3.8-1mdk : The readline module for PHP
piave 0.2.3-9mdk : Piave Is A Video Editor
pidentd 3.0.16-3mdk : An implementation of the RFC1413 identification server.
pilot-link 0.11.8-6mdk : File transfer utilities between Linux and PalmPilots
pkgconfig 0.15.0-4mdk : Pkgconfig helps make building packages easier
planner 0.12.1-1mdk : Planner is a project management application for GNOME
playmidi 2.5-3mdk : A MIDI sound file player.
playmidi-X11 2.5-3mdk : An X Window System based MIDI sound file player.
popt 1.8.2-15mdk : A C library for parsing command line parameters
portmap 4.0-21mdk : A program which manages RPC connections
postfix 2.1.4-2mdk : Postfix Mail Transport Agent
postgresql 7.4.5-1mdk : PostgreSQL client programs and libraries.
postgresql-jdbc 7.4.5-1mdk : Files needed for Java programs to access a PostgreSQL database.
postgresql-server 7.4.5-1mdk : The programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server.
postgresql-tcl 7.4.5-1mdk : A Tcl client library, and the PL/Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL.
postgresql-test 7.4.5-1mdk : The test suite distributed with PostgreSQL.
ppdfilt 0.10-5mdk : Sets options according to a PPD file in a PostScript file.
ppp 2.4.2-7mdk : The PPP daemon and documentation for Linux 1.3.xx and greater.
ppp-pppoatm 2.4.2-7mdk : PPP over ATM plugin for ppp
ppp-pppoe 2.4.2-7mdk : PPP over ethernet plugin for ppp
pptp-adsl 1.0.2-14mdk : PPTP-linux VPN client (Alcatel ADSL Modem)
prelude-manager 0.8.10-1mdk : Prelude Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Manager
printer-filters 10.1-0.2mdk : Filters to support additional printers
printer-testpages 10.1-0.2mdk : Test pages to check the output quality of printers
printer-utils 10.1-0.2mdk : Additional tools for configuring and maintaining printers
procinfo 18-5mdk : A tool for gathering and displaying system information.
procmail 3.22-5mdk : The procmail mail processing program.
procps 3.2.3-2mdk : Utilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system
proftpd 1.2.10-1mdk : ProFTPd -- Professional FTP Server.
proftpd-anonymous 1.2.10-1mdk : Anonymous logins for ProFTPd.
psacct 6.3.2-15mdk : Utilities for monitoring process activities.
psmisc 21.5-3mdk : Utilities for managing processes on your system.
psutils p17-8mdk : PostScript utilities
pump 0.8.20-1mdk : A Bootp and DHCP client for automatic IP configuration.
pwdb-conf 0.62-1mdk : The password database library config
pxe 1.4.2-3mdk : A Linux PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) package.
pygtk2.0 2.3.96-1mdk : Python bindings for the GTK+2 widget set
pygtk2.0-libglade 2.3.96-1mdk : A wrapper for the libglade library for use with PyGTK
pygtk2.0-wrapper 2.3.96-1mdk : Wrapper for the gtk+1.2 and gtk+2.0 implementations of pygtk
pyorbit 2.0.0-2mdk : Python bindings for ORBit2.
pysol 4.82-1mdk : PySol provides several solitaire card games
python 2.3.4-6mdk : An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language
python-base 2.3.4-6mdk : Python base files
python-fam 1.0.2-4mdk : Python FAM module
python-gtk 0.6.11-6mdk : Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set
python-imaging 1.1.4-5mdk : Python's own image processing library
pythonlib 1.28-5mdk : Library of python code used by various Mandrake programs
python-numeric 23.1-2mdk : Python numerical facilities
qiv 2.0-1mdk : Gdk/imlib image viewer
qt3-common 3.3.3-23mdk : config, language file for Qt
quanta 3.2.3-11mdk : A web editor for the KDE Desktop Environment
quota 3.10-1mdk : System administration tools for monitoring users' disk usage.
rdate 1.4-1mdk : Retrieving the date and time from another machine on your network.
rdesktop 1.3.1-3mdk : RDP client
rdist 6.1.5-20mdk : Maintains identical copies of files on multiple machines
recode 3.6-6mdk : GNU recode
reiserfsprogs 3.6.17-1mdk : The utilities to create Reiserfs volume.
rfb 0.6.1-8mdk : Rfb is a set of rfb enabled tools and applications
rfbdrake 1.0-7mdk : Remote Frame Buffer configuration/launcher tool
rgrep 0.99.16-5mdk : A grep utility which can recursively descend through directories.
