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Metisse: you thought you knew what 3D was...

14. febrero 2007

Mandriva integrates the window system Metisse in its next distribution and unveils this technology by rendering a Live CD available.

Metisse is a window management tool in 3D developed by two French researchers from the In Situ project, available under the GPL license, for Linux only. Contrary to a 3D graphical environment (a "cube"), Metisse offers an innovative way to manage windows: only the windows move, making the possible variations endless. Metisse is not a 3D desktop but a Human-Computer Interface (HCI) technology.

View the videos made by Mandriva in order to discover the amazing functionalities of Metisse: http://www.dailymotion.com/fr/mandriva

Mandriva decided to integrate Metisse to its new distribution, Mandriva Spring, to be released next spring. Associated to the 3D desktop already in the Mandriva Linux 2007 distribution, Metisse will make Mandriva Linux the most up-to-date distro as far as the graphical environment is concerned. The integration efforts made by Mandriva renders Metisse available for all, for an even better comfort of use.

In addition, Mandriva released a Metisse Live CD, based on Mandriva One 2007 GNOME. It allows anyone to discover and familiarize with all the outstanding functionalities of Metisse. The future is now!

"Metisse allows anyone to discover, right now, what will be the next steps in Linux Desktop evolution. And that's exciting!” says Frédéric Crozat, Senior GNOME Developer at Mandriva.

Get more informations about Metisse in Mandriva Linux:

Download the Metisse Live CD:

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