rio500 0.8.1-7mdk : Rio 500 Support
rmedigicontrol 1.0.6-1mdk : Control panel for the RME Hammerfall DSP cards
rmt 0.4b37-1mdk : Provides certain programs with access to remote tape devices.
rocksndiamonds 3.1.0-3mdk : A boulderdash like game
rootfiles 9.1-1mdk : The basic required files for the root user's directory
rosegarden4 0.9.9-1mdk : Midi, audio and notation editor
routed 0.17-5mdk : The routing daemon which maintains routing tables.
rpm 4.2.2-15mdk : The RPM package management system
rpmdrake 2.1.5-8mdk : Mandrakelinux graphical front end for choosing packages for installion/removal
rpm-helper 0.9.1-1mdk : Helper scripts for rpm scriptlets
rpmtools 4.5-25mdk : Contains various rpm command-line tools
rp-pppoe 3.5-4mdk : ADSL/PPPoE userspace driver
rsh 0.17-13mdk : Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp).
rsync 2.6.3-0.pre1.1mdk : A program for synchronizing files over a network.
rusers 0.17-11mdk : Displays the users logged into machines on the local network
rxvt 2.7.10-11mdk : A color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System
rxvt-CJK 2.7.10-11mdk : CJK menus for rxvt
s2u 0.2-2mdk : System to user tools
samba-client 3.0.7-2mdk : Samba (SMB) client programs.
samba-common 3.0.7-2mdk : Files used by both Samba servers and clients.
samba-server 3.0.7-2mdk : Samba (SMB) server programs.
samba-swat 3.0.7-2mdk : The Samba Web Administration Tool.
samba-winbind 3.0.7-2mdk : Samba-winbind daemon, utilities and documentation
sane-backends 1.0.14-3mdk : SANE - local and remote scanner access.
sane-frontends 1.0.12-1mdk : Graphical frontend to SANE
sash 3.7-3mdk : A statically linked shell, including some built-in basic commands
scanssh 2.0-2mdk : Scans the given addresses and networks for running SSH servers.
scim 0.99.9-1mdk : Smart Chinese/Common Input Method platform
scim-chinese 0.4.2-2mdk : Chinese input module for Smart Chinese/Common Input Method platform
scim-hangul 0.1.2-1mdk : Scim-hangul is a Hangul IMEngine for SCIM
scim-tables 0.4.3-1mdk : Data files for SCIM Generic Table input method module
scim-uim 0.1.3-1mdk : A wrapper for uim
scli 0.2.12-3mdk : SCLI - SNMP Command Line Interface
screem 0.10.2-4mdk : Site CReating and Editing EnvironMent
screen 4.0.2-2mdk : A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal
scribus 1.2-2mdk : Scribus layout program
scrollkeeper 0.3.14-4mdk : ScrollKeeper is a cataloging system for documentation on open systems
sed 4.1.1-2mdk : A GNU stream text editor.
setup 2.4-3mdk : A set of system configuration and setup files.
sfio 1999-9mdk : A Safe/Fast I/O Library
sgml-common 0.6.3-9mdk : Base ISO character entities and utilities for SGML
shadow-utils 4.0.3-8mdk : Utilities for managing shadow password files and user/group accounts
shared-mime-info 0.15-1mdk : Shared MIME-Info Specification
sharutils 4.2.1-17mdk : The GNU shar utilities for packaging and unpackaging shell archives.
shorewall 2.0.8-1mdk : Shoreline Firewall is an iptables-based firewall for Linux systems.
skencil 0.6.16-1mdk : Drawing tool
skobo 0.4-0.pre8.13mdk : Kobo Deluxe is an SDL port of Akira Higuchi's game XKobo
slocate 2.7-3mdk : Finds files on a system via a central database.
slrn : A powerful, easy to use, threaded Internet news reader
smartmontools 5.32-2mdk : SMARTmontools - for monitoring S.M.A.R.T. disks and devices
smb4k 0.4.0-3mdk : A KDE SMB share browser
sndconfig 0.70-7mdk : The Red Hat Linux sound configuration tool.
sound-scripts 0.06-1mdk : The sound scripts.
soundwrapper 1.3-3mdk : Directs a program's sound output to aRts or esd
sox 12.17.4-3mdk : A general purpose sound file conversion tool.
spamassassin 3.0.0-0.rc4.1mdk : A spam filter for email which can be invoked from mail delivery agents
speedtouch 1.3-4mdk : ALCATEL SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem user-space driver
squid 2.5.STABLE6-1mdk : The Squid proxy caching server.
squidGuard 1.2.0-10mdk : Filter, redirector and access controller plugin for Squid.
sscape_ctl 1.0.6-1mdk : ALSA SoundScape control utility
stardict 2.4.3-3mdk : StarDict is an international dictionary written for GNOME
stardict-freedict-sco-deu 2.4.2-2mdk : Scottish -> German Freedict dictionary for StarDict 2
strace 4.5.5-1mdk : Tracks and displays system calls associated with a running process.
sudo 1.6.8-2mdk : Allows command execution as root for specified users.
supertux 0.1.2-1mdk : Sup*r Mar*o clone
suspend-scripts 1.8-1mdk : Scripts launched by system on suspend and resume
swatch 3.1-1mdk : A utility for monitoring system logs files.
symlinks 1.2-15mdk : A utility which maintains a system's symbolic links.
synaptics 0.13.5-1mdk : Synaptics TouchPad driver for XFree86
sysfsutils 1.1.0-2mdk : Utility suite to enjoy sysfs.
sysklogd 1.4.1-6mdk : System logging and kernel message trapping daemons.
syslinux 1.76-15mdk : A bootloader for linux using floppies, CD or PXE.
SysVinit 2.85-2mdk : Programs which control basic system processes.
t1lib1 1.3.1-15mdk : Type 1 font rasterizer
t1utils 1.32-1mdk : Programs for manipulating PostScript Type 1 fonts
taglib 1.2-1mdk : TagLib, is well, a library for reading and editing audio meta data.
taipeifonts 1.2-20mdk : taipei chinese big5 fonts
talk 0.17-8mdk : Talk client for one-on-one Internet chatting.
talk-server 0.17-8mdk : Server for the talk program
taper 7.0-0.pre1.2mdk : A menu-driven file backup system.
tar 1.14-1mdk : A GNU file archiving program.
tcl 8.4.5-6mdk : An embeddable scripting language.
tcpdump 3.8.3-2mdk : A network traffic monitoring tool.
tcp_wrappers 7.6-24mdk : A security tool which acts as a wrapper for TCP daemons.
tcsh 6.13-1mdk : An enhanced version of csh, the C shell
telnet-client-krb5 1.3.4-1mdk : A telnet-client with kerberos support
termcap 11.0.1-8mdk : The terminal feature database used by certain applications.
tetex 2.0.2-19mdk : The TeX text formatting system
tetex-afm 2.0.2-19mdk : A converter for PostScript(TM) font metric files, for use with TeX
tetex-context 2.0.2-19mdk : Document engineering system based on TeX
tetex-dvips 2.0.2-19mdk : A DVI to PostScript converter for the TeX text formatting system
tetex-latex 2.0.2-19mdk : The LaTeX front end for the TeX text formatting system
tetex-latex-arab 3.11k-1mdk : Files for processing Arabic LaTeX documents
tetex-latex-heb 1.0-6mdk : Files for processing Hebrew LaTeX documents
tetex-xdvi 2.0.2-19mdk : An X viewer for DVI files
texinfo 4.7-2mdk : Tools needed to create Texinfo format documentation files.
tftp 0.36-1mdk : The client and server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).
tftp-server 0.36-1mdk : The server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).
tightvnc 1.2.9-4mdk : Remote graphical access
tightvnc-server 1.2.9-4mdk : A VNC server
time 1.7-27mdk : A GNU utility for monitoring a program's use of system resources.
timeconfig 3.2-9mdk : Text mode tools for setting system time parameters.
timezone 2.3.3-20mdk : Time zone descriptions
TiMidity++ 2.13.1-0.cvs20040722.1mdk : MIDI to WAVE converter and player
timidity-instruments 1.0-19mdk : Instruments for the timidity midi->wave converter/player
tix 8.4.5-6mdk : A set of capable widgets for Tk.
tk 8.4.5-6mdk : Tk GUI toolkit for Tcl
tkinter 2.3.4-6mdk : A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language
tmdns 0.1-12mdk : A Multicast DNS Responder for Linux
tmpwatch 2.9.0-1mdk : A utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed.
toppler 1.0.6-3mdk : Reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulous
totem : Video player based on xine for GNOME2
traceroute 1.4a12-4mdk : Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP/IP network.
transfig 3.2.4-3mdk : A utility for converting FIG files (made by xfig) to other formats.
tree 1.4b3-3mdk : A utility which displays a tree view of directory contents.
trophy 1.1.3-6mdk : Trophy is a 2D car racing action game for Linux.
tv-fonts 1.1-1mdk : Fonts for TV programs (fbtv, motv, ttv, xawtv)
tvtime 0.9.12-2mdk : High quality television application
ucd-snmp 4.2.3-11mdk : A collection of SNMP protocol tools from UC-Davis.
ucd-snmp-utils 4.2.3-11mdk : Network management utilities using SNMP, from the NET-SNMP project.
udev 030-18mdk : A userspace implementation of devfs
uim 0.4.3-1mdk : Uim is a multilingual input method library
umb-scheme 3.2-21mdk : An implementation of the Scheme programming language
units 1.80-3mdk : A utility for converting amounts from one unit to another.
unzip 5.51-1mdk : Unpacks ZIP files such as those made by pkzip under DOS
urlview 0.9-6mdk : A URL extractor/viewer for use with Mutt.
urpmi 4.5-25mdk : User mode rpm install
urw-fonts 2.0-14mdk : Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts
us428control 1.0.6-1mdk : Control for Tascam 428
usbutils 0.11-5mdk : Linux USB utilities
usbview 1.0-9mdk : USB topology and device viewer
userdrake 1.1-1mdk : A graphical interface for administering users and groups
usermode 1.63-10mdk : Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks
usermode-consoleonly 1.63-10mdk : Non graphical part of usermode
usx2yloader 1.0.6-1mdk : Firmware loader for Tascam USX2Y USB
utempter 0.5.2-13mdk : Priviledged helper for utmp/wtmp updates
util-linux 2.12a-4mdk : A collection of basic system utilities
uucp 1.07-1mdk : The uucp utility for copying files between systems.
valgrind 2.2.0-1mdk : Valgrind, an open-source memory debugger for x86-linux
vim-common 6.3-5mdk : The common files needed by any version of the VIM editor.
vim-enhanced 6.3-5mdk : A version of the VIM editor which includes recent enhancements.
vim-minimal 6.3-5mdk : A minimal version of the VIM editor.
vim-X11 6.3-5mdk : The VIM version of the vi editor for the X Window System.
vixie-cron 3.0.1-56mdk : The Vixie cron daemon for executing specified programs at set times.
vlan-utils 1.8-1mdk : Utilities for controlling vlans.
vlock 1.3-14mdk : A program which locks one or more virtual consoles
vorbis-tools 1.0.1-5mdk : Several Ogg Vorbis Tools
vte 0.11.11-3mdk : An experimental terminal emulator.
webmin 1.150-2mdk : An SSL web-based administration interface for Unix systems.
wget 1.9.1-4mdk : A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols.
which 2.16-1mdk : Displays where a particular program in your path is located.
WindowMaker 0.90.0-0.4cvs20040826.1mdk : A window manager for the X Window System
wine 20040813-2mdk : WINE Is Not An Emulator - runs MS Windows programs
wireless-tools 27-0.pre23.2mdk : Wireless ethernet configuration tools
wmnet 1.06-2mdk : Applet that monitors the network
words 2-20mdk : A dictionary of English words for the /usr/dict directory
wv 1.0.2-1mdk : MSWord 6/7/8/9 binary file format -> HTML converter
wxGTK2.5 2.5.1-5mdk : GTK+ port of the wxWidgets library
wxPythonGTK : Cross platform GUI toolkit for Python using wxGTK
X11R6-contrib 6.7.0-2mdk : A collection of user-contributed X Window System programs
xawtv 3.93-3mdk : A X11 program for watching TV
xawtv-common 3.93-3mdk : Common files for fbtv/motv/ttv/xawtv
xboard 4.2.7-4mdk : An X Window System graphical chessboard
xcdroast 0.98-35.alpha15mdk : A GUI program for burning CDs
xchat 2.4.0-2mdk : Graphical IRC client
xclass-icons 0.6.3-13mdk : Xclass icons
xcpustate 2.5-19mdk : An X Window System based CPU state monitor
Xdialog 2.1.1-2mdk : A replacement for the cdialog program
xemacs 21.4.15-5mdk : XEmacs is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system.
xemacs-extras 21.4.15-5mdk : Files that XEmacs has in common with GNU Emacs.
xfig 3.2.4-5mdk : An X Window System tool for drawing basic vector graphics
xfishtank 2.1tp-7mdk : An X Window System graphic display of an animated aquarium
xfsprogs 2.6.13-1mdk : Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem.
xine-arts 1-0.rc5.6mdk : Arts plugin for xine.
xine-plugins 1-0.rc5.6mdk : A Free Video Player (main plugins).
xinetd 2.3.13-1mdk : Xinetd is a powerful replacement for inetd.
xine-ui 0.99.2-1mdk : A Free Video Player.
xinitrc 2.4.10-1mdk : The default startup script for the X Window System
xinput 1.2-7mdk : Runtime configuration and test of XInput devices
xli 1.17.0-7mdk : XLI - X11 Image Loading Utility
xlockmore 5.11-2mdk : An X terminal locking program.
xmailbox 2.5-18mdk : An X Window System utility which notifies you of new mail.
xmms 1.2.10-10mdk : The Sound player with the WinAmp GUI
xmms-alsa 1.2.10-10mdk : ALSA output backend
xmms-arts 0.7.1-2mdk : KDE aRtsd output plugin for XMMS.
xmms-esd 1.2.10-10mdk : ESound output backend
xmms-mesa 1.2.10-10mdk : Visualization plugins that use the Mesa3d library
xmms-mikmod 1.2.10-10mdk : Sound player with the WinAmp GUI, Mikmod output backend
xmms-more-vis-plugins 1.8.0-6mdk : XMMS - More visualization plugins.
xmms-skins 1.0.0-16mdk : XMMS - Skins
xmms-smpeg 0.3.5-4mdk : This plugin lets you play mpeg videos with the xmms multimedia player
xmovie 1.9.13-2mdk : A movie player for QuickTime and MPEG-2 movies
xojpanel 0.91-5mdk : Graphical tool displaying the contents of the LCD of HP printers
xorg-x11-100dpi-fonts 6.7.0-2mdk : X Window System 100dpi fonts.
xorg-x11 6.7.0-2mdk : Part of the X Window System.
xorg-x11-75dpi-fonts 6.7.0-2mdk : A set of 75 dpi resolution fonts for the X Window System.
xorg-x11-cyrillic-fonts 6.7.0-2mdk : Cyrillic fonts - only needed on the server side.
xorg-x11-glide-module 6.7.0-2mdk : The glide module for X11 server.
xorg-x11-server 6.7.0-2mdk : The X server and associated modules
xorg-x11-xfs 6.7.0-2mdk : Font server for X11
xorg-x11-Xnest 6.7.0-2mdk : A nested X11 server.
xorg-x11-Xvfb 6.7.0-2mdk : A virtual framebuffer X Windows System server for X11.
xpat2 1.07-18mdk : A set of Solitaire type games for the X Window System
xpdf 3.00-7mdk : A PDF file viewer for the X Window System
xpp 1.1-12mdk : X Printing Panel
xsane 0.93-1mdk : Xsane is a frontend for the SANE scanner interface.
xscreensaver 4.18-2mdk : A set of X Window System screensavers
xsysinfo 1.7-16mdk : An X Window System kernel parameter monitoring tool
xterm 196-1mdk : The standard terminal emulator for the X Window System
xtoolwait 1.3-6mdk : A utility which aims to decrease X session startup time
xtraceroute 0.9.1-11mdk : Graphical OpenGL version of traceroute
xwpick 2.20-11mdk : An X Window System screenshot grabber
yelp 2.6.2-2mdk : GNOME 2 help browser
ypbind 1.17.3-1mdk : The NIS daemon which binds NIS clients to an NIS domain.
ypserv 2.11-1mdk : The NIS (Network Information Service) server
yp-tools 2.9-1mdk : NIS (or YP) client programs.
ytalk 3.1.2-1mdk : A chat program.
yudit 2.7.6-4mdk : Unicode Text Editor
zapping 0.7-1mdk : A TV viewer for GNOME
zcip 4-3mdk : Ad-hoc link-local IP autoconfiguration
zenity 2.6.3-1mdk : Call GNOME dialog boxes from the command line.
zh-autoconvert 0.3.13-4mdk : Chinese HZ/GB/BIG5 encodings auto-converter
zip 2.3-11mdk : A file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP
zlib1 : The zlib compression and decompression library
zlib1-devel : Header files and libraries for developing apps which will use zlib
zsh 4.2.0-1mdk : A shell with lots of features.